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i mean, i guess we’re all kind of connected to our OCs, in a way. but i was just wondering if anyone else just had that character you feel a closer personal connection to than any of the others.

for me, it’s avery. i don’t know what it is about him but he’s the only one i can just feel when i write. with the others, i can write them, sure, but i have to really think about everything like, “oh what would they do here??? would they do or say this?? is that in character???” with avery i don’t have a lot of moments like that because i just Know, i can really put myself in his shoes and feel things like he does to the point where sometimes i even start to feel the emotions secondhand. i’m writing this because i’m currently in a sad roleplay with a friend where i’m mainly using avery, and even though avery’s going through something i’ve never experienced in my life, i’ve cried while writing him just because of how much i was actually, literally feeling his pain and grief.

i honestly don’t know why i’m so connected to him. maybe it’s because we have similar thought processes and whatnot?? regardless i was just wondering if any of you had any characters that you’ve had similar experiences with.
Raptors is my all time favourite character out of the hundreds I have created and he is the living embodiment of my emotions and also was my first ever OC, so yea
Walter Foxx (played anonymously)

Walter right here. I can easily decide what he'd do without even thinking just like you described, I really like playing him even though he's a jerk.
The Matsudaira WIP (played anonymously)

For me it is Matsudaira Kyoraku from this character sheet; tired, full of regrets and grievances he keep hidden inside but still forcing himself to go on day by day, even as he long to return to the past. A bit dramatic, perhaps, but that really makes me sympathise with him right now haha.
Benji here. He was originally created for a Glee game approximately one million years ago and he's just clicked from the start. We've gotten each other through a lot, honestly.
Sarobando Bassiss (played by Ozzyotter3001)

Sarobando here started out as Braegor. Then he went to Anglaias Braegor. Then Sarobando Anglaias Braegor.

Then I decided let's make him a family.

Now he's Sarobando Bassiss, Anglaias is now his cousin and Braegor is Anglaias' father.

I did all this when I used to RP on Roblox, many years ago, and from the first time I made him, Saro's been the best.
I would definitely say Drayce. I've had him for over two years now, from Rex, to Ryou, to Drayce but his personality has stayed the same. To me, he is so real that in roleplays, I hardly have to think twice how he would react... Even when it seems out of character, I know with certainty that he would react that way because of the specificity of the scenario. I even have a 50+ art folder of him...
I'll say I'm most connected to Halasian as I have written out in RP and fanfic a fairly sizable history for him, his younger son Hanasian, and to a lesser extent his daughter Halcwyn and eldest son Hayna.
Ember Kamura,He is my favourite and is also my fursona,As you can see my username is based off him,
A year and a half on from my last post here, I have ventured into the modern slice-of-life realm and enjoy the epic saga being written for Steve Harrison. Really connect with him right now.
Lisa Nicole Forrest. She's in two big campaigns and has a couple fans.
Maybe Gilang and Hari. I’ve known Gilang since elementary school as a brother of my imaginary friend at that time, so he is a reminder of my childhood life even though we rarely talk, but sometimes he come to visit. And Hari because he is already live inside my head since... around 7 years ago as a friend of a friend? But Hari in my head is never talking at all and only sitting in the darkness watching his big fortune teller compass 24/7, so much different with Hari that I am using as OC here who has a personality and background character.

Actually me and real version of them both are not really connected emotionally because basically we are just acquaintances, but... their existence just feels nearly as same as a real person to me.
I haven't written his page yet, but I've had my character Adrian for about 7-8 years now. Writing feels very intuitive, but also I'm just very attached to him and his personality. He's extremely fun to write and his personality is pleasing to me, so it all comes very naturally. Part of that is why his page hasn't been written yet! I've never given a longform description of his personality because I've just played him one-on-one with friends, so it will be interesting to try to translate him to a page.

I also love my character Harte, but he's not as intuitive and is a different kind of character than the personalities I tend to gravitate towards. I like him quite a bit and hence he's got a very lengthy page, which is always a sure sign of my affection. :P That being said, Adrian's will probably be shorter, because he's much more of an all-purpose character and also doesn't have any magic-y or otherwise special things I need to describe about him.
I guess if we’re talking personal connection to a character, its my Vietnam soldier John Roby. He’s a tribute to my fallen cousin and never really planned on using him in RP, but somehow an interested writer approached me about writing a Vietnam war story and it’s been really good so far. It does get me thinking of John and I do get emotional at times while writing, but it inspires me. Rest In Peace cousin - Forever Young - 30E-052

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