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Ja'vassa and Kisavi (played by KansasVenomoth)

Deep below the surface of the Falkreath hold hides a massive network of tunnels, how they were created is unknown. The only thing that is known is that a strange Khajiit had discovered these tunnels and decided to have a little fun with them. Over the past few months, he's converted the tunnels into a labyrinth, placing animals and other creatures within them seemingly to guard a treasure, or multiple treasures in this case. The tunnels hid powerful weapons, useful medicines, gold coins were seemingly littered everywhere. Not long after the labyrinth was completed, he had left and began placing fliers around Falkreath and the surrounding holds, hoping to attract potential daredevils. The numerous rewards hiding within the labyrinth and the reward awaiting for those who potentially made it through it should've been more than enough to attract adventurers to the tunnels.

It seemed Ja'vassa would no longer have to wait for idiots to stroll on into the labyrinth, as he had received word that a few travelers were currently making their way towards the tunnels. Admittedly, Ja'vassa was quite excited for this, as it meant he'd finally have the chance to see if someone was smart enough and strong enough to complete the challenges he set. Three keys were hidden throughout the labyrinth, these three keys were needed to unlock the doors separating the challengers from their final challenge, though the Khajiit would keep this a secret until they've managed to get there. In order to greet his guests, Ja'vassa awaited at the entrance, eager to get an idea of what these travelers would like. "I sure hope they won't keep me waiting for much longer..." He muttered to himself, keeping an excited grin plastered on his face, though of course, this couldn't be seen with his mask on.
Dulirn (played by Juls)

Rumors of the tunnels and the treasure they might hold have drawn Dulirn, a normally reclusive wizard, from his own small tower. Who was this Ja’vassa fellow? Was his mysterious labyrinth some kind of a trap? It seemed likely … the whole set up reeked of magical influence. But if there was a chance to increase his own abilities to summon otherworldly powers, then Dulirn was not about to let that pass him by.

“Keep up, Urir,” the wizard said, looking back to his ever-present sidekick, who was laden with the various equipment that might be needed… torches, rope, marbles, chalk, a flask of oil, canteens of water, crowbar, plus, of course, several empty sacks to haul out any loot they managed to collect. Dulirn himself carried only his staff.

Urir was a short man-ish creature of few words, an overly large hat, and a constantly sour expression. He gave a small grunt as the only acknowledgement Dulirn had spoken, continuing on at the same frustratingly slow pace and the wizard sighed in exasperation. "Oh, it's not all doom and gloom, is it?" Dulirn asked.

"Eh... wuts 'at?" Urir stopped, pointing ahead toward somebody wearing a mask.

“What? Oh! Ah! Good day, good sir! Can you tell us…. Have you heard of the mysterious Ja’vassa? This flyer seems to indicate the entrance to his ... ah, home ... should be right around here-ish… ”

Arun-Ja (played by Arcol)

The honorary magister of House Telvanni and loremaster of the Psijic Order, followed by his two ever-present Daedric familiars, made his way to Falkreath after hearing of the seemingly inescapable labyrinth hidden beneath the large town. He’d heard there’d been a Dark Brotherhood Sanctuary nearby, but weather or not it was included in the tunnels was currently unclear. Dagon (the Clannfear) began screeching as they approached the ever forlorn village, the fog of death lingering in accepted silence.

“You’re right, my friend,” the Sorcerer spoke as they neared the large longhouse of the Jarl, “There is something off here, and it’s definitely not just the feel of decay surrounding this place.” Up ahead was a wizard he’d never met, followed by a smaller Daedric-like ‘person’ hauling a great burden of belongings, both waiting before a masked Khajiit with a strange aura about him.

For the trial, he’d dedicated himself to refuse the use of time magic (or what he had at the time) in order to further the challenge of escaping and/or finding a trinket or two for Tel Galen, his fungal tower in Vvardenfell. “I’m not late, I hope,” he greeted all three of them, “I am Arun-Ja, Magister of House Telvanni, Loremaster of Artaeum, and Master Sorcerer of Black Marsh. The Clannfear goes by ‘Dagon,’ and the Winged Twilight is called ‘Azura,’ both after their respected creators.”
Fawn Hallah (played by Wolfzone92)

Fawn had heard word from in the town of Falkreath. She was around a lot of people. They were all talking about some tunnels and how if anyone was brave enough to go on this quest which look like to the townsfolk like a trap. Fawn saw this as a opportunity for a adventure of a lifetime! For years she dream of something like this to happen and now it finally was!! "Now I can show my father that I was meant to be Queen!" She said to herself in her head. She pushed her way through the crowd of people.

