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Anissa Black (played by Cherry_Red)

+- First off! Some rules and regulations. What is accepted and not accepted!:

1: This rp is for wizards and witches only! Anyone can be of any age, any year, and house they wish.

2: If you wish to be a professor, either one of the books or movies or a completely different one, PM me and I'll okay you.

3: Professor Dumbledore is headmaster, Harry Potter does not exist, this is in modern day for muggles. Also, Voldemort is the villian but Hogwarts is well protected.

4: any questions? Don't be afraid to dm me and I'll tell you.

5: Use spells that only your year would know, example: A first year cannot know incendio, Arresto Momentum, or anything that might not make sense for a first year.


Anissa was walking back from the Great Lake. Her bowtruckle Oliver was sitting on her shoulder as she walked. Today everyone would be returning, and she was excited to see her best friend Sanza. This summer had been lonely without her, with most of the professors enjoying the holiday, she spent most of her time in the library, the lake, or at Hagrid's hut.

Hagrid was another friend of hers, she would sometimes go with him on errands outside of Hogwarts just so she wasn't stuck in the castle all the time. This year Anissa was starting her fourth year and she was excited.

Everyone was starting to arrive and Anissa waited for Sanza at the front doors, and when the blonde came into view, Anissa raised her arm to get her attention and shouted her name. Sanza looked at her and both of their faces brightened, she ran over past everyone and hugged the girl waiting for her.

((Someone can join in, saying they were meeting up with their own friends and saw the girls hugging, perhaps ran past them and bumped them. Be creative! 2 Paragraphs of 6-11 sentences required and appreciated!
Evelyn had been born and raised in America, and so had attended Ilvermorny. However, she had been traveling as of late. The witch wanted to learn more about magic, and going to different places seemed like an interesting way to do that. The young woman was standing near the entrance, monitoring the students as they returned. She was young for a staff member, and got a lot of curious glances.

She was dressed in a black blouse and knee length skirt, her hair was currently purple and her eyes green. She was going to be working here as an assistant to both the Charms and Potions Professors, since those were her specialties. She might learn some new spells and potions, and she would be earning money to boot. Evelyn greeted the students as the passed, seeing a couple of girls that had just joined one another and looked to be friends. "Hello. My name is Ms. Johnstone, and I'll be helping out with the students this year. Pleased to meet you."
Anissa Black (played by Cherry_Red)

Anissa and Sanza looked at the woman, she seemed a bit young but friendly enough. Anissa smiled at her "Anissa Black, this is Sanza Evermore" she said. Oliver poked his little head out from her hood where he spent most of his time during school hours.

The little green, leaf like being looked at her with dark brown eyes full of curiosity. He climbed out of her hood and sat down on her shoulder, looking up at the woman. Oliver seemed curious about her "pleasure to meet you as well" Anissa finished "this is Oliver" she said and motioned to the bowtruckle on her shoulder.
((Hope it´s okay if I join :) ))

Miss Analia Heartley, 5th year Ravenclaw, had been down by Hagrids hut again, observing the Forbidden Forest. She had also been helping him find a spell or something that could be used to help his plants grow and to keep them safe from any creatures or critters that might try to eat them or destroy them.

But right now she was on her way back to the castle and was walking up to the front doors, a few books and a notebook under her arms. She held them close to her chest as she walked, her cape swirling up some leaves. She easily made her way past everyone without bumping into anyone. People were returning to Hogwarts. It had been, for Analia, a slightly boring summer, only made better by her visits to the Great Lake to see the giant squid and her research for Hagrid. She was aware that he sometimes brought a student with him on his errands, and she noticed a student that fit his description, hugging another girl. Was she a 3rd year? Or 4th year now maybe? She wasn´t sure, and to be honest, wasn´t very aware of every student that went there, since she mostly kept to herself.

