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Hi, i'm a new member in his early 30s.
I started to roleplay a long time ago and i hope that i will find some good people to rp with in tat new place
Hope to find some ladies to rp. I usually do naruto, One Piece and Batman roleplays.

Haave a good day
Hi Nightwing. Welcome to RPR! I hope you make plenty of pals here to RP with. x

I used to RP Naruto but now I solely do original characters.
Hello NightWing!!! I would personally like to welcome you to the new and improved 2.0 RPR!!!!!!!
Welcome to RPR Nightwing. I hope you can find some good writing partners for your stories!! Have fun!!
Hi there, welcome to RPR!! I hope you have fun here!!

Welcome to the new improved updated 2.0 RPRepository created by kim.
FINALLLY One Piece and Naruto!! Yessssssss Message me and we will be friends ^^ Welcome to RPR
Hello welcome to RPR

I’m still in highschool but I hope even in my late 20’s I’ll still be interested in roleplays like you! I actually started roleplaying when I was in elementary. The website boosted my vocabulary so let’s just say highschool essays are a lot more easy to type
Enjoy your stay~
Hello! Welcome to RP Repository!
Welcome to RPR! Cheers to having a bunch of fun RPs and making new friends!
Hey there and welcome to the RPR!

Do you go by nightwing online or is there something else we should address you as? :)
Hi hi. Welcome to RPR! :D Hope ya have fun here. It's a good place. :)
Oh, Batman and Naruto! Cool! :) I like both of those things. I haven't really watched much One Piece, though. :P

I'm sure you'll have quite a good time here if you put your mind to it! We have a really big and nice community, full of supportive people!

If you want to chat with someone and don't feel like forum-diving, please do feel free to message a fellow roleplayer! Don't be shy, we've all been newbies before. :P

And if you need help with something troublesome, there are Help options and lots of moderators who are very grand and nice. :P

Have a good time here, okay? 🌸<3 Bye! <3 🌸

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