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Dominique (played by Red9843)

((Hey, everyone! Recently, I've been into high school rps. I've finally decided to create my own! :)
See the discussion thread for more info:
See you at school! :) ))

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Dominique (played by Red9843) Topic Starter

Embarrassed, Dominique quickened her pace, trying to leave her brother behind, so no one would think she was actually related to him. But this wasn't possible. They had identical facial features, hair color, even the way they stood was the same.
Sighing, she spun on her heel to face him. "Why did you have to be so weird back there?," she huffed, shoving him. Seth stumbled before regaining his balance and giving her a charming grin. At least, it would be charming if it wasn't coming from her brother. "What? You mean talking to that nice girl? If it wasn't for me chatting her up, we'd probably still be wondering around in circles, looking for the office," he pointed out with a proud smile.
Dominique scoffed. "As if. You were flirting with her. Do you have to do that to everyone we meet?," she said, exasperated. After the long last few weeks of unpacking and getting situated in their new house, Seth had become rather insufferable. Her brother's smiled grew wider. "Well, if it wasn't for a certain someone losing her car privileges because of a wild party..."
"Shut up!," Dominique interrupted him. He just laughed and followed as she led the way in the direction the girl had pointed.

"So, in conclusion, I think you'll find belonging here at Riverdale High School," the principle said with a warm smile. While their back was turned, Dominique faked snoring, making her brother crack a smile before the principle turned back around with two folders in his hands.
"These have your schedules as well as the school handbook, cafeteria menu, and school calendar. I've also included maps of the school. I'm so sorry about not giving you a tour, but you're too late to join one of the tours because of our meeting, and Gabby, the girl I asked to show you around, couldn't make it to school today. She has the flu and won't return this week."
Just her luck. Now how was she supposed to find her classes? And the gym, for volleyball tryouts after school tomorrow? Dominique sighed, but put on a smile for the principle as they left the office to find their way around the school.
As they walked, Seth(of course) got distracted by another girl. This time a tall redhead. So Dominique was on her own. Trying to find her way, she turned her map this way and that, not about to admit to being lost. She could find her way again. Just a few minutes...
After about twenty minutes of wandering, Dominique finally gave up and admitted to herself that she was lost. She looked around at the unfamiliar hallway, trying to figure out if this led to the media center or cafeteria. As she was focused on her map, she suddenly bumped into someone, causing her to drop her folder and all of its papers onto the ground. She pursed her lips in irritation before reminding herself to be pleasant. First impressions were very important. Especially when the school's homecoming game and dance were coming up. If she found some friends to go with, she would be able to go and have a great time instead of sitting at home binge watching Netflx.
She reminded herself of this as she looked up at the person she'd bumped into with a smile.
"Sorry. Wasn't watching where I was going. This school is huge..."
Zombie character (played anonymously)

Dylan looks up, his eyes locking on the form of the girl who'd bumped into him. His dark green eyes glower down at her before he softens them, "It's fine." He mutters, averting his eyes. He didn't like social contact. It confused him. He looks at the folder on the floor, bending to pick it up and he hands it to the girl, his eyes not meeting hers.

He adjusts the strap of his bag, a lock of dark hair falling onto his forehead before he looks back up at her, trying to seem sociable. "Um, what's your name?" He smiles slightly, "I don't think I've seen you here before." And he'd certainly remember a face like hers.
Kaia Clarke (played anonymously)

Loose locks of long brown hair flowed out behind Kaia as she trudged her way to her new school, backpack over her shoulder and a school map in her hands. The young woman lived within walking distance of the place and since it was a nice day she decided to walk instead of drive. The extra time to clear her head would do wonders anyway.

The building was huge as she approaches, stopping and hesitating with her hand on the silver door handle, the metal smooth and cool underneath her pale pink polished nails. Blue eyes catch her reflection in the glass and Kaia draws in a deep breath, inspecting her outfit of simple jeans and white t-shirt, a sliver of doubt working it's way into her. Should she go? Yes, she had to, it was too late. Why couldn't she just have finished senior year at her old school instead of moving three states over to start anew?