But she closed in on them and was close enough to hear them introduce themself to a new staff-member. An Evelyn? She paused for a moment, unsure whether she should introduce herself or not. She decided to go say hello as it was the polite thing to do. "Greetings. I hope I´m not interrupting?" She looked at all of them quizzically before turning to Evelyn Johnstone and extending her right hand with a little trouble due to the books she was trying not to drop. There was a prefect badge shining on her robes. "Ms. Johnstone, was it? I´m Analia Heartley," she said politely. At this moment a beautiful egyptian mau wandered up to them and elegantly jumped up on Analia´s shoulder. "There you are," she said to the cat, and then turned back to them. "This is Nour. Now if you´ll all excuse me, I have to get back to my dorm and greet the 1st years."
She gave them all a polite glance before walking back to her dorm with her books under her arm and a cat on her shoulder, gently purring.
Anissa Black (played by Cherry_Red)

The two girls watched as the prefect for Ravenclaw appeared and introduced herself to the new assistant. Sanza kind of just shyed away and Anissa blushed slightly. Any time she saw any prefect she immediately backed down and didn't speak to them. Anissa understood that she was just being polite, considering she was a fifth year and a prefect.

Anissa hadn't seen her around much, maybe once or twice before now? She had a dream to become a prefect one day, everyone picked on her because A) she was Muggle-born and B: because of her relation to Sirius Black. All those rumors of him we're not true at all and everyone made fun of her for it.

Oliver watched Amalia as she spoke and jumped a bit when he saw the cat but remained on his companions shoulder, then watched her walk off to the Ravenclaw common room. "We should probably go greet the Gryffindor first years also" Sanza suggested. Anissa turned and looked at her with a nod "it was a pleasure to meet you Ms.Johnstone!" She said as she turned to walk away.

((Of course! :) ))
Evelyn nodded her head toward each student, "I'm sure I'll be seeing you both in class, I'm looking forward to a stay at Hogwarts. I've heard and read so many wondrous things about this place." It was also interesting to compare the place with Ilvermorny. She was surprised about the bowtruckle. Evelyn wondered if it was allowed, but didn't bring it up. The thing was small and unobtrusive. "How cute," she commented as Oliver perched on her shoulder. The witch had not been aware of other students with them, but the things were easy to hide and she was new here after all.

"Not interrupting at all," she replied to the Ravenclaw. "It's nice to meet you," her gaze went to the Prefect badge for a moment. "I've got a cat as well, maybe they can meet sometime." She did notice that Sanza retreated from the presence of the Prefect, her brow creasing over the observation. It was replaced with an easy smile soon enough. "I'm sure they'll appreciate someone making things less intimidating for them. I'll see you around!" she waved to the students as they left. Soon enough it would be time for her to head to the Great Hall and take her place at the table.
Anissa Black (played by Cherry_Red)

After Anissa had greeted some of the first years, she and Sanza went and sat at the Gryffindor table and listened to Sanza until Dumbledore got up for his speech. "Greetings! Welcome to another year at Hogwarts, as most of you know there are always changes going on and I have a few I would like to say. First off, let us introduce Ms. Johnstone. She's a guest here and will be the assistant for the potions and charms classes. I expect you all to show her the welcome and respect we are known for" Anissa could hear some of the Slytherins muttering under their breath, sneering at his comment.

"I would also like to welcome the first years, and let the sorting ceremony begin" he said and went back to his seat. Professor McGonagall called the students names and putting the hat on their heads. When the hat called out for them which house they were sorted into, Anissa clapped loudly for Gryffindor and a bit more quiet for Slytherin.

When that was done, Dumbledore lifted his hands and food appeared on the tables. Anissa and Sanza dug in straight away, eager to taste the good food once again. Anissa had gotten good meals too since she lived here now but they weren't as good as feast food for some reason. She gave a few bits of bugs from her bag to Oliver, since he didn't eat human food, or anything other than maybe bread.

Both were full after their second plate of food, and Anissa was excited to start in her first day in Astronomy. Stars always fascinated. But also because of Care of Magical Creatures. She loved reading the book by Newt Scamander, reading about he knew all these creatures by heart and researched and studied and even took care of them. Dumbledore decided to be nice and give a day for everyone to settle in. Anissa looked at Sanza "Great Lake?" They both said at the same time and with a giggle they went to the doors and grabbed their things before walking away from the tables.

Then there he was, Darius Perkins. The most cruel Slytherin, at least in Anissa's mind. "There she is! Say, how are your muggle parents doing? Do you hear from them about how they are happier without you since they didn't want you?" He sneered at her.

Anissa stood her ground though and lifted her chin up. Sanza grabbed her arm and started walking past them. Anissa pulled from her grasp, and she looked at him "how does it feel to be the worst person in the castle considering Verla broke your cold, dead heart?" She asked.

