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I recently found out my aunt is getting surgery to remove part, if not all, of her lung. She has lung cancer...

anyway, if I've seemed short or distant it's just because I'm worried is all. I'm sorry if I upset anyone by not being as hands on.

On that note, please have a great rest of your day! :3
Hope the surgery goes well!! <3
Sorry to hear about your aunt. I hope everything goes well.
It's okay. That kind of thing is stressful, and takes a lot of focus and mental energy to handle. Take your time. <3
Hope your Aunt makes a swift and healthy recovery.
Aw that sucks...I hope the surgery goes succefully
*offers hugs* sorry to hear that. I would be too. Hope everything goes perfectly.
A close family friend of mine had cancer, as well as my great uncle. The worry you go through whenever they have any kind of surgery or therapy is hard to explain in words. I can, in ways, relate to how you're feeling, but not identically of course. As hard as it is, you have to put that worry in the back of your mind because it will only affect your own health negatively. But my thoughts are with you and your aunt. I hope the surgery goes well, and I wish her all the best.
I’m so sorry to hear that, I hope the surgery goes well!
I hope your aunt will be okay at the end of it :)

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