Though the map was in her hand and she constantly looked down at it Kaia became lost and couldn't find her way to where she needed to be. Frustrated she looks up and slowly twirls around, scanning the milling crowd of other students in search of someone to ask for help. But no-one is paying any attention to her and she didn't want to bother anybody. Grumbling she looks back at the map and begins to walk again glancing up just in time to see a collision of two bodies, a guy and a girl. Maybe one of them will know where I need to go. Approaching with a smile Kaia watches as they pick the things up and apparently introduce themselves to each other, grinning at both as she comes to a stop next to them, waiting until they were finished to speak. "Sorry to interrupt but do either of you have any idea where we're at right now? I'm desperately lost."

She hated to admit her clulessness but it was probably pretty obvious.
Zombie character (played anonymously)

Dylan looks at the other female, raising his eyebrow. It wasn't often he found himself interacting with women. The only girl he'd held a conversation with longer than ten minutes was his best friend, Hope. He clears his throat, "Uh, yeah. We're in..." He looks around, noting the Language Arts sign above them, "We're in C-Wing. Where was it you wanted to go?"

This was Dylan's fourth year at this school, so he knew his way around the school. It was one of the main reasons he'd urged Hope to come here. So he could protect...So he could show her around. Speaking of Hope, where was she? He takes his phone out, seeing the text she'd sent merely three minutes ago, telling him she'd be sort of late. He sighs before texting out a reply.
Zombie character (played anonymously)

Hope's phone dings, signifying the fact that she'd gotten a text message. She looks at her reflection in the mirror one last time, questioning her decision to go to Riverdale, to go to a school in general. She picks up her phone: 'Okay.' The monosyllabic response made her grin. It was so like Dylan to send that.

She pulls on the bottom of her dress self consciously, the dark green color a perfect contrast with her hair and her black ankle boots. She'd decided to let her hair fall into its natural curls and she pulls on a jean jacket, rushing out of the house. Well, it was convenient that the school was in walking decision.

She reaches the school and upon entering, looks around for Dylan. She spots him, surrounded by two girls, and a smile twitches her lips upward. "Why, Dyl..." She calls out, "If I didn't know better, I'd say you were flirting." She reaches the group, turning her dark gaze to the two girls, "Hi. I'm Hope." She was the light to Dylan's dark, which meant she was the more open of the two.
Dominique (played by Red9843) Topic Starter

Dominique smiled at the guy who'd been nice enough to grab her folder. "Oh, I'm Dominique. I'm new, so it makes sense that you haven't seen me around," she explained with a shrug. "And you are?"
He seemed nice enough, if a bit stand-offish. But she chalked that up to her having bumped into him.
Dominique turned to the smiling girl that approached them and hesitated. She didn't want to admit she was lost. "Of course. We're near...," Dominique gave up the act and sighed. "Actually, I have no idea. I'm new," she said with a shrug. She reminded herself to have a nice talking-to with her brother as soon as she saw him again. Leaving his sister all alone to navigate the dangers of... ok, maybe she was overeating a bit. But still.
"I'd try to figure this out, but it'd be the blind leading the blind, I'm afraid," Dominique said with a smile.
She turned when yet another student joined them. Someone who seemed to know the guy.
"Um, hey. I'm Dominique. Who exactly are you, if you don't mind me asking?," she said with a warm smile.
Zombie character (played anonymously)

Hope had finally arrived and a slight blush taints his cheeks at her insinuation. "But you know better." He mutters as she stops beside him. He smiles at Dominique, "I'm Dylan. This nut here," he gestures to Hope, "Is also new."
Kaia Clarke (played anonymously)

Kaia usually wasn't the type to become embarrassed but when the approaching girl talked of flirting a rush of color takes to her face. She hadn't even said her name yet or really gotten those of the others and was already being accused of flirting!

