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Jackie groaned as she sat up, rubbing her head. One minute, she and Albedo were dealing with a super villain, next thing she knows she wakes up in the middle of a field. She looked around, before focusing on the Omnitrix. "Where am I Trixie?" Jackie asked. The Omnitrix bleeped. "Location unknown, planet not cataloged." It bleeped in a synthesized voice similar to Jackie's. "Great." Jackie said, scowling. Looking around before spotting a small town in the distance, before she went to it.

Albedo's eyes opened. "Huh?" He asked confused, hanging upside down on a piece of scrap his clothes had snagged on. He freed himself and looked around, finding himself in a scrapyard. He looked around, before spotting an alien sitting at on a chair against a small shack and looking through a data pad. He approached them, hopping up onto a table next to their seat. "Excuse me, where am I?" Albedo asked. The alien lazily glanced to Albedo, speaking in an odd gurgling language. "Hmm.... Ultimatrix, engage translator. Could you repeat that?" He asked, with the alien saying repeating what they said. "Error. Language not recognized." It bleeped. Albedo sighed. "Spectacular." He said, before looking out to the scrap.

He turned back to the alien. "You seem capable of understanding my speech. Are you familiar with human body language such as nodding?" Albedo asked. The Alien nodded in response. "Superb. Do you mind if I help myself to your scrap? I get the feeling everything else on this planet is on a scale comparable to yours, and given my small stature it would take me a great deal of time to move around." Albedo explained. The Alien shrugged, before nodding. "Thank you." Albedo said, before hopping to the ground, and beginning to look for useful scrap.

Jackie reached the town and began looking around. "Yo, you have any idea what planet I'm on?" Jackie asked, approaching a green man with sharp teeth and a pair of tentacles sticking out of his head. "You're on Loyse. Specifically in Ramistead." The alien said. Jackie nodded. "Thanks. Any idea where I can find someone who can get me back to my homeplanet, Earth?" Jackie asked. The alien shook his head. "We've got a ship port, but we don't get many ships that take passengers. Could maybe convince someone to let you on their crew though." He added. "Thanks." Jackie said before heading off.

By now Albedo had made himself a small hover craft. He got directions from the alien as best he could given the language difficulties, before heading off to Ramistead, which was the nearest town.
Kwop Vis (played by Dreath)

In recent months since the outbreak of the Clone Wars individuals across the Republic have began to defect and reveal dissatisfaction with the runnings of the political and social systems. The siren song of the Separatists called out to many including a dark grey skinned Zabrak named Tachilla. Once a tactician for the Republic he played a role in several tactics meetings during early stages of the war. But often finding his opinions pushed back in these meetings and worse yet some of his tactical ideas stolen by other 'colleagues' was enough to cause him to give into his disgust and turn his back on the Republic. Turning towards the freedom offered by the Separatists he made his way to a meeting point on a recently Separatist aligned world called Loyse. Here he would meet with someone to assist him in changing sides with minimal interference.

Tachilla was able to sneak away from Republic space with little questions asked. Taking a small shuttle he owned and a small amount of his personal belongings he wasted no time once contact was made. Wearing civilians garbs and lacking any distinguishing features as someone in the Republic military may have with badges or medals he looked inconspicuous in his dark brown and navy clothing. Landing in the small port in a city that went by Ramistead, Tachilla stretched and took a deep breath as he noticed a small group of three Battle Droids approaching his ship. With a roll of his shoulders he went out to meet them.

Meanwhile forces of the Separatists were preparing nearby to reinforce the planet with a fuller garrison. A show of power with a fleet consisting of three light Munificent-class star frigates under the control of a tactical droid. This force was quickly approaching the system from lightspeed, though they were not the only ones. As nearby, having followed the call from Tachilla was a Republic Venator-class Star Destroyer under the command of Jedi Master Kwop Vis, a Kaleesh Jedi who himself had varying opinions on the war and would be rather vocal about it. The Republic forces however, were unaware of the Separatist occupation of the world at this time. This force slowly made its way to the system and the two forces would soon stumble upon one another on arrival.
Jackie Layci Corazz (played by 0V3RL0RD-P4RR0T) Topic Starter

Several ships came down, landing in the town's port, dropping off various pieces of equipment, such as tanks or vulture droids, before taking off again. There many battle droids left, as Loyse was a recently colonized mining world, and the Separatists deemed it very important to protect, even if the civilization on it was sparse. One last ship came down and allowed an alien woman off. She wore some rather simple clothing, and was flanked by a pair of Magna guards.

Jackie watched the droids skeptically. Last time she saw an army land on a planet was the last time Darkseid invaded Earth. "Those things aren't here to cause trouble right?" Jackie asked another citizen who was watching. "Nah, they're here to keep us safe. Guessing you don't keep up on politics huh?" The man chuckled. "Not really." Jackie said. She eyed the robots, before going on to the port and beginning to ask around for anyone who might be willing to give her a ride back to Earth.

