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Jackie Layci Corazz (played by 0V3RL0RD-P4RR0T) Topic Starter

"H-HEY! PUT US DOWN!" One of Jackie's duplicates yelped, as they were lifted off the ground. "I'm pretty sure this counts as cheating!" Another added. "Hope you got somewhere to put them." Said one of the clones ,glancing up to the floating Jackies.
Kwop Vis (played by Dreath)

"And multiplying isn't?" Kwop says with a flat tone but one with a trickle of sarcasm. "I'm trying to keep you out of harms way child. You're going to put yourself, my men and many other innocents in danger by running around as you are." He kept them in the air and spoke with the affirmative tone known to be possessed by the Jedi Masters.
Jackie Layci Corazz (played by 0V3RL0RD-P4RR0T) Topic Starter

"I mean... he's kinda got a point." Spoke one of Jackie's duplicates. "It's practically my job to put myself in harms way. And how am I putting people in danger? You guys are the ones who came to this planet in big scary looking gun ship things!" Another of Jackie's duplicates retorted. "Yeah this place seemed to be perfectly fine before you guys showed up!" Another added. "You got any idea whose in charge of this place?" Asked one of the clones. "It's the Separatists. Things might be peaceful now, but that's not going to last for long. Eventually, they'll decided to lob some kind of new weapon at the people living here to see how it works, or replace the workers with droids, or just outright enslave the people here." The Clone explained.
Kwop Vis (played by Dreath)

As the debate raged on between the Clones, Kwop and Jackie below the long awaited Republic reinforcements arrived. Out of the void burst a trio of Venerator Class Cruisers. Three heavily armoured Republic ships that upon exiting released a surge of fighters. The once thought victorious Separatist blockade found themselves in a frenzy to retaliate. Fighter support came in as their communications were jammed from prepared Republic forces. Quickly a swarm of Clone and Droid controlled fighters clashed as the larger capital ships began long range fire. Bombers approached and as the battle pushed on it was clear the Separatist forces were caught and a hole was being breached in their lines.
Jackie Layci Corazz (played by 0V3RL0RD-P4RR0T) Topic Starter

Albedo landed, having spotted one of Jackie's duplicates. "How many of you are there?" Albedo asked. The duplicate glanced up at Albedo when he landed. She paused thinking. "Uh... we split into like... four originally.... I've split into two like five times..... At least like fourteen. Probably more though." Jackie said. Albedo sighed. "Let's get to finding your copies so we can-" Albedo began. "We're not leaving until these invaders are gone." Jackie said, putting her hands on her hips, before pausing again. "Uh... what's going on up there?" She asked pointing to the sky. Albedo looked up.

The larger explosions from the battle up in space could be seen, as Separatist ships were destroyed. Albedo frowned as his eyes narrowed. "Probably nothing good. Let's et your copies and find a way off world." Albedo said.

Up in space, on the bridge of one of the Venators stood the Jedi Knight, Y'resh. He was older than most, though one wouldn't know that form how he acted. He was very energetic, and was a frighteningly quick and effective force on the battle field. Standing by him wash is Padawan, Bayorosa, who was more reserved than her master. "Master Kwop, yer reinforcements have arrived!" Y'resh said over the comms as his fighters launched and attacked the separatist forces. "Let's get to the ground, Lass. We'll be mroe helpful there." Y'resh said to Bayorosa before the two headed to the hangar bay.

"How do you know that?" Jackie asked. "Because we've seen it before on who knows how many other Seppie systems. They don't care about the people they're in charge of." The Clone said.
Kwop Vis (played by Dreath)

As a squadron of Y-Wing bombers hit and destroyed the jamming systems atop a cruiser. The satellite dish burst apart into shreds of twisted metal as a pair of torpedo's hit it and the roof of the ship. The thick hull was damaged but not pierced as the dishes functions stopped suddenly. Just in time for a patchy but clearing signal to reach Kwop. The Separatist forces were damaged and being pushed aside by approaching Republic ships. A retreat was proposed but no order could be given without the governor's authority so the Tactical Droid made contact with her. Appearing as a small hologram on her desk the droid spoke.
"Governor we have a problem. Republic reinforcements have broken through our lines. Our jammers are taken down and long range communications are cut off." The droid says as the message becomes fuzzier. "We ask your orders. Do we pull back our remaining forces or hold the line? We will likely be destroyed by Republic forces but can buy some time for you on the surface. I would suggest evacuation."

