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I feel like one of the scariest things about rp that I’ve learned over the years is growing attached to your writing partners and then suddenly ceasing all contact you had with them. Granted I’m likely no better, I’m sure there were a few people that I ended up inadvertently doing that to with my random months or even years of death in writing. I don’t expect to be able to breathe life back into any of those rps if they still exist, but I do apologize for being the very kind of person I grieve about still.

Even back to the days of RPG, there’s been people that linger in the back of my mind, people I’d like to be able to have a word with, at least one more time. Whether it’s even possible or not. People like Achelios. I had so much to thank her for with getting my shell cracked open so I would write more, and I never even got to properly say it to her before she really just vanished without a trace. I wish I could find her, just once more.

Thank you for coming to my late night sleep stalling rant thoughts, and have a good night to the rest of you all.
I feel you Dek, i too lost many good writers, and friends. But it's okay there are always new opportunities.
Of course. I'm still grateful for those new opportunities as well. They tend to be just as wonderful. Perhaps miracles will still find their way back to me in the future.
Even the title hit a string in my heart lmao. But in all seriousness, anyone who's been on the internet for a few years has most likely had experiences like this, it's always tough. Getting close to someone and then losing them abruptly, you never quite get used to the feeling of emptiness you get when you think of them.

Or maybe my reactions to these situations are more emotion than those of others, can't really tell sometimes. Anywho, what i'm trying to say is that while these situations and memories of people you once talked to before they disappeared, they might hurt but their often learning experiences that make you a better person in the end.

Alot of the times it happens we never get the closure of saying 'thank you' but who knows? Perhaps one day we can say that if we ever see the person again, despite the vastness of the internet it's a small world out there.

This is my attempt at being meaningful at 4 AM, would probably be a good idea if you dismissed this entire thing completely.
I have met and lost many a good RP writing partner over the years. The reasons they go are many and varied, with those who vanish without a word or trace being the ones you really wonder about. Like a wise woman I once knew here on RPR said on their profile: ” Might be here today and forever gone tomorrow.” is so true and are good words to live by when it comes to RP. Do I wonder about those who go without a word and do I miss them? Yes. I also come to love meeting new writers and creating new stories and moving on. But there is also a reason I’m a bit of a ‘digital hoarder’ when it comes to the RP stories I’ve been involved in... One never knows if/when a request will come to revive a grand old story.

A year ago... maybe going on two now, a writer I held dear due to the story and character-interaction we had, said goodbye with a PM and was already gone by the time I read the message. I took it upon myself to curate what we created and keep the story alive as part of my character’s story. Much later in a rare moment of reconnection, they messaged me out of the blue wanting to again write with me! It really made my day when I saw that message in my Inbox!

As much as I miss the people who come and go from my RP-writing life, there is nothing better that a reconnecting with a writer again to continue a saga between us.

I’m hoping that Miracles do find you again one day NetherResonant. :)
Miracles do happen so do reunions and reconciliations. You're at the right place. I have found many beautiful blessed freinds here.
That has happened to me before,there was this girl I was rping with,her name was Dark_Cupid. I sent her a message and as soon as I did,the next day,her profile was off the site...I still believe she's okay and well,maybe she is busy,I hope.

But even if they leave the site,there is a possibility that they will return.
Don't give up hope. I've had several reconciliations and reunions lately. Plus there are new opportunites every day to meet new friends and roleplayers on here.
I know how you feel. I've been here for 4 years, have over 100 people friended on here, 95% of which are inactive now. Even I rarely log onto this site anymore; I used to be on all day everyday. All that's left is old chat logs, dead roleplay groups and memories of a bygone time. Just a fact of life.
Aw friend, relationships change and end. I get it. I've been RPing since 1999 and I've made--and lost--all sorts of relationships. I've found that the biggest detractor from maintaining relationships (aside from ghosting) is changing perspectives. Lots of folks I've been really close to online (close enough that we flew to one another's countries to visit!) moved on, or I moved on, or we got the most out of our relationship and parted on good terms; met up again years later and said 'hi' once in a while but knew we weren't really into the same things anymore.

It does hurt, though, when you think on it. All those opportunities that didn't get taken up to their fullest... it makes me feel determined to be kind and good with boundaries when I can; try to be my best self with the folks I'm around today. And it's nice to know that others have similar experiences, too. Reading this thread is a big mood. I hope you find some closure and remember the good times.
I still remember them and hope they doing well. And they found happiness true love.

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