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Howdy! I'm Hal, and I joined this website almost a month ago, but I got scared and kinda fled. I've been roleplaying for about ten years, and I like to think I've improved immensely since I was seven. Any who, I'm glad to be here! It'll be awesome meeting new people!

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Hi!! Welcome to RPR! I'm glad you've given us a second try!! I hope you have a lot of fun here! Be sure to check out the forums once you're ready!
Hi Hal!

Welcome back. It can be scary joining a new site so I feel you on that. I hope you meet loads of new pals here. Have fun! x
Hi Hal! Welcome back!

Don't be scared. I know the site can be overwhelming, but there are a ton of people willing to help out if you have any questions! :D

Cheers to making friends and having lots of fun RPs!
Hi, welcome again :)

Welcome back.
Welcome!!!! or welcome back to the new and improved RPR!!!!!!!!!

Welcome to RPR! Please don't be scared we don't bite :3
Welcome back!
Bahaha. Big mood. I used to be really shy about presenting myself to forums online... I think you'll get used to it. Welcome to the party.
Welcome back! It can be intimidating when joining a new community. There are lots of places to just chit-chat and get to know people on the OOC forums. You can also find other writers/players in the "looking for" section and find someone with similar goals and experience level that you'll be comfortable working with.
Howdy howdy howdy! Welcome to RPR! I hope you find some got stories to help write while you are here!
Welcome back. No need to flee. If I can write introductions in Pig Latin and not draw anyone's scorn, then you can too! Or rather, you can say...other things! That make more sense! No but really, there are all kinds of folks on here, and people are pretty cool.

It's useful, I think, that we all start off with something in common. And the good moderation.

Anyway, welcome back and we're indeed pleased to have you aboard, Hal. I think you'll enjoy writing with the people here, seeing as you've been doing it a long while. Everyone needs roleplay partners, and that basically makes you of automatic value here in this community of readers and writers and such. :)
I just looked at your profile and character you have up and they're really nicely done.👌

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