Kwop received the message and a smile appeared on his face.
"Reinforcements have arrived gentlemen. It would seem we're one step closer. Though we need to deal with the enemy forces anti-air support. We cannot risk more casualties." As he said this he let go of the various Jackie copies. "Keep an eye on them." Kwop said adjusting his communications. The Clones nodded and kept the Jackie's in firing sight. Meanwhile Kwop made contact with their reinforcements. "This is Jedi Master Kwop. We must inform you of the enemies ground forces. They have several AAT's within the streets. I have taken out some but there will surely be more. Fighters in atmosphere are also an issue. I would advice a cautious approach away from the center of town."
Jackie Layci Corazz (played by 0V3RL0RD-P4RR0T) Topic Starter

"That is really not good." Jackie's duplicate said looking up to the sky as Albedo carried her. "Tell me about it." He said. They'd already grabbed most of Jackie's other duplicates as they soared over the city. "Found some more of you." Albedo said, spotting the other duplicates. They soon landed.

The Clones quickly took aim when Albedo landed with another duplicate. "Freeze!" One of them ordered. Albedo glanced at the clone, before looking to Jackie's copies. "Merge back into one so we can leave." Albedo said, not concerned about the clones or Jedi. "But-" Jackie began before being cut off. "We don't know why these men are fighting the robots, and it's none of our business." Albedo said. "Yeah but these guys are the ones invading!" One of the copies said. "And what if they have good reason for it? Like I said, we don't know what's going on here." Albedo said.

The Governor narrowed here eyes. "Begin evacuations." She said with a scowl before standing up. She motioned for Tachilla to follow her as she headed to her personal shuttle.
Kwop Vis (played by Dreath)

Kwop turned to face Albedo as he arrived with yet another Jackie clone. He cocked an eyebrow as the strange red creature spoke. Hearing the exchange between them Kwop gave the order to release the copies of Jackie. The Clones were hesitant but did so.
"So you're like her aren't you?" He says indicating the omnitrix symbol on his body.

Tachilla was in shock. Why would the Republic send such forces here? Was this planet more important than he thought? Were they desperate to capture him? He began to follow the Governor as her Magna Guard followed close by.
"It shall be done." Replied the Tactical Droid as it ended the call. What was left of the fleet above began to disperse. Turning away from the Republic ships to allow them to pass. What fighters remained out tried to protect the larger vessels as only one, the ship holding the Tactial Droid was able to jump away. The remaining ships were blown to pieces under torpedo's and heavy cannons.
Jackie Layci Corazz (played by 0V3RL0RD-P4RR0T) Topic Starter

Jackie's duplicates reluctantly merged back into one. Albedo glanced to Kwop. He shook his head. "No. This is the intergalactic Peace symbol where we're from. A group that I'm a part of called the Plumbers use it as a logo." Albedo said. He wasn't interested in anyone knowing more than one Omnitrix existed.

Soon the Governor and Tachilla came to the Governor's shuttle on a docking platform. They loaded up into it before it took off.
Kwop Vis (played by Dreath)

"I'd advise you both to stay out of our business. Stay on the planet if you wish but I shouldn't need to tell you the repercussions of coming into conflicts you don't understand. I'm certain these 'plumbers' you speak of would prefer to not be considered a potential enemy in the galaxy." Kwop stood over them. Even with Albedo's added height Kwop was taller. His presence was intimidating but he seemed to mean no harm or malice in what he said. Though he was skeptical on the story. He turned his attention to the Clones. "We need to find and nullify the remaining artillery. We need to move fast before reinforcements are shot down. Keep an eye out for anymore members of a command structure. Would be unlikely for there not to be a representative on planet."
Jackie Layci Corazz (played by 0V3RL0RD-P4RR0T) Topic Starter

"Don't need to tell us twice." Albedo said. He grabbed Jackie, before taking off and flying off. "We need to find a way off this planet. Figure out where we are." Albedo said. He looked to the ground before finding a secluded spot to land. He pressed the Omnitrix on Jackie's forehead and she was suddenly shifted into a new form. This one was a short, four armed blue monkey like alien. Jackie blinked. "How'd you-" She began. "Please, I helped design and build the Omnitrix. You really think I don't know how to use all its functions?" Albedo asked, pressing the omnitrix symbol on his chest and returning to normal.
Kwop Vis (played by Dreath)

Kwop and the Clones began moving before Jackie and Albedo were able to make their move. By the time the latter two left the Republic forces were on the move. Above a series of Vulture Droids flew over followed by a flanking pair of Tri Fighters. Numerous Battle Droids ran through the streets in their small squads of no more than five. With a saber ignited Kwop dealt with the mechanical soldiers with ease. As fighters began to engage above the sounds of starfighter blasters rang out. The odd explosion marked one down but who was impossible to tell at this distance. From around a corner came a remaining AAT. Aiming up for approaching fighters the Clones got a moment to strike. Tossing low a series of detonators before the tank could react they rolled under. A tense second later they detonated beneath. The tank jolted for a moment before crashing as it's repulsor lifts were destroyed. Smoke billowed out as after another handful of second the ordinance or torpedo's within went up. Sending shrapnel the size of a mans arm flying out. A pair of panicked droids fell back form behind before Clones took them out.

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