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Kara (played by Rune_Weaver)

Kara was tired. She had been traveling all day by the time she got to the inn. She was hungry and thirsty. She shuffled into the inn with her pack slung over her shoulder. She looked around noticing that several other people were lounging around. Some were in groups and some were by themselves. She quickly made her way over to the bar and crawled up onto a stool. It wasn't very easy since they were not made for someone who was only 3 feet tall, but she had learned very early after leaving her village that there were not a lot of places adapted for her kind. Probably because so few actually left and went out into the wider world.

She quickly ordered herself some stew with a side of bread and some ale. Simple but filling. She wasn't looking for anything exotic right now, just food in her stomach and a soft bed to sleep on. While she ate, she idly listened to the conversations around her.
Rypa (played anonymously)

The brace of rabbits she had brought in had earned Rypa a hot meal and bed for the night. The wild could provide everything she needed but on occasion you want to be able to sleep with both eyes closed. Having eaten her fill she sat with a good view of the bar and absent mindedly started to play her ocarina. The entrance of the gnome was a mild curiosity which made her pause. A memory surface of an old Gnomish nursery rhyme putting the ocarina back to her lips she started to play.

((Some quick OOC notes: Setting is Lord of the Rings/Game of Thrones type... cities and towns where walking and horse drawn carts are modes of trnasportation, weapons are swords, bows/arrows, etc. ))
Getsurei (played by LunarValravn)

Another guest entered the Inn but this one was most unusual. A giant white wolf with a scar over his left eye. His tongue hung out and he limped across the floor. He had seen better days.

As he drew close to the counter, red energy sparked from his left eye and danced across his body. Gradually this wolf stood up on his hind legs as his body changed it's shape. Now a man with wolf features such as pointed ears, black lips, claws, and wolf teeth, he sat down to rest.
His nose twitched for a moment then he spoke without looking up. " Cake please..."
Kara (played by Rune_Weaver)

Kara's ears perked up at the sound of the ocarina playing the tune. It sounded vaguely familiar and made her remember towering trees and feelings of safety. It reminded her of her childhood. She turned to look for the source of the tune and saw the elf. She smiled and turned away, her eyes partially closed as she smiled at her memories.

When the door to the inn opened again, Kara idly turned to see who had entered and almost jumped out of her skin. She had not expected to turn and see a wolf. As he transformed into human shape Kara sighed quietly with relief. She had heard of men who could turn into wolves before, but had never seen one. She couldn't help but giggle when she heard him ask for cake.
Rypa (played anonymously)

The Elf missed a beat as the wolf walked across the bar and put it down as it shifted into human form. Putting the ocarina back into her bag she walked to the bar and stood next to the man at the bar. Getting herself another drink she turned to the others.
"Don't see many of your type around."
The ale was drinkable if not enjoyable. Rypa was mainly drinking it to give her hands busy.
Getsurei (played by LunarValravn)

He looked around the place a bit observing the various types of guests that were there. " I suppose not." He ran his fingers through his hair to get it out of his face.

Out the corner of his eye he saw something a bit strange to him. "Hmm?" He wasn't used to seeing small creatures before and turned to face Kara.
Kara (played by Rune_Weaver)

Kara regretted giggling when the large man turned to face her. But she refused to show her fear. She looked up at his face with what she hoped was not a look of terror.

"Cake for dinner?"

She couldn't help but make a sarcastic comment. It was her defense mechanism really. Sarcasm was safer than staring wide-eyed with fear. She glanced at the elf who was standing on the other side of the man and quickly calculated her odds if the two of them happened to attack her. People always assumed she was an easy target because of her size. She figured her odds were fair, maybe good at best, of escaping if it came to that. She had the advantage of being able to move quickly. She wasn't too proud to crawl under tables and between legs if it saved her life.
Remora Entran (played anonymously)

Remora strolled into the inn, her pale skin illuminated from the soft glow of her arcane focus, a magical item that helped her channel her magic, hers being in the shape of a crystal orb. She was a wizard, whom had spent the majority of her 150 years alive studying the art, and yet, she always found something new to learn. The arcane path was always so exciting to her.

"It's been a while since I've visited an inn" She spoke to herself, one of her hands keeping her arcane focus floating while the other held in it a leather tome, which she read from lazily. She walked over to a table and took a seat, somewhat oblivious to the world. That was a good way to describe her, especially when she was in a studying mood. Oblivious to all things else. She was an incredibly adept mage, though she often struggled with most things outside of said path. Jack of all trade and a master of none, better than a master of one. A saying no truer than with Remora.

(I hope that's okay, I'm a bit rusty :P )
Rypa (played anonymously)

" A grown man can eat cake for dinner if he so wishes. Said Rypa in accented gnomish. "I'm Rypa and you look like a man whose not seen an gnome before. What brings two such unique individuals to this fine establishment?"
The elf was trying to adopt an non-threatening posture. A difficult feat for someone with a pair of swords strapped to her back. SHe had the look of someone unused to the comforts of civilization. Her clothes were well maintained but weathered.