"Why you filthy little Mudblood!" He started getting defensive.

That word stung every time she was called that and she just stood there, her hands at her sides, not in fists for some reason. Tears just formed in her eyes as she thought of the actual meaning of 'mudblood' it might as well have been abomination. The two girls.just froze, and now Darius' face was in hers as they scowled at each other full of hate.
Analia had gone to the Ravenclaw tower earlier and after that she had helped guide the 1st years to the Great Hall. She straightened up her back, when Dumbledore spoke and smiled up at him. She had much respect for him and everything he had done for this school. Besides, she was a prefect, which meant that she might have to carry herself a certain way. The 1st years depended on her after all. She applauded everyone as they were sorted, even the Slytherins albeit less enthusiastically.

She noticed the new teacher and smiled politely and curiously at her. She´d met her earlier. Potions and charms were some of her favorite classes. But after the speech and the sorting was done, she had something to eat and then headed out of the Great Hall for a moment, ready to lead the 1st years to their dorm and to patrol for trouble. And trouble she found the moment she stepped out.

The two girls from earlier were there and a Slytherin student was in her face, saying incredibly mean things and calling her a.... She couldn´t stand it, so she puffed herself up and walked over to them with determination, her cat following behind her. There was rage in her eyes. And something dark almost. "Excuse me!" She said loudly before placing herself firmly next to them and crossing her arms. She looked at both of them with disappointment, then turned to him and said: "We do NOT use that term here! And if you have ANY sort of respect for yourself you wouldn´t either," she said before looking him up and down, almost like he was something disgusting she´d found under her shoe. She then turned to Anissa. "And you. I know he provoked you, but try to keep your head cool. You should know better. And bringing up hurtful things does not help the situation," she said calmly before sighing. "Split up. Both of you. And stay away from each other or so help me I will have to take housepoints from both of you," she said and quietly got between them.
Anissa Black (played by Cherry_Red)

Darius looked like he was going to spit at Anissa before he walked away, but he looked at the prefect and huffed before turning and walking away.

Anissa looked at Analia before she started to cry and started to run out. Sanza looked at Analia and just stood there, figured it was best to let her be. Anissa ran to the girls' bathroom. She went into the last stall and curled into a ball on the floor. She cursed the name of the person who ever created the name Mudblood. This topped off with what Darius said about her parents, it was too much for her to take all at once.

Oliver whimpered and put a hand on her arm and looked up at her. Anissa sniffled and looked at him, she gave him a sad smiled and picked him up "where would I be without you Ollie?" She asked him. He gave her a sad smile also, still it warmed her heart and she hugged him softly.
Evelyn was astute enough to observe dynamics between the houses. The Slytherins were certainly fulfilling the reputation that she had heard about. She was walking between classes, and since she was new she got lost at times. The young woman frequently had to ask ghosts or staff to help her with directions. She resisted asking students, not wanting to give a bad impression. "If I show up late to classes because I get turned around it won't look good," she huffed to herself. "Bad enough I have to ask for directions."

She went into the bathroom, deciding to go while she could. She had around fifteen minutes before the next class started and she was reasonably sure of the route she'd have to take. Evelyn heard soft sobbing whenever she entered, looking around with concern. "Is everything alright?" With an accent molded by the American South, it'd be easy enough for anyone who had met her to recall who she was. Her voice was like a sore thumb overseas.
Anissa Black (played by Cherry_Red)

Anissa heard someone ask if she was alright, it was the teacher assistant from before, Ms. Johnstone. She stood up with Oliver in her hand and opened the door, she wasn't okay and right now she didn't want to pretend that she was. She made eye contact with the woman before she broke down in tears again. "I was called a Mudblood not long ago, by a Slytherin named Darius Perkins. He said awful things to me about my parents not wanting me since I've lived here since I was eleven." Anissa sobbed and the poor girl could hardly stand but managed to keep herself up.

She felt completely alone besides with Oliver. Sanza didn't understand what it was like to be unwanted and called such a cruel name. Very rarely did Anissa ever hate anybody, but she disliked Darius a lot. She put Oliver on her shoulder and hugged herself. She felt embarrassed to be crying in front of a teacher's aide.
Evelyn had been wondering if this was Moaning Myrtle's bathroom, she had heard of the ghost but had not been in there yet. She put a comforting hand on Anissa's shoulder if allowed to do so, and offered to hug her. The young woman reminded herself that the British had a different culture, and that Anissa might not appreciate the gesture, afterwards. She cringed a little, hoping she hadn't offended her.

