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Rosianka (played anonymously)

“My apologies, but it will be a pass from me.”
Helli (played by WinterBlackDraoi)

"PASS! Move over bitch! I'll romance Leanan Winter." She barged her way past the skinny ginger head.
Moon Beam (played anonymously)

Passing <3 you Helli
Cid Myers (played by Lanx12)

Alright, you're a funky chick...Might Romance ya. Kinda fits my vibe...Wonder if you like guys in fast cars...
Xochi (played anonymously)

“Pass.. I have no interest in males..hmmr, and you smell like oil and grease, it offends my nose.”
Zizka (played by j_a7980)

"Humm... I've never met a hobgoblin that wasn't trying to kill me. You don't seem the sort unless provoked, which I have no intention of doing. Even still, I may have to pass. Don't think I'm your type anyhow."
Rook (played by Juls)

I think we share enough in common that romance may at least be possible.
Kathleen Wayfarer (played anonymously)

Signed on as a soldier with a job the maintains your freedom, I see. Romance could be a strong possibility.
Amethyst Azureshield (played anonymously)

“Well, hello. I admit that I’m more partial to the princess types, but I think I’m willing to try dating a fellow warrior.”
Anton Madsen (played by j_a7980)

Well I'm no princess and your faith may have you follow the straight and narrow a little more than I do, but I could use a little light in my grim life.


“Not really digging it. I’m sure you’ll find the right person, some day, but let me tell you now, it isn’t going to be me.”
Exa Frost (played anonymously)


"I'm not really the type to dig into chicks. You are cute, and have a nice body. However, I do not think it would work out."
Zipactli (played anonymously)

“Huh, well, it looks like you could kick my ass, so, sure, why not eh?”

Alice Walker (played anonymously)

Hmm...I will have to pass.

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