Albedo arrived in the town. He drew a few odd looks as he moved about through the town. He ignored most of the looks he got. He had already tried to get a location from his Ultimatrix but got no answers from it. He looked up seeing the munificent class ships high above the planet. "Never saw those before." He said to himself.

A Bridge Officer approached Kwop. "Sir, we're almost to Loyse." He said. "Should be coming out of hyper-space any minute now." He added.
Kwop Vis (played by Dreath)

Above the planet was a small Trade Federation Supply Ship. A large round structure that housed a decent number of droids but lacked in built defenses apart from Vulture Droids. These contained transport ships and supplies though compared to the larger Lucrehulk Carriers they held barely a quarter. Taking in resources mined on planet as carriers brought down a fresh supply of tanks with Vulture Droid escorts. The reinforcing fleet that approached was here to provide orbital defenses and assist in expanding the mining operations below.

Tachilla made his way out to meet with the well defended representative. The Magna Guards caused him to stiffen. He knew of their combat prowess and how even Jedi could be bested by them. He stood upright with a look of unmoving confidence as he was approached. He gave a polite head bow.
"Quiet the bodyguard for such a world." Tachilla asks in hopes of easing a bit of tension.

As Jackie patrolled around trios of B-1 Battle Droids went around checking ID's. Civilians, many of which looked like minors or traders showed some form of ID often as a data pad. One droid turns to face Jackie.
"Identification please." The droid says while the other two take data from a pair of Humans. The port was rife with workers all here and able to work unencumbered with the right credentials
Jackie Layci Corazz (played by 0V3RL0RD-P4RR0T) Topic Starter

"Well I'm not just here to meet with you." The Woman said. "I'm primarily here to officially welcome Loyse into the CIS. It just so happened to be that this world would also be a good place to meet." She explained. "Follow me. We'll discuss thigns further in private." She said, motioning for Tachilla to follow her.

Jackie perked glancing to the droid as it asked for her identification. "Uh I don't have any... I try not to carry any id in my hero suit." Jackie said. "Also I'm only fifteen so I don't actually have any id... OH! I do have this though." Jackie added, before holding her hand up, showing the Droid the Omnitrix, which in her hero suit took the form of the glove on her left hand. "What's that?" The Droid asked. Jackie blinked. "The Omnitrix. Made by the smartest guy in the nearest five Galaxies?" Jackie questioned. "Never heard of it." The Droid replied. Jackie frowned. "Huh... Well I don't guess I have any." She said.

Albedo continued through the city, eyeing the Droids as they moved about. He was curious about them, having never seen them before, but decided it was best to leave them alone. He would mroe than likely be able to find one that was deactivated to take apart and learn about later. He paused when the Ultimatrix beeped. He glanced to it as it displayed a holographic map of the area, with a blip off in the distance. "Well. At least I'm not alone here." Albedo said to himself.
Kwop Vis (played by Dreath)

Tachilla followed behind with a nod. Keeping an eye on the Magna Guard which made him nervous.
"Last I checked this planet was neutral. When exactly did you all occupy it?" Looking about he noticed several crates with Trade Federation insignia on them full of mining supplies. It then started to make sense.

"No ID? Then that means you're probably here illegally. We're gonna need to bring you in for questioning." The Droid says as the other two walk up. "Follow us quietly if you would please." They say in a strangely polite manner. Likely not taking too much threat from Jackie or her strange words and costume.
Jackie Layci Corazz (played by 0V3RL0RD-P4RR0T) Topic Starter

Jackie blinked. "How can you be on a planet illegally?" She asked as she followed the Droid. "I mean, I don't have a ship, I can't drive a ship, and can't fly." Jackie said, pausing. "Ok technically I can fly, but none of my flying forms can break through the atmosphere, nor survive in space." Jackie explained.

"Not too long ago. The planet was briefly occupied by a small Republic force, before they reached out to the CIS, and we chased the Republic off. We're expecting some kind of counter attack, hence all the new Battle Droids being deployed, and the three Munificents up in orbit." She explained.
Kwop Vis (played by Dreath)

"For starters this is a mining facility." The droid says indicating to the large, industrial diggers being transported on large but slow speeders. The other two behind her look at each other and shrug.
"Seems crazy to me." One says to the other. The droids had their blasters in hand and were ready in case this seemingly mentally unhinged girl got violent. At least that's how they saw her.