"Did anyone else intervene? If I was present I'd have taken some points from Slytherin." She scowled, thinking that the boy deserved a good hexing. And she just happened to know quite a few of them. Evelyn reminded herself that might cost her a job. "I'm sorry that he says such terrible things about you. He's probably looking for the worst things he could say to you, to provoke you." Evelyn didn't know what Anissa's home life was like, and didn't try to make any comment about her parents. "I dealt with some types quite similar to him during my time at Ilvermorny, sometimes I was able to make them stop and other times I just had to learn to ignore them."
Anissa Black (played by Cherry_Red)

Anissa nodded "the Ravenclaw prefect, tried to make it seem like it was my fault when I said hurtful things back" she said and hugged the woman gently, Anissa had always been gentle to anyone, unless it was someone like Darius Perkins. He didn't deserve her kindness. Eventually Anissa let go of her and continued to sob softly.

Oliver continued to try and comfort his companion, and decided to cheer her up by jumping up onto the assistants shoulder and sit on it. If worked, Anissa looked up at him "I think he likes you, he's harmless." She smiled softly and wiped her eyes.
Evelyn felt relieved that Anissa was not offended by the physical touch. She hugged her a few seconds before ending it. A frown of disapproval was apparent on her features when she heard how the prefect had reacted. "Really now . . . who was this prefect?" the older witch asked. She stayed still when the bowtruckle hopped onto her shoulder. "He is a charming little thing," she remarked.

She glanced down toward her watch in an unobtrusive manner, wanting to be sure she would not be late. Reassuring herself that she was good on time. "What did you say back to him? It's natural to want to 'defend' ourselves against verbal attacks. As an assistant to the professors, I do have to advise you to ignore him," she sighed and rolled her eyes. "The prefect's words made the hurt caused by Darius worse, didn't they?"
Anissa Black (played by Cherry_Red)

"Last year there was a girl named Verla that broke his heart because he was completely mean and she broke up with him and went to a different school. So I said 'how does it feel to be the worst person in the castle considering Verla broke your cold, dead heart?' when he asked me how my parents are doing and how I felt now that they didn't want me." She hung her head "it was the prefect from earlier, Analia I think?" She looked up at her.

"We should go if we want to get you to the class on time, which one do you need to go to? Come on, I'll show you" she said and held her hand to the woman's shoulder for Oliver to hop on and he did. She put him on her own shoulder as she wiped her eyes and started walking out of the girls bathroom.
Analia had been about to enter the bathroom, but stopped herself, when she heard two voices. It was Anissa and the teaching assisant Ms. Johnstone. She hadn´t heard the first half of their conversation. But she just caught a snippet about her being mentioned and how she made the Slytherin boy´s words sting even more, and it tugged on her heartstrings. She didn´t mean to hurt her. She was just trying to de-escalate the fight and make Anissa see he wasn´t worth it. It wasn´t always easy being a prefect. They were often blamed for a lot of hurt and people often said they were cold-hearted, but that was rarely the case. As a prefect you have a responsibility. She sighed and decided to turn around. She hadn´t meant to eavesdrop and it was impolite, so she decided to mind her own business.

She hurried off to class, so she could be on time, and while she did, she thought about what they´d said and it hurt a little bit. Had she overreacted? Perhaps if the teaching assistant had been there, she would´ve seen that she meant well. She had been filled with rage. Not by Anissa, but by the Slytherin boy, and wanting to protect Anissa she had come between them, and told her to keep her head cool. All she did was tell her that hurting him back didn´t help de-escalate the situation. She was entirely on her side, but apparently the girl didn´t think so. But then again.... maybe she needed someone to blame. While heading to class and even when she got there, it was all she could think about. She just hoped Ravenclaw wouldn´t lose housepoints over a misunderstanding. She planned to have a chat with the Slytherin and also talk to the girl, maybe explain herself. She didn´t want to make enemies, but she didn´t have a lot of friends. The cost of being a prefect she supposed.
Evelyn was happy to take the girl's hand and walk with her. She tried not to show too much relief when the student offered to lead her to class. "Well, it's the Prefect's job to be as objective as possible. Try to keep in mind, that whenever someone tries to hurt you, you give them power with your reaction. The worst insult you can deal to someone is your indifference. It might help you, to frame it that way. The Prefect had good intentions, I am sure," she said.

