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I'm not new to this website, but I've deleted my old profile for a new face. I took a step away from writing for a while, but I think I'm back for good now.

I love writing horror and fantasy (techno/urban or medieval). I've been roleplaying for probably ten years, mostly between friends. I use roleplaying as a way to work through writer's block.

For anyone interested, I'm writing a trilogy of horror novels that each revolve around a personal fear of my own (The Places Alec Forgot, What Lies Beneath, and In Memory of Us) as well as a script for a movie based off of the stories of Eyeless Jack and the Black Eyed Kids; the working title for the script is Black Eyes.

I'm excited to get writing again!
Welcome back! I do hope you have fun. Maybe we can roleplay some bit? Who knows!

Again, Welcome back!
Welcome back! I’m new and can’t wait to learn more about this game and Hi Apollo my crazy brother!!
Apollo wrote:
Welcome back! I do hope you have fun. Maybe we can roleplay some bit? Who knows!

Again, Welcome back!

Hi, thank you! Maybe we will ;0
Welcome back.
Welcome to RPR!

Welcome back
Congrats on being an author. I am still simply a writer having never finished a tale before. How does that feel? Completing a story would be an incredible feeling, I imagine.

Hi and welcome back!

Welcome back to the RPR, I hope we can rp and be friends.
Welcome to RPR, TNThatcher! I hope you have fun here! I also hope those books go well!
*slides in* *falls flat on face* *swears for an exceedingly long time*

Welcome, to the RP Repository! I am absolutely stoked to see you here and glad you've made the absolute life-changing decision to join us all as we slowly plot to take over the world!

I am FlamingPsycho, virus extraordinaire!

I've been roleplaying for a while and would love to RP with you now that you are here, lol. I'd also love to answer any questions you may have.

So, if you need help or are just up for a roleplay, please please PLEASE PM me! I'm always around!

So, first and foremost, though, you should probably check out our rules here, just so nothing takes you by surprise! You can find them here:

If you ever get bored and hunting for a roleplay, feel free to check out our Looking For RP forum here:

If you’re looking for help from communities, check out our help forums, somebody is almost always lurking there:

Do you have artwork you wanna make, or do you wanna find some art for characters? Or do you have an AU you want to share? Check this out:

And finally…are people taking years to respond to your RPs, or do you just not feel the muse and want to just play some games? Well, we have just the place for you! Look here:

Well, nice meeting you! Enjoy our little haven here, and I hope to see you around!
Welcome back to RPR!
Welcome back! It's nice to meet you.

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