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I had an old post like this floating around, but I haven't touched it in a few months.

I use bases, and I will edit as I need.* I work with both furry and humanoid. I can also do some feral, but I wouldn't bet on those being any good since I've barely done anything with them.

1. You must post here with a character that has *no* art. Reference collages are a-okay, as are photo references.
2. You must be patient. I am doing this in my free time, for free. Anyone asking me to work faster will be blacklisted.
3. I take them as I am interested in them. If your character is too complicated I likely won't do it.
4. I do references in barbie doll nude, and sometimes with clothing.
5. I get to choose which base I use. I have loads, and I like some more than others.
6. These rules can change as I see fit.
7. If you upload somewhere (like toyhouse), you can credit me as Mishigu (on DA, FA, and TH), and I will give you the name of the base artist so you can credit properly.

Please comment here with:
Name of character
Short description.

I am not hunting down through profiles for info for your character.

Examples - includes Barbie doll nude!

Images for reference purpose. I likely won't be doing such detailed references for free.


LockWorkOrange v^


CozyCatStudio ^


I have little interest in learning how to draw. I like colouring and playing with bases, but even with daily practice with drawing I always end up in a slump. I am proficient in other art forms I prefer. I don't need a lecture on how practice will make me good at drawing, since I am not interested it will not help. Thank you!
Calixta Desdemona

Cali stands about 5'6, and looks willowy and ethereal. Her hair was always striking, for she kept it this almost metallic steel grey and knew it could draw the eye to her then porcelain skin, which would then have only dark colors to stand in contrast to all that pale neutral colors. Usually, they complimented the purple-grey eyes of hers, outlined in kohl to draw the attention to them.

She loves to dress in dark clothing, frequently seen in Lolita-esque clothing, or Goth, or steampunk, whatever floats her boat for the evening. She is a bit of a night owl, not really enjoying the sun as it tends to turn her into a lobster if she is out in for too long. Cali didn't seem to lack in confidence, moving with the innate grace of a dancer. Her expression seemed to be transparent at times, and then mysterious if the moment called for it.

Cali may be a bit of a social butterfly to some, but she loved to linger in the dark corners, watching, reading people and situations, and laughing quietly to herself sometimes when they played out as she imagined. Come, chat her up if you dare. She may respond, or she may tell you in a very colorful why, what you should do with yourself, and or a slap. It really just depended on how the approach was. She tolerated no fools, or 'bros.'
Calixta Desdemona wrote:

Can you break that down in a much simpler description? There is a lot there that doesn't tell me about her appearance.
Age: 25
Body type: Willowy, she is about a 36c in chest size, hips in proportion to that, but not much more fat on her
Height: 5'6
Complexion: Porcelain pale
Hair: Steel Grey - Length is roughly small of back/just above butt
Eyes: Grey Purple

Ref image

Does that help?
Name of character: Avalon Kiera Byrne
Species: Human
Gender/Sex: Female

Her FC is Brie Larson, but if you want me to put up a word description I can.
Twins! Since they are identical, if you chose to only do one, I understand.I also leave it up to you whether you want to draw their human or demon forms.

Name of character: Alistair and Mathias Reese

Species: Incubus

Gender/Sex: Male

Short description: The boys are well muscled but not overly built. They have short, messy red/orange hair and large green eyes that sparkle with mischief. While they can appear perfectly human, in their demon form their skin is black from the waist down. From their elbows to the tips of their fingers their skin is a bright pink and they also have pink stripe-like markings on their torso and neck. sprouting from their heads just above their ears are a pair of spiraling pink horns.

Demonkin (Half Demon)


Alice is of average height with a well toned build with long red hair, usually tied up in pigtails. She has red eyes and sharpened teeth, the only visual sign of her inhuman origins, she usually has a look that combines goth/grunge styles, usually a red leather or denim jacket over a T-shirt with a black and red plaid pleated skirt with black leggings and red and black sneakers. Despite looking almost fully human she's incredibly strong and can punch like a truck, (literally), and summons a 'phantom' that takes physical form to guard and protect her since she's very much a glass cannon.
Calixta Desdemona wrote:

Link contains Barbiedoll nude.
Cacophony wrote:
Calixta Desdemona wrote:

Link contains Barbiedoll nude.

Omg thank you!!!!
Alistair and Mathias wrote:
... I gave you freckles and no freckles. Includes Barbiedoll nude.
Cacophony wrote:
Alistair and Mathias wrote:
... I gave you freckles and no freckles. Includes Barbiedoll nude.

Oh! They're so cute! I love it! I can't wait to commission some clothes. Thanks so much!
Name of character: Cyrus Arkwright
Species: Human
Gender/Sex: Male
Short description: Average height, skinny, straight rectangular figure and only slightly muscular. Combed back grey hair, downturned blue eyes with a permanent frown and dark eye bags. Skeletal look. Slight wrinkles on face. If you decide to add clothing: just a white button up shirt, black pants and black dress shoes.

This is really nice of you to do so- I hope this guy here might interest you enough to do something with it XD
Kimberly Watkins (played by Mintelle)

If you would consider my character, that would be awesome, she's relatively new so I'd love some art of her:

Name of character: Kimberly Watkins
Species: Human
Gender/Sex: Female
Short description: Kimberly is a slender woman with pale skin and hair she dyes a new colour every so often. Right now it's blonde. Her eyes are a pale greyish blue.

(photo reference can be found on profile page)
Name: Rhoadie Ingrid Engstörm
Species: Human
Gender: Female

Description:Rhoadie has fluffy, messy and even ratty golden blonde hair. It reaches exactly at her shoulder and sometimes it looks like she doesn't even own a hairbrush. To accompany the length, she has a fluffy side bang that reaches just above her eye.

She has beige skin with light freckles that covers her nose and cheeks. Rhoadie has a heart shaped face with upturned hazel eyes. As well as soft looking cheekbones and a softer looking jawline. Strong, almost brown expressive eyebrows also come along with this. Rhoadie has a healthy frame, though she is slightly overweight, but it doesn't affect her much.

Rhoadie's signature outfit is an Electric blue hoodie, with graphic yellow lettering on the front that says "HANGAR 18". It's very oversized for her and that is why she loves it so much. Along with the hoodie, she often wears black ripped jeans with socks & bright red converse.
Birdy99 wrote:
... Chibi for you!
These are still open!
Name of character: Elisea Vicino
Species: Human
Gender/Sex: Female
Short description:
Collasped for post neatness

Her Faceclaim is Emma Watson.
Elisea has brown hair, red lips, pale skin...

If you do clothes for her, she usually wears a button-up shirt and a skirt of some kind.
something like this outfit would be perfect!

If you need more info just lmk. I hope my character interests you!
I've got a couple new bases!
Name of character: Elspeth Abbott

Species: Human

Gender: Female

Elspeth has a heart shaped face with high cheek bones. Her smooth, unmarked skin is dark ebony, and she has hazel eyes, which contrast against her skin. Her hair flows to the middle of her back and has black roots. It is an ombre to purple, the ends of her hair being magenta. She has a curvy body type that resembles the classical hourglass shape.

I imagine her clothes to be a Victorian dress with a high collar or just normal everyday clothes like jeans/ leggings and an oversized t-shirt.

Thanks for considering~
I messed up. Oops~

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