"I'm brave enough to go!! Who will join me?!!" No one answered. They were all talking amongst themselves. So she shouted even louder!! "I said WHO should like to join me!! I'll pay you double whatever gold you may find there!!"

But still no one budge. "Really?! Are all you "Men" scared of a few tunnels?" She shouted. A man with a huge white beard spoke up. "Maybe you haven't heard but miss, there's not just gold there. There's monsters and magic. I'd stay away if I were you!"

Fawn waves her hand at the old man. "Please, I'm a Kings daughter! You think I would be scared of such things? My horse and I have traveled many miles and towns. I have a few "magic" items of my own. This map, (takes out map and unrolls it) can show me where anything is by just simply asking it."

The townsfolk just back away a little more from her. She rolled up the map and put it back in her pocket. "Losers." She walked through the crowd of townsfolk and got back on her horse.

A few hours later, she could see up ahead four or six other people up by the tunnels. She couldn't quite tell yet. She had to get closer to be sure. She made her horse go faster and soon she was in front of the small group of people.

"Hello everyone. The names Fawn. Fawn Hallah. Maybe you heard of my father, Sir Kane Hallah?" She didn't see anyone acknowledge her father's name. "No? Well just be sure that I'm not your normal everyday princess. I came here looking for adventure and gold! Maybe even a few items to add to my collection! And who might you all be?"
Gnome Wizard (played by Krispythekritter)

Qash rarely came into town since she hated the stink of the city. All of the people made her uneasy as her small frame weaved through the streets. With a disgusted looked she pulled her small cart behind her. The cart was heaped high with pelts and leather from the various beasts from the forest where she was from. Qash worked with the local guild and shops to provide them with quality leather. She tanned the leathers in the small shack outside the confines of the town.

"What's that noise?" Qash said, mostly to herself.

Sitting near the front of the cart was a small hedgehog, she named Sonic. He was silently sleeping as they journey to their destination. Her attention was peeled on a loud woman in the center of town. Most of the words seemed to have fallen on deaf ears as no one came to the aid of the young woman. As Qash wandered around the town she heard the rumors about a challenge that had been issued. One that offered the promise of great rewards and fame. She desired more magical power and what she had was never considered enough for her.

Resolved with her decision, Qash followed after the young woman at quite the distance. She had a head start of several hours on the stout gnome. Qash would arrive later than everyone else. At least, it seemed like she was the last one to arrive. Her eyes looked over the others already gathered. Most of the people were human or resembled humans. Each of them towered over the short gnome. There was a few strange additions to the group. At the head of the group was another strange creature that Qash was unfamiliar with.

"Qash looking for the challenge everyone was talking about. Is this it?"
Ja'vassa and Kisavi (played by KansasVenomoth) Topic Starter

Fortunately, it seemed Ja'vassa wouldn't have to wait any longer as guests were slowly piling in. "Ah, finally... just as I was about to give up, everyone has arrived." He grinned, "I am Ja'vassa, friend." He greeted the first person. "I welcome you to my little labyrinth, within these walls, you will find great wealth, if you've got the courage to explore these mines." Ja'vassa paused, grabbing a bottle of invisibility potion from his satchel. "I am the Dragonborn and I've been exploring al across the province for a couple years now... since the fall of Alduin, there hasn't been much happening in Skyrim, asides from the Civil War of course, but I digress." Pausing for a moment, Ja'vassa made a motion for the party to follow behind him. "I'm sure those of who read the notices I put out there knew what this place was meant for. The lot of you, whether you're complete strangers or close friends, are to help and guide each other through these tunnels in search of my quarters for your grand prize. I've had numerous people wander through these tunnels, but not one has made it to my quarters... at least not in one piece, but perhaps this time, things will be different."

