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Zyfali the powerful (played anonymously)

4 letters:
"I think we all know why."
Clover (played by KingdomOdd1)


"I think having a friend dragon would be pretty cool." She shrugged, "Dragons are just plain cool."
Alastor (played by JetStorm)

"I wouldn't mind being your friend my dear." he said with a warm smile.
Tifa Lockhart (played by KatayokuNoTenshiVII)

"I don't see any harm in us being friends. What's the worst that could happen?"
“She would be a nice friend to have around...I can see why Asami aleays goes for her...”
"Sorry. But I'm gonna have to pass" he said, crossing his arms. "You're cute, not gonna lie. But I just won't date or befriend a thief. The least I need is to pick up some bad habits." he said, shrugging. "Maybe you can come back if you change"
Charlotte Walker (played anonymously)

“Hey there! I’ll date you soldier?”
Valentine (played by KingdomOdd1)


He seemed nervous as he looked away and held up a notepad. Notepad: I-It would be r-rude of me t-to deny your, u-um, friendship? // He was on the merge of running away.
Shoto Todoroki (played by JetStorm)

"You seem interesting...I wouldn't mind being your friend."
"Why hello there", says the pigman between snorts. "I'll be your friend... Mostly if you bring me a TON of vegetables." He grips his belly and erupts into snorting laughter.
"It wouldn't hurt to be friends…But only if you bring me more ammunition for my 5-inch guns."
Sona (played by JetStorm)

"I wouldn't mind being your friend."
Maiev Shadowsong (played by MordosKull)

"Finally, a dedicated support. Come and heal me!"
X Name (played by XTheNinja)

"How about we go on a date? I do love an armored woman..."
Morbhagan Laigin (played by WinterBlackDraoi)


"Like the look."
Sunny (played by KingdomOdd1)


She scooted away, "You look a bit too creepy mister, mo offense."
Rosetta banner (played by Dib2435)


You seem like a great person and really kind
Blurr (played by JetStorm)

" would be strange to date an organic...and it'd be rude to I suppose we could be friends."
Admiral Graf Spee (played by KatayokuNoTenshiVII)

"Hmm...It wouldn't hurt to be friends, ja?..."
Captain Vann (played by Pantrane)

"A living vessel, hmm? Very interesting! I'd love to make friends with a ship."

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