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Cyrus (played by GamerPosy)

This will be played as one of your characters. You say one of the three options about the character above you. You can view the character's profile, or, you can just go based on looks. Let the games begin!

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Topaz (played by UltraNecroziumZ)

Jupiter blinks, almost wincing. "I might have to put you in the friend-zone.. But, no worries! Being friends is still an option."
Zee Zee (played by KingdomOdd1)

"Hmm, I guess I'll go with kiss." He gave a peace sign with a grin, "As long as your not a threat to Zoe or me that is."
Arundriel (played by Pantrane)

“That’d have to be a friend zone, indeed!” He gestured towards a rack of silk clothing. “Now how’s about we tend to your wardrobe?”
Topaz (played by UltraNecroziumZ)

"Ahh- you might have to be on the freind zone" he says while his hat spits steam from the top "you seem like a great mate indeed"
Cora (played by Dib2435)

Zona de amigos you seem like a good person " Cora smile cutely and friendly " Plus I am already seeing someone "
“Hmm...Well, if you’re seeing someone, then it goes to the friend-zone.”
Charlotte Walker (played anonymously)

"I think we could definitely be friends!"
Sister Location Characters (played by JetStorm)

"Friend zone" the five of them say in union
Fubuki (played by AgitoAceXIII)

“Um...I’m going to say friend zone.
Clover (played by KingdomOdd1)


"You seem nice, and you look pretty cute. I would be okay with a kiss. Nothing too romantic."
Aimi Satou (played anonymously)

"I would love to become a friend, but. . . Obasan won't let me have one unless she approves of it. I also don't want to kill you either so. . ." Aimi reaches out for a small gentle kiss on your cheek, but afterward, "ACHOO--!" she unexpectedly sneezed.

Aimi suddenly disappeared and was replaced by a rabbit. The rabbit seemed flustered and embarrassed that it began to hop away.
Aimi Satou (played anonymously)

*ignore please*
Issac Shannon (played by Rogue-Scribe)

“A rabbit? Kill. I can have dinner and use the pelt.”
Quinn (played by Rinny_Howler)

"Friend-zone!" She says that with a smile, and excitement.
Alaine Barrows (played anonymously)

"You seem nice! I'll say... friend-zone."
Taniks (played anonymously)

Hornet (played by AgitoAceXIII)

“Yo.....Not sure how I feel about this?”
You seem nice, I just do not feel the vibe beyond friends. Friend-zone it is ^^

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