After a few moments of walking, Ja'vassa paused at a corridor that led to two different areas of the labyrinth. "Where we are now is just among the many crossroads within the tunnels. Some of these will lead to great rewards, some will lead to battles." He started, placing on his strange mask before speaking again. "In order to reach my quarters, there are three keys scattered throughout the tunnels that you must collect. Only when all three locks are opened will you reach your final challenge. Scattered about the labyrinth are various treasures, some will be valuable in combat, some will be valuable in the market. In order to obtain these, you need to collect another set of keys." He explained, turning back to the group. "If you have any questions, ask them now, as this will be the last chance you have until you reach my quarters. Otherwise, you should prepare yourself for the trip. I'll set a Wall of Flames just by the entrance here and when it disappears, you're free to explore to your heart's content."
Dulirn (played by Juls)

Dulirn eyed each arrival as they joined him.

First the Argonian who claimed to be a ‘master sorcerer’. Urir gasped when he saw Dagon and Azura, immediately getting behind Dulirn’s robes as if those could shield him from the ferocious looking beasts.

“Dulirn,” the wizard said simply in response to the string of titles Arun-Ja rattled off. “Pleasure,” he added, in a tone that suggested very much the opposite.

Next came a woman. Quite a lovely one and a princess to boot if she was to be believed. Dulirn flashed her a devilish smile. “A lady after my own heart,” he gave her a bow, “the danger of adventure is worth a thousand days of ease and comfort.”

“I’d take the days of ease and comfort,” muttered Urir quietly and grumpily. Though Urir straightened himself up slightly and looked a little less dour when Qash came into view to join them. “Uh… yeah, this’s it,” he said, almost shyly, causing the wizard to raise his eyebrows in amusement.

Dulirn turned his attention back to Ja’vassa. “Are these … rewards … magical or mundane in nature?”
Fawn Hallah (played by Wolfzone92)

Fawn blushed at the young man. "Well, thank you sir." She looked around at everyone who was here now. "Well, this is quite the group now. I hope some of us can partner up." As she said this here eyes locked on Durlin. She smiled again and looked away. "Anyway, I'm more then ready for this! I have collected so many items, killed so many monsters, made so many friends and enemies."

"By the way Durlin, may I ask what brings you to these tunnels?" She studied him for a bit waiting for him to answer her. She also kept a eye on this masked creature. Or so she thought of him as a creature.

She spoke up to him. "Just so you know, I'm not afraid of these tunnels and I say bring on those monsters!" She put her arms out with her sword in one hand. "Let's get to it guys. What do you say?"
Arun-Ja (played by Arcol)

A smaller woman and a ‘charming’ mage, as well as another woman he hadn’t seen as of yet; all practitioners of magic, yet only one warrior and no assassins of any sort; at least he wouldn’t have to worry about bragging idiots or being stabbed in the back. (Not that he’d ever be in danger of that sort, of course.)

“You are the one who defeated Alduin,” the sorcerer asked, “a job well done, I suppose. A shame he couldn’t have been subdued or tamed, but what’s done is done. In any case, I’ve already established the rules I shall abide by, and seeing as almost all other contestants are of a Magicka-wielding sort, I suppose they should follow the fair rules as well.”
Gnome Wizard (played by Krispythekritter)

Qash listened while the man explained a little more about his challenge. A labyrinth filled with all kinds of treasure and dangers. Her eyes scanned over the group as each of them was given the opportunity to ask any questions. She had already sold off her pelts before arriving at the labyrinth. Her cart was stored in a safe place while she challenged this place. She carried her staff in her hand and her familiar, Sonic, sat on her shoulder.

The group was heavy in the magic department from their titles and claims. While it could be boasting on their part it did not seem like an exaggeration on their parts. The aura of magic was quite heavy in the air. Her eyes landed on the smaller member hiding behind one of the others. Qash cast her gaze downwards and mumbled something under her breath but then returned her stare to look at Urir. He seemed a little odd but the same was often said about her.

"What happens should we fall?"