"I bet it's pretty obvious I'm new here as well." she chuckles nervously pushing her hair back behind her ears. "I'm Kaia." The blush had quickly disappeared and a smile took over her face as she introduced herself to the others. Maybe they would be the first friends she makes.
Zombie character (played anonymously)

Hope smiles at her, before lightly punching Dylan's shoulder, "That was for calling me a nut." Then she looks back at Kaia, "I am new, though. That's the one thing he got right." She looks around, her eyes wide with wonder, "And man, Dyl, you didn't tell me how big this place was."

She snaps her attention back to the conversation. Dang ADHD. Always taking her attention where she didn't want it.
Dominique (played by Red9843) Topic Starter

Dominique shook her head, grinning at Hope and Dylan.
"From what I can tell, he was right to call you a nut," she teased the girl with a grin.
"Well, since we're all new, maybe we could try to figure this place out together?," she suggested with a smile. "Anyone up for a little exploring?"
She doubted they'd be able to find anything by wandering around, but it was better than just standing here.
Kaia Clarke (played anonymously)

Kaia chuckles when Dominique agrees with Dylan about Hope being a nut, the teasing friendly and she finds a soft chuckle coming from between her lips. "I'd be up for exploring." She would explore by herself but having someone with her would be way better. Her eyes turn to the others, looking for everyone else's opinion on it.
Zombie character (played anonymously)

Dylan snorts at Dominique's statement, "She knows she's a nut. It's why she acted offended." His eyes begin to sparkle with mirth, "I've been here for four years, I'll just hop along for the ride. Make sure Hope doesn't get into trouble."
Zombie character (played anonymously)

Hope pouts playfully, her eyes widening, "Do you really think so low of me?" A laugh threatens to break her composure and she gives up her pretense of being offended, shrugging, "You're probably right. I most definitely would get into trouble." She looks at the others, "Yeah. I'd love to explore this place more."
Dominique (played by Red9843) Topic Starter

Dominique smiled, unable to resist adding "Though, due to her recent behavior, I hardly think that'll be possible. Good luck," she grinned as she turned to the others. "So. Schedules? I start in Room 209, Honors History....," she said, pulling out her schedule and showing it to the others, as she checked the hall for room numbers.
Zombie character (played anonymously)

Hope screws her face into a grimace, "I have AP Calculus." She turns to glare at Dylan, "I wonder why..." She detested math with a passion, mainly because she'd never been able to focus long enough. She liked it well enough in Elementary school, but that was before math started hooking up with the alphabet. She looks at her own schedule, just to make sure. "Yeah. I have AP Calc."
Kaia Clarke (played anonymously)

"I start the day in..." pausing Kaia takes her backpack from her back and looks through, finding her schedule before unfolding it, nibbling at her bottom lip as she reads. "Start with the same thing surprisingly." The smile that had been there before takes it's place on her face again, her eyes flicking up to Dominique. "Then I have an English class right there apparently." She points at the door to the room closest to them.
Zombie character (played anonymously)

Dylan grins, his face lighting up, "Hope, you have every class with me." Then he looks to Kaia, "And we have AP English Lit for second period. Is that your second class?" He asks, wanting to ask for her schedule, but deciding against it.
Kaia Clarke (played anonymously)

"It is." she nods, answering Dylan's question as she looks at him. At least there would be someone she somewhat knew in the class with her. A rather good looking someone of she were to be honest.

"What does everyone have for third? I have art class, which I'm very excited for." Art was one of the classes that she looked forward to the most, excelling in it, especially when they had a painting project.
Zombie character (played anonymously)

Hope bites her lip, looking at the schedule. Dylan hadn't been kidding when he said they had every class together. She'd refused to have it any other way. There was no way she was going to come to this school and wander around, like a lost lamb.

"We have drama." She answers Kaia's question, "And after that, we have art. Then...I believe it's lunch?" She looks at Dylan, "Right, brother?" They weren't physically siblings, but they considered each other their closest siblings.

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