"That wasn't on any records. I guess it was too small of an occupation to be listed or like usual the Republic was up to some more behind closed doors approaches." Tachilla snorted and rolled his eyes. "Typical." He says letting his disgruntlement with the inner workings of the Republic come through. "Those cruisers were a surprise. But to my knowledge atleast this planet was unoccupied. So I wouldn't expect too big of a force if any."
Jackie Layci Corazz (played by 0V3RL0RD-P4RR0T) Topic Starter

"Mining facility? I thought this was a town?" Jackie questioned. "It also counts as a mining facility." One of the droids spoke up as they headed off, with JAckie following. She sighed. Part of her just wanted to turn around and walk off. Even in her human form she was convinced she could take the droids, thanks to the combat training Batman, and more recently Robin, put her through. But at the same time, even if she had the Omnitrix, she wasn't a Green Lantern, and thus had no official authority, and she didn't want to unintentionally make things on herself worse.

"So what are the chances we'll find someone who'd be willing to help me get home?" Jackie asked as they approached what she assumed was a jail house. One of the Droids paused, holding a hand up to where an ear would be on him if he weren't a robot. "Oh great." He whined. "A Republic Star Destroyer's been spotted in orbit." It said.

Up above the planet's atmosphere, the Venator had come out of hyperspace. The Munificents immediately opened fire, with the Venator's hangar opening and allowing its Fighters out.
Kwop Vis (played by Dreath)

As the Venator emerged from hyperspace Kwop snarled as he saw the recently arrived droid ships.
"General we have three Munificent-Class cruisers ahead, we're detecting numerous Vulture Droids making their approach." A Clone sitting in a station by the radar reports.
"Blast it, I thought this place was neutral. Deploy fighter teams. I want bombers to wait until the first wave is thinned and make their approach to the cruisers once a path is cleared. I want reinforcements called in now, keep our distance." Kwop orders as Clones run around as battle mode was set.
"Sir yes Sir." The reply rings out in the bridge as Kwop leaves. Turbo lasers began firing at approaching fighters and three groups of seven ARC-170 star fighters and a squadron of V-Wings came in the rear. Y-Wings remained in the cruiser for the moment but two squadrons of five were waiting. As the fighters engaged a brutal dog fight ensued. Kqop Vis made his way down to the hanger where four LAAT Gunships sat with crews of Clones. "Once we break through we make a b-line to the surface."

Within the city droids began moving in a frenzy. Around the trios of droids ran about as civilians were ordered inside. Up above Vulture Droids took off and began aggressive patrols above the port town. Jackie was brought to a room with text on the door she did not recognize. She was brought into an office room where a slender cyclopian droid with a head similar to a lamp wanders over to Jackie. A single droid remains with her.
"Follow me." The strange new droid says in a feminine but synthetic voice as it brings Jackie to a sealed interrogation room. Sitting down and closing the door the droid begins questioning Jackie. "What business do you have on this planet?" It says with a small tablet in front of itself.
Jackie Layci Corazz (played by 0V3RL0RD-P4RR0T) Topic Starter

Jackie looked around as they entered the building, seeing the droids and people scrambling. "What's going on?" She asked, before being taken to the interrogation room. "None. Honestly I don't really even know how I got here. I just woke up outside the town." Jackie answered. "What's going on outside? Why was everyone running around?" She asked.

Albedo looked up seeing the Vulture droids buzzing about. "This can't be good." He said to himself, eyes narrowing.
Kwop Vis (played by Dreath)

"That isn't relevant to this interview. Do you not have any legitimate identification or similar methods to explain why you're here?" The droid asks completely ignoring the outside chaos to focus on it's interrogation.

Above a fierce dogfight ensued. Fighters on both sides burst into flames as blasters hit them shattering metal and burning Clones within. V-Wings shot around and took down several Vulture Droids with speed as their advantage. As the first wave went down and a path was cleared the Y-Wings with their heavy armour took off. Their target was the nearest Munificent-Class Cruiser.
Jackie Layci Corazz (played by 0V3RL0RD-P4RR0T) Topic Starter

"Not really. Like I told the dude's outside, I'm fifteen. I'm not old enough to have an ID card or a Driver's license." Jackie said. The droid dismissing her question about what was happening outside didn't help her feel any better about it. "Look, I didn't know I was in a restricted area, sorry I was there." She added.
Kwop Vis (played by Dreath)

"Your transgression and lack of valid answers are leaning you to be brought into custody. As such you will remain within a cell until you're to be shipped off world to the nearest public port and a record established for you in our files." The droid goes over the procedure. Meanwhile outside sirens went off. The type to indicate potential air raids. A voice comes over the speaker systems.
"This is an emergency. Republic forces are assaulting our orbital defenses. All civilian forces are to go into lock down and all available combat personal are to be on the ready."
"Oh my." The interrogation droid says moving to a terminal by the door.