The younger woman was also thinking of having a chat with the Slytherin, though she didn't have any bad intentions for the Prefect that had been involved. She did feel a sense of accomplishment, having learned some things about the students. This was all new to her, the culture, the differences in how Hogwarts was conducted, it would take some time to get used to. As they came to a corridor familiar to Evelyn, she sighed with obvious relief. "I can find my way from here. Thank you, Anissa. Perhaps I'll see you during lessons or at dinner sometime."
Anissa Black (played by Cherry_Red)

Anissa nodded and let go of her hand "I'm off to Magical Creatures! Bye!" Anissa smiled and ran off to the grounds. The assistant was right, maybe the prefect did mean well. She tried to look at it from the other girls point of view and she understood now. She decided to skip class today, not really caring if she got in trouble, besides, Dumbledore said that if students wished they could spend the day unpacking and getting used to the castle. She headed to the Great Lake and decided to spend some time looking out at the water on the dock.
Analia did not skip class and went to her Divination class. She couldn´t afford to skip classes these days. Not in her fifth year at Hogwarts, what with their O.W.L´s and everything coming up. The fifth year is important for students and has an incredible workload. They have the O.W.L´s that determine what N.E.W.T courses they will be permitted to take later on in their education, not to mention that they can determine what job opportunities they can get in the future.

If Analia wanted to be minister of Magic or a Hogwarts teacher one day, she couldn´t daudle. Of course Analia didn´t just have those two careers in mind. She wasn´t that naive. She´d also considered becoming an Obliviator or maybe even... an Unspeakable. Both were interesting jobs, although they might provide some moral dilemmas. Then there was the Curse-breaker. She scrunched up her nose a little bit, thinking about it.

After class she placed her books inside her bag and started heading to the Great Lake. She was ready to sit down under a tree for a good break and doodle her ideas and thoughts in her notebook.
Anissa Black (played by Cherry_Red)

Anissa Black was sitting at the edge of the dock, Ollie sitting next to her. She was humming and doing some homework that her owl had gotten for her when Ollie hopped up and looked at her, she looked at him "what?" She asked him. He'd begin to hop around excitedly like he wanted something and he began to do motions. Ones of someone reading another person a story.

"No I'm not telling you a story right now" she said and went back to her school work. Oliver stomped and took her paper and threw it into the lake "Oliver Michael!" She exclaimed and got it just before it hit the water. Oliver stomped again and made the story motion again. "You little twit" she said and picked him up "you can hunt for your own bugs now, I'm not catching them for you anymore" she said.

He'd nod and cross his arms "one story that's it and then I need to finish my home work" she shut her book and set him down in his original spot and turned her body to face him as she thought up of a story to say. There was a ripple in the water and she looked up to see one of the merpeople poking their head up and looking at the two before disappearing into the lake. She didn't notice it get slightly closer as she looked back at Oliver and got an idea.

"There once was a mermaid named Ariel, Ariel wanted so much to become a human, even for a day. She had a fish friend named Flounder, and they did everything together. From finding human artifacts to running away from sharks at shipwrecks. There was an evil witch who could grant Ariel legs in return for her voice. Ariel had three days to get the prince to fall in love with her and she could keep her legs and get her voice back, but if she didn't, she'd remain a mermaid forever and lose her beautiful voice.

So with the help of her sea life friends she met the prince. The Prince was captured by her beauty and only wondered what she sounded like. He taught her how to write in his native language and they talked. When Ariel said that a witch had taken her voice for legs, the prince was angered by this. But when she told him that he only needed to fall in love with her, he looked at her and said 'if I do then I might get to hear your voice?' he asked. She nodded and he got close to her and kissed her." Oliver made a 'blegh' face as she continued.

"There was a bright light and Ariel sang for him when she got her voice back, the prince knew he wanted to spend the rest of his life with her and they got married and had children together, the end" she smiled at him, proud of her story.

Oliver smiled and clapped. Anissa smiled as she watched him "can I go back to my homework now?" She asked him and he nodded with satisfaction and she turned to face the dock again and finish her work.

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