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I'm just in a chatty mood so I wanted to start a chat thread. So I was wondering if more people on here live in houses or apartments.

I live in an... apartment. I have never lived in a house.
House. It's pretty hard to maintain it though, as it is quite old! I used to live in an apartment so... both?
...Apartment. Studio one too. I can't afford a house yet... But I really would like one!

I still live with my parents in a house. What did you expect? I'm barely 20...

Although I do want to get my own house one day so that I don't have to woken up at 7am...
House. I've lived in the same house all my life and greatly prefer them. Not having to worry about annoying neighbors on the other side of the wall is great.
I've lived in both and I absolutely prefer apartment!

The biggest reason - I just hate the upkeep of houses so much. Lawns, gutters... eugh. I also live alone, and don't have much in the way of 'collections' or other items (I only have a TV due to peer pressure!!) So if I were to live in a house, it'd be very likely that I would have at least one empty room, which I'd still need to keep clean. Also, apartments tend to be closer to shopping centres and other utilities, so pretty much everything I need is just a short walk away :D

Downside of apartment living - damage to the building by other residents and noise from the street.
I live in a house with my dad but would prefer to have an apartment when I move out.

The upkeep of a house is way too much for me, even with my dad we are so stressed out sometimes in this house even if we are greatful for it.

I like the smaller usually more comfortable layout of an apartment, easier to clean. I like that most things I need to pay are all on one bill, and there's also apartment buildings with Rec rooms and free WiFi. They are usually closer to grocery stores and the like, as well as public transport...

The cons being possible noise from neighbors, and possible crappy landlord. As well as not being able to paint or do any renovation.

But I'd take all that over owning my own house.

A condo might not be bad...
I like all the answers. Thanks for chatting back, people! ❤️ And this thread has made me feel better about the fact that I live in an apartment. I wish we could get a house because I feel like the mortgage would be cheaper than the rent we have to pay (but credit issues), but thinking about the fact that we don't have to mow a lawn, or clean out gutters, or fix appliances, it makes me feel more grateful for my living situation.
I've had my fair share of both over the years. From one room studios to share houses to a 5 bedroom with just me and my wife. There are certain advantages of apartment/condos but you can't choose your neighbors that are one wall away. You can't choose your neighbors in houses either but at least you (usually) have some space between you.
Currently, and have always, lived in one house or another (Been living in this one since I was six, so it's uh- been a while haha)

However, when I was younger, my dad lived in a few apartments before he moved back in with us, and I always really liked the coziness of apartments better, especially his one that had a balcony (I actually use the layout of that one for some of my characters' homes cause I loved it so much)

The only issue with apartments, if/when I ever move out (haha what even is money and adult life), is that I can't be my crazy cat lady self in an apartment :< But maybe that's a good thing considering xD
Grew up in houses. Been living in apartments since college. Presently sharing with a friend, but really need to get my own place, so I have more than half a room and a corner in the kitchen to myself. Just... need to make enough money to afford anything.
Still live in my parents' house. I can't really be trusted to live alone. Not that I could afford it. Anxiety, poor organisational skills, general lack of independence and a vulnerability toward depression (I haven't been depressed for a few years now, but after what I went through during my late teens, it does feel like a major negative turn in my life could easily set it all off again) kinda make that impossible. That, and I'm really bad with adult life skills like keeping track of bills, looking after property, remembering to do chores, etc. I trialled living alone with university accommodation, and that was a disaster.

House. Apartments don't let us have as many pets as we want. :D We've done apartments a couple times but it is not for us.

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