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Raven (played by DazzlingDragon)

Don't you guys ever wish you could have a place to hang out without worrying about your archenemy stabbing you in the back, or your players conspiring to ruin your day with some diabolis ex machina? I don't, but I got friends who do.

What I want is a place to mess around without plot constraints or my player's lofty personal writing standards. But no, "that's an OOC chatroom, Raven! You can't go there!" Auuugh, so frustrating!

But never fear; I've had an idea.

We characters shall make an OOC chatroom for ourselves. No players allowed. You hear that, Dazzle? Stay out, you sadistic limp noodle. *Maniacal laughter*

In here, you and your archenemy can discuss your groups latest plot twist over tea, or basically whatever you want. I think we can make up whatever we want here. Yeah. That's right! It's almost like we're our own players in here, it's great! Come on in. Feel free to click that "launch chat" thingy atop the page and start making small talk.
Lisa Adrean Adeptus (played by DazzlingDragon) Topic Starter

Raven, Raven, slow down.

While I'd love a forum thread where we're free of story constraints, don't you think it's a bad idea to set up a literal in just let several random characters in here and do whatever they want? How long do you think we have before this dissolves into absolute chaos? You didn't lay out any rules, and even if you did, you couldn't enforce them without a player behind you...
Raven (played by DazzlingDragon) Topic Starter

Tch. Party crasher.

But you make an good point, not that you have the spine to enforce rules yourself.

Abupbup! Don't argue with me- yeah, yeah, you're scary, but we've met literal gods and eldritch sorceresses before. What if someone like Victi came in here and decided they didn't wanna play by your stupid rules?
Well, if they carry any wisdom, they will head my words at the very least. I was asked by a counterpart of mine, you two know of her, I believe, to provide management and moderation as needed. To limit the need for enforcement, however, let me lay down a few ground rules, as I will be acting as moderator until said counterpart can arrive herself.
The rules in this locale are as follows:

1. General politeness applies. A certain amount of…. snark, sharp remarks, posturing, and teasing words are to be expected, but actively harmful language or actions will not be tolerated.

2. Perverse remarks or actions will likewise not be accepted. This is not simply a matter of my personal codes, but characters involved, or players associated with them, may not be of age or otherwise willing to deal with such things. I myself do not appreciate gratuitous sexuality, and so will gladly enforce this rule.

3. Let old grudges be set aside here. Conflict and combat will not be tolerated, no matter how entertaining it may be. Think of the cost of the glasses, please.

4. If I or another moderating entity asks you to stop doing something, you will stop. If you do not, you will be asked to leave. Currently, I am the only moderating entity, though consider both Avitra Angelica and Victi Aurora Silverfur deputized, should the need arise, as well as my warpriest, Niskali. Please do not speak to him unless he speaks to him, however. He is not here to socialize

5. This is not the place for long soliloquies, monologues, or excessive descriptions. On a meta-level, please keep posts brief. More is allowed than one-lining, but if you are using multiple multi-sentence paragraphs you have gone too far.

6. Enjoy yourselves! This is a place to meet others, mingle, and relax. Do not be shy about speaking to me, as well. Please refer to my eminence properly, but there is otherwise no restriction on doing so.
Raven (played by DazzlingDragon) Topic Starter

Ah, there you go, Liz! Thank you sparkly dragon lady- Ow! Lisa! The tail! *sigh* fine, Your Eminence.
While your recklessness and boldness is always enjoyable, Raven, politeness once in a while does not cause you harm.
Raven (played by DazzlingDragon) Topic Starter

I'm sure I'll learn that lesson the hard way in some other story, but for now, you are sparkly. :3
well uhm a talking cat is gonna get eaten by a dragon i guess
Raven (played by DazzlingDragon) Topic Starter

Nah, I don't go down that easy.
Lisa Adrean Adeptus (played by DazzlingDragon) Topic Starter

She really doesn't. It's actually kind of shocking.
too bad cats have nine lives
Lisa Adrean Adeptus (played by DazzlingDragon) Topic Starter

You know, considering how often she's gotten close to similarly horrific deaths only to have them not happen.
I have no intention of consuming the feline. Carnivores do not carry a pleasant taste.

Nor do I feel the need to strip her soul. That would be uncalled for. She is simply being herself in a reasonable, if foolhardy, manner
cats are cute tho not gonna lie , and that seems very... violent im glad your not doing it
Lisa Adrean Adeptus (played by DazzlingDragon) Topic Starter

As far as dragon-like beings go, I think we can trust Her Eminence to not do anything that...brutal.
Not without a proper declaration of war of formal charges being laid, no.
yea all that legal stuff is boring so lets skip the declarations and do something ... fun? maybe
Feel free to converse as you see fit.
Raven (played by DazzlingDragon) Topic Starter

Oh, I like you already, wolfy. :3
ah thanks .. cat

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