Qash wondered if there was a powerful spell cast over the labyrinth. Something that would allow them to cheat death or be reborn. While it seemed unlikely she thought to ask. None one else was broaching the subject most prominent on her mind. The treasure and spells would be invaluable to her but her life was also important. She could not become more powerful by dying. The gnome did not mind heading into the danger straight away. She just wanted to know the odds of coming out of this in mostly one piece.
Ja'vassa and Kisavi (played by KansasVenomoth) Topic Starter

"Alduin was too far gone in his lust for power. Nothing you or I could've said anything that would've changed the World Eater.. it's for the better that he's gone for now, though there's no telling if he's gone for good." Ja'vassa replied to Arun-Ja. "It was no easy task, but the world is better without him." He turned to Dulirn. "I think I'll save that for a surprise... though, I'll let you know that all are quite valuable, so if you can't find a use for them, you'll certainly fetch a pretty fortune at the market." He paused for a moment as he listened to Qash, a grin crossing his face. "Failing in the labyrinth usually results in death or the challengers fleeing when things look too hard. It's not too late to tuck your tail and run away, if you're strong and courageous, tackle the labyrinth head on. If you are weak or cowardly, turn back and save your skin... otherwise, I welcome you." Ja'vassa headed towards one of the crossroads.

"Now that we're finished here... I leave it among your group to plan out your next move. When my Wall of Flames dissipates, you will be free to roam the labyrinth to your heart's content. You're welcome to tackle it all together, or you can split up... it's all up to you. I just hope you can give me a rousing show." He fell silent soon after, using a Wall of Flames spell to cover the ground between them. "This will disappear in three minutes... good luck and I hope to see you alive soon." He finished, drinking an Invisibility Potion before heading off. Though he was quite impatient, he had high hopes that this group would prove to be different than the others that have offered their lives to it. It didn't take long for him to make his way back to the quarters, and not long after he returned, the Wall of Flames had faded away.
Dulirn (played by Juls)

((Kansas, they're at the first intersection north of the entrance, correct? Also, is it lit or dark here?))

"Dulirn," the wizard corrected Fawn, but gently, quite accustomed to the mispronunciation of his name and more than willing to forgive a beautiful woman the error, particularly one brandishing a sword.

When Arun-Ja mentioned these so-called 'fair-rules', Dulirn raised his brow, having zero idea what these rules might be. But he certainly had no intention of handicapping himself when the price for failure was his life.

He didn't answer Fawn's question immediately, contemplating Ja'vassa's answer to his own question. Items that would fetch gold were certainly nothing to sneeze at. Many of his spells required expensive components after all and his constant experimentation tended to burn through resources. But was money alone enough to risk his life? Was there new knowledge to gain here or was it simply a test of his existing skill?

The answer to the gnome's question was not particularly unexpected. Eccentrics such as this fellow would not make the stakes any less. Dulirn almost walked away right then, uninterested in simply playing a game against this masked figure.

But in the end it was Fawn's rallying cheer that made him not wish to leave. "Mysteries and adventure," he said, as if there'd never been a doubt in his mind. "Well, then, Ladies first," he said with a devilish smile and a bow when the fire wall disappeared.

Urir hesitated, more than happy to let everyone else go ahead of him. "Eh... I'll... ah... guard the rear..." he offered to Qash, dipping his overly large and dusty hat so that his eyes were barely visible.
Ja'vassa and Kisavi (played by KansasVenomoth) Topic Starter

Dulirn wrote:
((Kansas, they're at the first intersection north of the entrance, correct? Also, is it lit or dark here?))

Yes, here's the map if you need a reference point.

Gnome Wizard (played by Krispythekritter)

Qash was not one for leading the party, so she would remain near the back of the party, as they waited. Her eyes watched the mystical fire as it continued to burn for the required amount of time. Her mind wandered over her options. She had considered leaving the labyrinth to save herself the pain and potential death this could contain. However, she wanted the power and knowledge more than anything else.

"Tick tick tick," she said quietly ticking off the seconds.

Once the fire had disappeared their party was given a choice. There was two hallways before them. Looking down both of the hallways nothing appeared to be different about them. Each of them lead to a dead end of sorts. Both choices branched at the end to mark more choices and options for them to choose. Qash felt like the larger group would be easier for them to explore but no one here trusted any of the others. There was no telling what would happen as soon as one of their backs was exposed.

"I vote we all head this way," Qash said.

