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((Standard Medieval Fantasy genre.. All species and character types are welcome. Magic is also welcomed and encouraged. I’ll have an array of characters here. Hints to some of my characters are in the last two paragraphs basically serving drinks, food or the knights near the King. Feel free to bring more than one persona. You could even host a stand and give or trade wares and services. If anybody wants to branch off into a spinoff 1v1, that would be great. Maybe one could use this as a starting point to meet characters for future RP.))

Luvaria was a vast Kingdom made of ethnically diverse allied territories. There were the dwarven settlements of the Highlands, mountainous terrain which looked out over the rest of the lands below. There were extravagant high elf townships and remote wood elf villages. Just off the coast was the Teal Isle, home to human descendants of the Continent of the Sun. Celts and Scandinavians had their settlements, along with several other communities.There was even a distant land where lizardfolk, frogmen and naga snake dwelled.

One man united all the tribal leaders under his banner. King Haar IV was a benevolent ruler. He saw himself as a man of the people. The many festivals were his way to connect and give back to the citizens and welcome visitors.

The event was held at a Royal Territory called Great Meadows. Tents were spread out across the vast stretch of grassland. Within them were various food and drinks being served. Other locations sold clothing, jewelry or offered services like psychic readings or cleric healing.

Bordering the several hundred meter open expanse were forested woods. Several stages were set up. One was low to the ground and surrounded by musicians. Here people danced while bards sung and players of various instruments improvised songs together. A large pole rose high in the air, the stage seeming built around the obelisk. It was covered in bright green plants and colorful flowers.

King Haar stood next to the entrance to the stage. He held a goblet of brushed gold, dotted with ruby and moonstone gems. A group of knights were never far, dressed in flowing robes of their colors. Ceremonial, yet effective, swords were sheathed at their sides.

A stand, covered by an open tent which only blocked the sun was the closest place for refreshments. It was hosted by a high elf of bright orange-red hair. He offered elven punch, some with alcohol and some without. The drinks were served in ornate glass bowls and seemed so bright that they glowed and carried an iridescent sheen.

One could also get food nearby from a group of dwarves who swore at each other while they cooked meat over open flames and grills. The King waved to as many people as he could, standing regally in his robes of white, teal and red. The symbol of a spade, normally black, was a rich crimson. He was ‘The King of the Red Spade’ after all.

Haar listened to the melody of a flutist, a gentle female voice singing alongside it and several stringed instruments playing softly amongst them.

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Ayah and her family (played anonymously)

Ayah was a princess who often travel alone to get away from her evil brother. Though she was alway accompany of the fae and other magical creatures. She had heard about this place and came to see. But mostly there to learn and socialize and to have fun. Though she was blind and used her magical staff and fae to get around. She soon came to the elven tent for a drink. “ hello sir. My I please have a drink without alcohol?”
Arundriel (played by Pantrane) Topic Starter

The perceptive high elf had watched her use her staff to navigate. She had likely heard others mention the drinks which were available here. “Why, yes.. Yes! I have a drink for you. Paid by King Haar himself.”

The elf with bright orange hair smiled warmly. He hoped she could sense it. “Here’s the gentle version”, he said as he handed her a non-alcoholic version. He wished he could see the bright neon green drink as it glowed, with red and purple shimmers dancing along its edges and deep within.

“This is of an elven fruit called papaou. It should be tangy. Like a tart, but sweet.” He watched for her reaction.
Ayah and her family (played anonymously)

She tasted it and her eyes went wide. “ this is amazing and thank you.” She dropped a few coins on the counter. “;as a thank you.” One of the pixies smiled and waved at Arundrial. Ayah “ if I may ask what things are available to do?” She asked and hinted to the fact that she could not see what people where doing. Her ears picked up music and singing and lots of people. She smiled as she enjoyed talking with a elf. She liked most elves. Though there where some she tried to avoid.
Jip (played by Juls)

The short figure of a gnome wandered amongst the tents and the revelers, a grin seeming to be almost permanently plastered on his face as he took in the sun and the sights. On his back was strapped a human short sword, though for the gnome, it was easily a two-handed weapon. Today, it remained peace bound. He was here for fun, not trouble. Okay, maybe a little trouble... but hopefully not the sort that required weaponry.

He was on his way toward the dwarves, drawn by the delicious smells coming from their grills when he happened to pass a sign on one of the tents for psychic readings.

"Oh! Oh! What's this now?" he said aloud to no one in particular as his steps paused and he tilted his head up and back to get a better look at the sign. "I wonder if she knows my future. I wanna try it..." It was a pure whim, as were most of the decisions that drove Jip's life.

He automatically assumed the psychic would be a woman dressed as a gypsy, gazing into her crystal ball. At least, he dearly hoped that's what she'd be. And maybe pretty as well. That certainly never hurt.

"Ya open fer business?" he said as he poked his head into the tent.
Rockbreaker arrived at the encampment, following the strong enticing scents that filled the air which were emerging from the dwarves tent.

