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Samuel Neil (played by Lanx12)

Another sales man? Sorry but i am not interested.

“ ne suis pas sûr.” (Hmm...I am not sure.)


I could always use girl buddies to help conquer the 4 nations along with my brother
Cedric Hayes (played by Juls)

Wouldn't mind a date. As long as we don't have to invite your brother along.
I wouldn't mind being a friend with you...Perhaps you can tell me about this century?
Pwent Thibbledorf (played anonymously)

"Oh look, a fellow child o' the night or wot have ye. I guess we can be mates, I desperately need someone to teach me how to enthrall blokes and all that rot, that crap has been extremely difficult to master. Just donna get on me bad side or try to order me around or I'll punch that pretty mug o' yers right off, savvy?"
“I wouldn’t mind having a new playmate.” Alexander said followed by a lick of his lips and a grin.
"Mmmm my my...You are the cute one....Date...We can truly...get to one another better" she grinned eyeing the person before her.
Rivan (played by JetStorm)

"Hmm....Perhaps we can be friends?"
Psycho (played by DevinGardner)

Eh I suppose I can friend you royalty needs friends every now and then
"Sorry Lovie! I gotta pass a man of mystery is tempting.." she winked playfully before skipping off with her friends.
Drogwell (played anonymously)

"I'm afraid that we don't seem... compatible. As friends or something more."

Kyo Shiro-Han (played anonymously)

"I gonna have to go with pass I dont need friends nor a relationship"

Mibu: "oh yeah what about yuya-san"

"Shut up before I come in there and murder you endlessly she is but a fool"
Niadal (played by UsagiSmith)

Niadal rolls her eyes and crosses her arms over her chest. "Why would I date the very thing I am trying to hunt down and destroy? I don't need a demon to be friends with, or even dare to date one. I will pass, but if he shows his face in front of mine I will slature it!" She snarls before walking away.
Kyo Mibu (played anonymously)

" no one needs him but I dont mind being friends or more"
“Friend, might be good to keep around.”

"I can use tons of friends these days"
Pass, not my type, and that's saying a lot.
"And here's me thinking you liked the hot fiery types."

Rosianka (played anonymously)

"I would very much like think we could be friends!"

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