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Garlic bread?

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Coffee? No sweeteners, no milk. Just coffee.
Yuck... 😔
Ranch dressing?
Yummish, it’s good when accompanied by something, but eating it alone is a bit weird...

What about English muffins??
Yum! When they’re made right, I can eat them alone or with stuff on it!

Yum... ish... not my go-to vegetable but if it's on a sandwich then that's cool.
Cream soda?
Cream soda is very good...

That’s a big YUM! (No matter what version of the dish, I think that I’d like all of them :) )

What about... orange marmalade?
Yuck... I like oranges, but not so much orange marmalade.

Mochi? Not the ice cream kind.
Never tried it, but I hope to one day! I bet it be a definite YUM! 😋

Mexican Style Custard Pudding (Flan).
Big yum!

Coconut macaroons?
Never tried but it sounds really good: YUM!

What do you think of avocado toasts?
Ew not happening tried em once and I threw them up a few hours later so yuck.

Cooked Bull Testicles.
I’ll try anything once!


Picked Pigs feet.
Uh, it sounds... unique? I don’t know, I’ve never tried it before... I’d take a wild guess and say I won’t like it (from looking at pictures online), so... yuckish?

Now, what do you think of eggplant? (May it be cooked, grilled, steamed...)
Ohh yum!!!

Pizza topped with jalapenos, peppers, any type of candy and then cooked in the oven.

Mozzarella sticks?
Absolute Yum! There is a place near me called Sideshow Bob’s that
At serves up the best Mozzy Stix!

Yum-ish. Don't love 'em, but wouldn't object to eating them either.

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