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Just as the title suggests, it's your job to decide on a song that best fits the character above them! Will you choose some frantic, thrash metal song or will you go for some slow, cheesy love song? Since there's no one above me, let's see if you can't figure out a song to use for my vampiric Khajiit.
Elaine Van Freyr (played by 0089)

Thought of this song straight away!

Taluna (played anonymously)

Certainly what Taluna thought on their first meeting

Azhura Teherah (played by 0089)

=3 Ohhh my turn!

David Hope (played by Lanx12)

Well this was the best one to match you.

Selim (played by 0089)

Mm this is the only song I could come up with XD. I liked the song btw >w< ~♡

The Werelion (played anonymously)

NSFW due to language

Pistil and Stema (played by 0089)

Ohh my I had to lower the volume due those sounds!!! XD I think you nailed it there with Selim ^^

This might be a short one but it's all I could think of that might suit Xochi

Madam Vanya (played by Dndmama)

Okay, so this is for Xochi even though I missed out on her cause I wasn't fast enough but I feel like it's too good to pass up.

And then this one is for Pistil and Stema.
The Werelion (played anonymously)

((Haha! Double song for me! I rock! XD ))
For Madam Vanya. Maybe a bit spooky but she does portray an imposing aura of elegancy mixed with sternness. Also I imagined her sumoming lighting magic from above by tapping the floor with her walking cane so yeah... XD

Derial (played by JetStorm)

Anthor (played by 0089)

>w< the posibilities!

Edited cause I prefer the day version.

Your pal here seem like he was forgotten, thus, the song No idea how you guys are posting the videos.
Chaeya Spire (played anonymously)

You seem like the soldier type so, because I have no better ideas, here:

Here we are, Chaeya. Try this on for size.
Always makes me think of flying.

Zizka (played by j_a7980)

The song itself may be pretty on the nose about Norse mythology, but I think the spirit of the song works here
Garnet (played by JetStorm)

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