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Bold of you to assume I'm actually worried about your health, but sure. Anyway, no, I don't know dead people when I don't see them. I was reading! It's a good one if you like technical manuals for heavy machinery, and probably really boring otherwise! Gonna get back to that.

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"Heh maybe your right nobody cares about the guy in the background"
*Lance sighs*
"I barely take the spotlight now"
Giggling a petting Xa, then stares at Lance distracted by him

Who's that?

Continues staring
*Lance notices her*
"I am Lance Lawrence, and you are?"
Softly, still petting slowly





....are you dead?
"Nice to meet you Isabella and yes you could say I am dead"
*Lance would seem unamused*
I like dead people...

Big smile, unapologetically gleeful tone.

They're always nicer to me than living people. My daddy's dead too, and he was the nicest one. Lots of people think I'm dead too, but I don't think I am. Mama said they're scared of me but they don't act scared, they act mean. Are people mean to you too because you're dead?
*Lance a bit surprised replied in a semi-happy tone*
"Well yes, being called a monster and getting stuff thrown at you can be considered mean, but I am used to it by now"

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