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Question #1 wrote:
What's your favorite food/s?

"Unquestionably, humans." Merric said without batting an eye. "Their dreams compliment the texture of their bodies. It's especially appetizing when complimented with a hefty serving of ego. Thankfully hubris plentiful among the aristocrats in these trying times, so I've got plenty of choices."
rolled 1d20 and got a natural 1.

Note: Question #

"My favorite color?" Goop dripped down part of his face, "Hmm... I think I like blue! Like Quackity from Las Nevadas's hat beanie!"
rolled 1d20 and got a natural 8.
Smolensk (played by AgitoAceXIII)

“My biggest lies? The lie is, I like people!” And that’s really all you’re gonna get from Smolensk…
rolled 1d20 and got a natural 12.
Captain William Towers (played anonymously)

“I remember seeing an orchestra last time I was in Boston, quite magnificent couldn’t name them but I’m sure they’re famous now”
rolled 1d20 and got a natural 10.
Ayla and Meng (played by PinkBrat)

"That is tough. I like so many things. For a man... I guess.. the mouth. I'm a sucker for all the good things it can do. Now for a woman, what she's wearing or her hair." ~Ayla~
rolled 1d20 and got a natural 4.
Paragon (played by Ultra-Knight)

Side 6: If you had to make a choice between saving a "bad" person and killing a "good" person, killing a bad person and saving a good person, or sacrificing yourself and saving both people, what would you do?

Paragon tilts her head, "Oh, that's easy. I'd sacrifice myself to save to save them both. That's what heroes do. Boring, I know! But come on, what do you expect?" Shrugs her shoulders.
rolled 1d100 and got a natural 72.
(Made another mistake)
Octavia Bennett (played by Astrobeans)

She rolls the dice.
Side 2: What's your Zodiac sign?

"My zodiac sign is Virgo", she replied.
rolled 1d20 and got a natural 2.
(dice roll)

Side 17: What's your favorite pick up line/s you have ever heard or said? If you don't have a favorite pick up line, then what is a random pick up line you know/have heard?

There's a gleam in Sab's eyes. He grins wolfishly.

"If you drop your standards, I guarantee I can make ya drop summat else. You know what I mean."

His grin fades. Sab's gone a little red, it looks like.

"What'd'ya mean has it ever worked? Worked last night."
rolled 1d20 and got a natural 17.
Theresa Knox (played anonymously)

KingdomOdd1 wrote:
Side 15: What's your favorite animal or favorite pet you want/have?

"I love Owls! Not sure I would like one as a pet though."
rolled 1d20 and got a natural 15.

Note: Rolling for a Question

"I wonder..."

Side 8: What's your favorite color/s?

"Oh. Easy! Pink."
rolled 1d20 and got a natural 8.

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