((So we don't get confused here is the posting order: Kara -> Remora Entran -> Rypa -> Getsurei ))
Getsurei (played by LunarValravn)

Getsurei looked backed when he heard the unusual words. So far away from home, he had much to learn. " Is that what she is? Forgive me I am...clearly out of my territory here" He then faced Kara again. " I love cake. I think it's because of what I am"

He was about to answer the other question when the magical aura of the new guest caused his eye to spark. His blood bound him to magic whether he wanted it to or not.
Kara (played by Rune_Weaver)

Kara was momentarily stunned at hearing gnomish again. It had been a long time since someone had spoken to her in her own tongue.

"It was just a joke." She mumbled under her breath in Gnomish.

She was going to apologize and answer the question asked of her and maybe ask a few of her own when she was distracted by the man's eye sparking. She turned and looked at the new elf that had just entered. It didn't appear that she had noticed the group at the bar. Kara turned back to the man and elf, "Do either of you know her?"
Remora Entran (played anonymously)

Remora looked up from her tome, her idle thoughts interrupted. She looked around the inn, only now noticing just how full it was. She was suddenly feeling very out of her comfort zone. Quickly, she flocked to the strange group of people sitting together, consisting of a gnomish girl, a wolven man, and an elven lady. She didn't know them, but they looked strong, strong enough to provide her with a certain level of comfort. Remora had a bit of a paranoid streak in her, and would often try to surround herself with strong people, just in case.

"I apologise for interrupting, but might I sit with you all?" She asked, allowing her arcane focus to land in her palm, its baby blue glow dimming nearly entirely in its idle state. "It's just that, there aren't very many other seats available."

Remora wasn't exactly sure how true that statement was, nor did she care. What she wanted now was protection from a more than likely non-existent threat.
Rypa (played anonymously)

Rypa looked a the gnome sardonically and said "Because all elves know each other."
A crooked smile came across her face. Rypa turn and looked the other elf.
Turning to Getsurei she said "She seems as sparkly as you."
When the other Elf came over she favored her with a smile.
"Of coarse, I'm Rypa and my companions are a gnome and a man who I assume have names." Said Rypa as she guesture to the barmaid. "Drinks for all my new friends."
Getsurei (played by LunarValravn)

Sparkly? He certainly couldn't think of a different word for the magic at the time. " My name is Getsurei" He said as he looked at the crystal orb that Remora had. Did it work like his eye? He wanted to know but words abandoned him currently.

How rude it was stare. Catching himself, he quickly looked away. " A gnome, two elves, and...." He would not betray himself, not yet. More importantly Rypa was treating them. " Thanks, it's been a long day"
Kara (played by Rune_Weaver)

Kara stuck her tongue out at Rypa’s comment. That’s not how she had meant it.

“I’m Kara”

She would have been more irritated but she also didn’t turn down free drinks.

She attempted to turn and address everyone around her, though it was tricky being so small. She idly wondered if they would be mad if she just sat on the bar itself.

“So... what brings everyone here? I guess I will go first. I’m just stopping for the night. Heading out tomorrow morning to continue searching.”
Remora Entran (played anonymously)

"How very kind of you" Spoke Remora, smiling towards the other elf "And my name is Remora Entran. I'm a wizard, and I'm here to take a momentary break from my deep studies to... well, I guess experience new things? I've never really been to an inn quite like this one. It's rather charming, really."

Remora paused to look around the inn, a genuine look of fascination on her face. Any and all new experiences would always fill her with such joy. In her mind, the greatest joy in life comes from learning. Finally, her eyes laid upon Getsurei, whom she observed with a certain level of curiosity. She was sure that she saw the individual's eyes shining with some kind of magic, though what school of magic it was from, if any of them, she was completely unsure. By the time she realised that she was staring, it was already far too late. She averted her eyes and mumbled an apology, before looking over to Rypa.

"What drink would you suggest?" She asked "I'm looking to try new things, which would basically mean anything not tailored specifically towards my... delicate elven constitution..."

Remora chuckled lightly. She was known to grow drunk quite easily, though she didn't mind so much. At least she saved gold, since it would only take her a glass or two to get drunk off of ale that could easily take an average person five to gain the same buzz.
Rypa (played anonymously)

Rypa cocked her head towards the other elf; a mischievous glint in her eye.
"Oh; I'm sure we can broaden your horizons. In this kind of place you're choices are ale or ale."
At the gnomes statement Rypa's ears perked up. She was curious what had brought the others to this edge of civilization. This was as near to as a home that she chose to have.
"I'm here for good food and company which can talk back to me." Said Rypa as she took a drink. "I'm a hunter and wayfarer. So what are you looking for Kara? What has brought a Gnome so far from the homelands?"
The man concerned her. She found in hard to trust anything which did not keep a consistent shape including the moon. She smile at her own foolishness even a man who changed his form was better company than squirrels.
Getsurei (played by LunarValravn)

Hunter, that word was as dangerous as any monster to Getsurei. His gaze quickly shifted to Rypa now. The fur along his spine bristling in anticipation of danger.

He took a drink as he thought on how to answer. " I'm simply taking a break from my hunts. Protecting this realm is no easy task" He knew the elves were more than capable of defending themselves but the gnome? He focused on Kara believing she was one that was targeted frequently by his prey.

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