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Kim Site Admin

You come up with catchy taglines for all your characters. Now come up with a catchy tagline for the RP Repository.

When we opened, "Free Sites for Role Play Characters" made perfect sense as a tagline for the site. But these days, that's only part of the story. We have groups, forums, and a vibrant community that adds up to so much more than just character profiles.

If you were going to give us a new tagline, what would it be?

Your suggestions can be serious or humorous.

The best suggestions will win prizes in the form of epic memberships, character slots, and bookmarks. Plus, favorite taglines will get featured on the site.

You have until April 16th to post your suggestions. That's three whole weeks!
Aearion (played anonymously)

All the gear, and full of roleplaying ideas - RPR.
RPR - Roleplaying, community and with a generous sprinkling of fun.

I'unno if we can do multiple lines or what, haha. /10.57am brainfart
Darth_Angelus Moderator

From the flyer I designed the other day: "Any system, any setting"
Let your imag...nope. Furc has that one..

Anthros, Dragons and more. Oh my!

Geez that was epic lame...brain too fried to think of something good...heh.
RP Repository; where characters live.

(probably come up with something better later.)
RPR- Where dreams come to life

RPR- Where imagination forms your world

RPR- Where you can join the ranks of talking magical snails and other oddities

RPR- Where the only limit, is your creativity (or imagination)

RPR- Wether you're immortal, furry, magical, or just plain crazy... we're all family here :)

Hm. Might try to brain-storm somemore later. Ha ha.
Life is a Journey. How do you live yours?
Rhuben (played anonymously)

RP Repository - Creative community role-play, epic perks and zero prejudice.

RP Repository - Customisable character sites, friendly forums and growing groups; limitless imagination.

RP Repository - A vast character catalogue where the only boundaries are the ones you make.

I'm afraid that's the best I can do! I'm sure you can cut and replace to stop any of these from exceeding a ten word limit. :)
Kim Topic Starter Site Admin

These are all great! I knew you guys would think up brilliant taglines.

Keep them coming. :D

Here is a prompt for further brain storming: If someone didn't already know what this site was, what they could use it for (and why it was the best at it), how would you sum it up in, say, 10 words or less?
Epicly awesome character page construction and editing in ten words!!
Darth_Angelus Moderator

RPR - The Social Network for Roleplaying
RPR - The Social Network for Roleplayers
RPR - Where characters and players meet
RPR - Meet others, create characters, roleplay more

(And one less serious suggestion)
RPR - Where forums are made of Diamonds
The realm of RPR. Where you and imagination work as one.

Ok...That was 11 Oh well.
Darth_Angelus Moderator

Four more!

RPR - An epic site for epic adventures
RPR - An epic site for epic Roleplaying
RPR - For all your roleplaying needs
RPR - Hhome to all your epic roleplaying adventures
Geez save some for others to think of. Heh. Morning Darth.
Darth_Angelus Moderator

I am trying to encourage others to think outside the box...that I'm creating :)

Where Imagination Knows No Bounds.

Where Characters Meet and Play
(Silly one incoming)
RPR: The character-creating site for champions!

RPR: Where characters are born (was this one already done? I can't remember. THEY ALL SEEM THE SAME xD)

RP Repository; Where characters come to life

RP Repository; The site that is now a complete kitchen set! (Another silly one X3)

RP Repository; Characters, community and more!

RP Repository; Characters welcome (*giggle giggle* ;) )
RPR - If you can think of it, it belongs here

RP Repository: Playfully In Character

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