Qash was pointing towards the hallway on the right. It lead straight back a little ways and then became a T. They could make another decision once they reached the top portion of the split. However, she knew their group would need to decide on their course of action. She felt like offer some of the first advice and choice for their group.
Fawn Hallah (played by Wolfzone92)

Fawn bow and said "Thank you sir" and walked forward. She wanted to stay with Durlin. They both seem to think alike. Fawn could barely see the walls. It was so dark in these tunnels. She put her hand up against the walls. "They feel cold yet warm at the same time, interesting." She smiled. "Maybe if I stick to the walls, I'll be able to find my way through this place" she thought to herself. Fawn carefully place one boot in front of the other and kept walking. "Durlin, which way do you think we should take, right or left?" She turned her body so she could hear what his next suggestion would be.
Dulirn (played by Juls)

When asked his input, the wizard looked down each passage.

"Urir, a torch, please!" he said, hoping some extra light might reveal a reason to choose one over the other. There was no need to expend magic here, even the amount to bring forth a magical light might make all the difference later in reaching Ja'vassa's quarters.

"Eh... right, ok," Urir said, shrugging the backpack off his shoulder so that it fell to the ground with a 'clunk' and withdrew a torch, then dug around until he located the flint and steel.

While Urir worked, Dulirn gave the gnome an appraising look. She had an air of magic about her and he found himself wondering if she kept a grimoire that he might steal a peek at during this adventure. As much as he might have liked the thought of venturing off alone with Fawn, it was probably best to stay close to Qash too... just in case that chance arose. "I agree with ... Qash, right? Sticking together is probably wise. Eumar's 5th rule of exploration, is it not? Don't split up."

"Here," Urir interrupted, handing Dulirn the lit torch. "There's a ... ah ... couppa more if ya ... ah ... anyone needs one," he said, looking first at the gnome before remembering there were other people here.

"Right seems as good as left," Dulirn said after re-examining both directions with the extra light. "Always to the right, then? Eumar's 11th rule of exploration... pick a direction and stick with it.... unless there are dragons of course. Then exceptions can be made."
Gnome Wizard (played by Krispythekritter)

Qash waited while the others decided which way they were going to take. It seemed to be a consensus that they would stick together through whatever trials awaited them in this lair. The gnome lightly tapped her foot while looking around. Her eyes landed back on Urir as he offered the others a torch they could use within the lair. Qash did not really need a torch since she would be able to magically create light but knowing that old fashion torches were available would be useful down the road.

"Yes, I am Qash. We should reserve the extra torches. This looks quite expansive for a labyrinth and torches will be valuable as we head further inside. I can cast a light spell should we need it."

No one else chimed in on which passageway to use. Taking the initiative she started to head down the short path to the right. It would not be long before the hallway became a dead end. Two more hallways were present, this time heading up and down. The pathway leading down seemed to lead to a room. Qash thought that would be a good starting point in the search for the keys and treasure.

"There is room down this way."

Qash would start to head down towards the room. She was not a front line fighter but the gnome was tired of waiting around. This group seemed keen on arriving at a consensus each time. The longer they waited around the more time and opportunity the enemies lurking within this place would have to gather against them.
Dulirn (played by Juls)

((Kansas, is it safe to assumed closed, but unlocked doors to any room without a 'Lock' indication on the map?))
Ja'vassa and Kisavi (played by KansasVenomoth) Topic Starter

Dulirn wrote:
((Kansas, is it safe to assumed closed, but unlocked doors to any room without a 'Lock' indication on the map?))

Yes, any hallway without the locks or the oranges squares are unlocked, enter them as you see fit. Where are you guys heading?))
Dulirn (played by Juls)

((If I've followed everything correctly, toward the room closest to the entrance that says 'Enemy: Wolf x3'))

Dulirn and Urir both followed close behind the gnome.

"Wait!", the wizard said as they drew close to the closed door. "That Ja'vassa fellow seems just the sort to put traps on the doors! Urir...check please."

The short creature sighed in noticeable irritation. Nevertheless, he came forward and stuck his ear up against the door, listening. He then looked closely at the door handle before shrugging. "Don't think it is..." he said, though didn't sound terribly confident.

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