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It's your time to become a genie! or a fairy godmother...whatever you want. XD


Hi everybody!

I believe there was a game like this before. If you remember it, then good. You know how this game works. But to those who don't know about it, the rules of this game are simple:

1. Person above makes a wish.
2. Person below grants it but there has to be a consequence. Besides being bad, it could also be weird or funny. ^^
3. Person who granted the wish makes a wish too...
4. THIS IS JUST A GAME, so don't be offended by the consequence that you are given.

So on and so forth...


Person 1: I WISH to become rich.

Person 2: GRANTED, but you gambled it all and you are poor.
I WISH that I had superpowers.

Person 3. GRANTED, but you can only turn into a fish when you sneeze.

And it continues. Got it? I'll start!

I WISH I could fly.
Granted..but you will never be able to walk.

I wish I had a time machine to fix all my stupid mistakes

But the machine breaks leaving you behind in your past

I wish I wasn't alone
Granted! But now a demon follows you forever, and no one else can see it, you'll never be alone again.

I wish for everlasting inspiration!
Granted! But since I'm petty, you will be stuck being inspired to write horrible b rated novels forever

I wish for more wishes

Granted, but every time you make a wish, you get worse bad luck that cannot be removed, not even with another wish

I wish I had more optimism
Granted, but you are so optimistic about everything people will gradually start distancing themselves from you in fear of you exploding

I wish I had more pessimism
Granted! But nobody wants to hang around the negative-ninny of the group, so you wind up all alone! ( Well, except that demon fellow from before, right? )

I wish I had more motivation

Granted! But you unfortunately only feel motivated to do the stupid things that'll get you in trouble.

I wish I had more bravery
Granted! But now you're so brave that it's more like arrogance and that leads to you basically being an idiot.

I wish I had more friends
Granted! You now have too many friends. Which ones are your friends just to be friends, and which ones just want your popularity? Who was that over there? He looks creepy, but he says he's your friend.

I wish I could learn everything.
Granted! But now you know the horrible truth about the world, humanity, and the constant risk of failure, and those things often outweigh the good things. You live the rest of your life being smart, but in paranoia and misery. Hooray!

I wish I wasn't insecure.
Granted! But since your so secure, you are now complacent as well and cannot prepare as well for a major disaster

I wish I didn't have the Demon following me around. It's getting on my nerves
Granted. But this time it's not just a demon. It's Satan that follows you now! (No hard feelings ^^)

I wish that I had a pet. :D
Granted. Younow have a murderous Xenomorph as a pet

I wish for something nicer than Satan to follow me around
Granted! You now have a guardian angel following you around. And he won't let you do anything that could possibly harm you, including but not limited to cooking, driving, reading (papercuts) and a plethora of other things.

I wish I had more things to do during quarantine.
Granted. But you will be in quarantine forever now.

I wish I had superpowers.
Granted! But all your superpowers have so many consequences you die at the age of 35

I wish for that Demon back. It ate all my pop tarts but I can let that slide
Granted! But now the demon is grumpier since you tried to get rid of him and is ruder than he was before

I wish that I was less lazy
Granted - your now a workaholic.

I wish I had a magic mirror that wasn't evil

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