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Nurse Mina (played anonymously)

"Hmmm..." Nurse Mina stares at the bluish bunny. "Mina prefers dating her master, but I guess being friends is fine... as long as you stay on my good side."
Flandre Scarlet (played anonymously)

"Oh! Date me! I'll be your new Master~"
“...I’m not sure. I suppose we could be friends...But...Oh...Hell. Friends, it is.”
Maxwell (played by Lucretire)

"...I'll pass," the magus said in a flat, direct tone. "Your reputation precedes you... So I'd rather not get involved in any way that is unnecessary to my job."
Nurse Mina (played anonymously)

"I am always open for a new friend." Nurse Mina smiled as she looked at the man before him, "Just stay on my good side and we'll be okay, so make sure that you won't hurt my master."
Deanna Harris (played anonymously)

"You look like a lovely nurse but I'm not into dating girls so maybe we could be friends?"

"Most fascinating.." Before he realized it was his turn, Flare'd spend some time glossing his eyes over the provocatively-clothed woman's body, and quite frankly, even he didn't know what to think. "An exceptional artist you truly are, darling- but I feel like there might be more to your work than a demonstration of your subtle wrist-work, hm? My, you seem so desperate to hide your true beauty under all.. that." Humans were weird, that was something most species could agree on, and the excessive amount of powdery face-paint this female specimen wore was clear proof. He'd seen worse but.. even for a flirt as unhinged as himself, he found it to be strangely off-putting. He wasn't at all a picky man, but even Flarus had his preferences.

"For the time being.. I'd rather give you the space to explore your.. insecurities," he huffed with an unreadable grimace. "Surely I'd accept the sporadic amiable contact; who knows, perhaps in time you might find yourself overcome with the audacity to show me more of the.. truer you." Behind his arrogant smile shimmered an uncommon kind of discomfort.
Xochi (played anonymously)

“Hmrr.. you’re that dog that wanted to fight me.”

Sleepily does the Werelion stand from her sitting position. As she straightens up, her claws are brought to bear and she licks at them in preparation.

“I’ll be your friend if you prove yourself a capable warrior. How about it, hmmm?”
Vedette Archambeau (played anonymously)

"I would like to be your friend if you don't mind..."
Darrell Sanders (played anonymously)

“Oh....” I looked again at Vedette as a song came to mind. “I’m not sure if a date would work, but I’d like to be your friend. I will bring my Oud and play a song for you.
Stray Dog (played anonymously)

“Ayyo man, let’s make that a duet, shall we??” He says as he pulls out an accordion.

Alice Walker (played anonymously)

"Hmm...hard pass for me. No hard feelings, we just wouldn't mesh well..."
Ummm, Friend, I'm sorry I don't date girls and So I will pass.
Vedette Archambeau (played anonymously)

"I believe a friendship is in order..." She smiles.
Shamshir (played anonymously)

“I would love to be thine friend, good lady!”
Godhunter (played by Maiden_Alice)

"I think you and I would have a beautiful friendship my small companion!"
"Hrm....I suppose we could be friends."
Red XIII (played anonymously)

"I will always honor our friendship, Cloud."
Emilie (played by LunaLovegood)

"Pass. No way am I interacting with a wolf!"
Blackfire (played by JetStorm)

"I wouldn't mind being friends with a wolf,as for the girl....its a pass for me."

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