Above the Y-Wings managed to make it to the first cruiser with little trouble. One got hit but remained stable and once within range unload their payloads. A series of Photon Torpedoes shot at the bridge of the leading cruiser. The Tactical Droid within gave a dissatified; "Calculations off." Before the bridge was destroyed and the cruiser began to drop. Following this victory one Y-Wing was shot down by a trio of Tri-Fighters that were chased off by V-Wings. As a whole was blown in the enemies defenses General Kwop and his Clone forces mounted into five LAAT Gunships and with the clearing made would push through planet side. A pair of ARC-170's launch with them as escorts.
Jackie Layci Corazz (played by 0V3RL0RD-P4RR0T) Topic Starter

Jackie glanced up as the voice came in over the speakers. She scowled. She'd lived through a few invasions, mostly of the alien variety. If this was anything like those, people would need her help. "Uh yeah, about that." Jackie said, activating the Omnitrix. She cycled through the holograms, settling on a crystalline humanoid. She pressed the face down and there was a green flash.

Within an instant, crystal started growing out of Jackie's skin, starting at the Omnitrix and spreading up her arm. Her clothes shifted into a unitard, as more and more of her body was converted to crystal. As the flash subsided Jackie had grown nearly two feet and was made up entirely of bluish crystal. Despite the crystalline make up of her body, the crystal was rather smooth.

"That sounds like trouble. I've been through some invasions when I was little, and I'm not just sitting by as who or whatever the Republic is attacks a city full of innocent people." Jackie explained, as her hand shifted into a sharp jagged point. She thrust it forward, through the door of the interrogation room, tearing it out of the wall. "If that bothers you, go ahead and give me a ticket or whatever you guys do here." Jackie added before leaving.
Kwop Vis (played by Dreath)

"Hey what're you doing?" Asks the B1 guard in the room with her. As it went to grab her shoulder there was a flash and Jackie began to change form. Rapidly turning into a tall crystalline humanoid. "What the?!" The droid says in confused panic. "Ugh ugh. Hold it." It says without confidence as Jackie busts out of the room. Outside Jackie would see people locking in buildings and Battle Droids moving into positions. As she busts out a total of six scattered around look to her.
"What is that?" One asks panicked.
"I don't know. Ugh fire!" Another says as they begin opening fire on Jackie. Blaster bolts bouncing off her crystal form.
Jackie Layci Corazz (played by 0V3RL0RD-P4RR0T) Topic Starter

"Ow! Hey! Knock that off!" Jackie yelped, holding her arms up to block blaster bolts. "I'm out here to help you deal with whatever the Republic is!" She said. Thankfully for Jackie, her current Petrosapien form was easily one of her most durable, only being beaten by Shellstrike. Eventually Jackie knelt down, placing her hands on the ground, before a massive crystal just out of the ground in front of her, blocking the blaster fire. "Maybe turning into Crystalfire and breaking out that way was a bad idea..." Jackie said to herself.
Kwop Vis (played by Dreath)

"What is it saying?" A droid asks.
"No idea. Is it with the Republic? How'd it get down here?"
"I don't know." The two droids keep firing as they exchange dialogue. It wasn't until a deflected bolt took down one of them that they stopped firing.
"You there, surrender and come out with your hands up." Another says as a pair of Destroyer Droids roll up to the left and right of Jackie. They unroll and take aim in an intimidating manner.
Jackie Layci Corazz (played by 0V3RL0RD-P4RR0T) Topic Starter

"I'm on your side! Stop shooting at me!" Jackie called out once the firing stopped, pausing when the destroyer's rolled up. "They don't look too friendly...." Jackie said to herself. Her hands shifted into jagged, spike tipped ends and she pointed her arms at the destroyers. "Like I just said, I'm on your side. I don't want to fight you guys, but I will if I have too." She said.
Kwop Vis (played by Dreath)

Coming from behind them was a Tactical Droid. It held a tablet in it's hand and it spoke.
"Halt your fire. You." The droid says to the crowds and then to Jackie. "You broke out when you were being detained. What is the meaning of this?" As the droid speak, being rather diplomatic a pair of Vulture Droids land in front of Jackie. standing apart but with head mounted blasters aimed at her.

Meanwhile in the governors office Tachilla noticed the alarms going off and an incoming call. He didn't speak but noticed the chaos that was ensuing. He also had the strangest feeling he may be blamed for it given the convenient time of his arrival and the attack.

Above in orbit the group of five LAAT's made it through the blockade and began their descent. Their hulls locked and heated as they entered the atmosphere the fighter escorts had to turn back due to the temperature before they were shot down by Vulture Droids. Upon breaking through the atmosphere the LAAT's were under fire from a swarm of half a dozen Vulture Droids. Using their missiles and front blasters the larger shuttles were able to fend off the fighters. Though one was hit by homing missiles and burst into flames. Debris crashing to the ground.

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