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Libertine Moderator

Self explanatory! Tell us three facts about yourself or a character of yours, one of which is false. These can be categorical (IE: three things they've done, are afraid of, want to have) or random. You can point out the lie or leave it to the imagination.

[list][*] [*] [*] [/list] [spoiler]The lie goes here! (optional)[/spoiler]
Dhoruba (played by Libertine) Topic Starter

IE, my police officer Dhor:
  • Gets pedicures monthly
  • Has never been on a boat
  • Sleeps with a night light on
Achilles (played anonymously)

  • Isn't the reincarnation of a greek hero.
  • Doesn't have father issues.
  • Is living in the 'closet.'
Achilles wrote:
  • Isn't the reincarnation of a greek hero.
  • Doesn't have father issues.
  • Is living in the 'closet.'
knowing the source material (Love the world of Percy Jackson!) that's a difficult group to pick the lie out of for sure! XD
  • Sneaks away from responsibilities on occasion.
  • Finds all commoners beneath him
  • Sometimes finds his siblings annoying
Fox (played anonymously)

  • Actually works for a secret crime fighting organization
  • Once kept a pet marmoset
  • Ate a handful of fire ants on a dare
Quinne (played by Rook)

Looks like fun!
  • His trust is easy to gain, but just as easy to lose.
  • Lies about everything regarding his Sire.
  • Rather enjoyed darker aspects from his past.
Dralt (played by Libertine) Topic Starter

  • Dyes his eyebrows.
  • Simply cannot tolerate children, noisy unripe things that they are.
  • Cannot consume mortal food, but sometimes samples things then spits out the mush when no one is looking in an unsightly, unbecomingly hedonistic ritual.
Ehen (played by Healthbar)

Makes questionable baked goods that always somehow come out green.

She forgives people who wrong her easily.

She has a secret soft spot for children, no matter what kind.
Evren (played by Rigby)

  • Evren is artificial, fabricated rather than conceived.
  • She is a widower. Possibly a black widower.
  • Once spent the better part of a decade as a minotaur, just to see what it was like.
  • She is in love with a princess
  • Her mother taught her archery
  • She is a sorceress
Zeta (played by Rigby)

  • Took his current pseudonym from a very old project on which he was involved.
  • Had a very young daughter involved in that project.
  • Wants a Pomeranian. Has always wanted a Pomeranian. Shut up. They're adorable, man.
He has never turned anyone into a vampire by accident, despite the sheer number of people he's bitten.

He once started a romantic relationship by biting off the person's finger.

He has come back to life after dying not once, but twice.
Mimik (played by AdoniVae)

  • Has a kink for skulls
  • Loves dead things
  • Has had a skeleton make her breakfast.
Things I did as a teen-
  • once tried to jump a small river....didn't make it
  • worked overnights then went to school afterwards for a year
  • pickled a toe
As strange as I am, it would take a person far stranger to pickle a that's just weird XD
The lie is hidden randomly via a dice roll.
  • Have collected a 3 1/2 inch diameter ball of my own discarded hair (I have not had my hair cut since years before I started making the ball. It is purely made from loose hair)
  • Have a collection of all the free pens I have ever been given throughout my lifetime (including pens I have borrowed but forgotten to give back, as well as pens received via post from spam mail)
  • Have eaten multiple whole plastic coat hangers (not like... eaten them straight up whole... but rather eaten the whole thing piece by piece)
Amber Davis (played by Deumeawyn)

This game looks fun!

”This is about me. I am...
  • ... wealthy.
  • ... pregnant.
  • ... loves my husband.

Aylssa Nicole Kennedy (played by LakotaSiouxWarrior)

1 I'm married 2 I drive a camero 3 I married my soulmate true love.
Melissa Ann Winona Kennedy (played by LakotaSiouxWarrior)

1 I write letters with crayons 2 my mother lets me drive her camero 3 I'm a miniature version of her because I am
Definitely an interesting premise. Alright, let's use Henrik since he's been in the shadows for a while now.

See if you can guess which among these is the lie.
  • Henrik has an artificial heart
  • Henrik has never been in love
  • Henrik goes to Church once a month
Sasha Antonova (played anonymously)

"I'll say he doesn't go to church once a month as I believe he is like me also an aethiest.?

Sasha sits down in a chair and thinks about what to lie about for a moment before she says,

"I am in love with someone."
"I've never been arrested."
"I love classical music."

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