He came over with his rather large appetite and growling stomach, addressing the cooks to catch their attention and perhaps strike a friendship

"By Moradin! it smells nice" complimented the dwarf praising the chefs which were brothers-in-arms to him, for they all shared the same race
Imperfect Beauty (played by Winters_Fury)

The Captain made her way to the grounds of the celebration, having been instructed by her superiors to take time off and enjoy herself aside from being married to her work. Frankly she'd rather be married to her work more than anything. Alas, she could not afford to upset her superiors. Thus she'd made her way to where others gathered, uncertain how much she'd stick out like a sore thumb especially with her notable reasoning for the nickname she'd gained.

The Captain stood 6'0" (1.83 meters), a slim yet athletic build to her with hints of muscle here and there. Her armor was of dark green with gold trimmings here and there. Upon her pointed ears sat golden armor to keep her ears from being damaged easily, yet still allowed her to hear what went on. Light blond hair flowed freely around her face and shoulders, skin fair, both of which stood out to her dark cyan eyes which held a semi cold neutral look to them. She was quite the sight to behold, save for a small issue. Her beauty was imperfect, for the obvious facial scars. A cross-shaped sword scar sat on the left side of her forehead above her brow, and a sword scar sat on the side of her left cheek close to her left eye.

Traveling beside her, until they parted ways for a bit, was her one and only dwarf friend Bowen. They agreed to meet up with one another at a later time, so to return back home. Falathiel would attempt to socialize with the others, while Bowen had gone off to the dwarf tent.
Master Bowen (played by Winters_Fury)

The Master dwarf would make his way to the dwarf tent after parting ways from his elf companion, looking to be in good spirits with the party in full swing. His hair was snowy white, a beard ring holding his beard together at the end. A pipe was being puffed while he walked, though it would be finished by the time he entered the tent. Bowen was a rotund fellow, but still he appeared to be un-hindered by his body shape. And he dressed quite smartly yet his clothes looked as though he could double them for traveling.

"By thunder! I've not smelled anything finer than the cooking waiting here within this tent!" Bowen exclaimed excitedly.
Tib (played by Burrito)

The small mimic was simply... there. Perhaps it was mistaken for a jewelery box, or maybe it was simply swept up in the festivities. Either way, it was there, and currently munching on an old, rusty nail that it had pulled free of a stall. The stall was fine, as the nail was most likely either unused or unneeded. As Tib nibbled away at it's snack, it barely managed to avoid being stepped on by countless people, from gnomes, humans, elves and dwarves, to more exotic races that it didn't know the name of, nor have the mental capacity to learn, truth be told.
Mona Lisa Rimbaud (played by LakotaSiouxWarrior)

Mona arrived at the festival a beautiful vivacious french woman with a mysterious past. She a brunette with green eyes dressed in brown medievil clothes. So tired thirsty from her journey she made her way to the elves drink tent. She took gold coinage from her purse. Then spoke "I need cold stiff drink sir I have had a long arduous journey to get to this fair". Her green eyes sparkling as she marveled at the sights and sounds she was experiencing.
Taluna (played anonymously)

Dwarves and Gnomes galore! Another gnome was added into the mix as magical lyrical Taluna appeared in the crowd, daring not to miss a party like this. "Hahah!!" The gnome lass laughed as appeared in a puff of blue smoke before coughing loudly as she apparently inhaled some of her own magical components. "Oof! I gotta go easy on the lizard tail on that teleportation spell..." The girl muttered to herself.

While it was always amusing to play pranks on the gruff dwarves, elves and humans, it was actually Taluna's fellow gnome, Jip, who drew her attention. She got a manic pixie grin about her and tried to sneak up on Jip, who appeared to be distracted by a possible physic reading.

"Guess who!?" She said as she tried to cover the other gnome's eyes from behind him with her hands.

(Edit: Oof! Sorry Jip. :P )
rolled 1d20 and got a natural 20.

Note: Taluna's Stealth

Crazy Hassan (played by Burrito)

"It must be difficult to see over such a crowd, no? Buy my TALL CAMELS!" The merchant said with a gesture to eight camels with long legs and longer necks, or maybe they were just giraffes that he'd painted. "No payment necessary!" He yelled, a sign hung around the neck of one of the 'camels,' reading Crazy Hassan's Used Camel Emporium.
Jip (played by Juls)

Jip startled as the hands slipped over his eyes. It wasn't terribly easy to sneak up on a gnome ranger, but he had let himself get terribly distracted by thoughts of meeting the fortune teller who he had already built up to be a beautiful seductress in his mind.

"Guess who!?"

Though he had startled initially, he now relaxed and focused on the voice as he stood halfway into the tent. It sounded female and vaguely familiar. And the hands were small, so it seemed a safe guess it was a fellow gnome.

"Um... Vexy? No wait... Marigold?"

Jip's nostrils twitched slightly... "Do I smell candy? Hold on! I got it. Sprinkles!" he proclaimed.
Arundriel (played by Pantrane) Topic Starter

((More replies are incoming from different characters, I should rattle off two or three posts. Didn’t realize things had gotten busy. Awesome crowd!))

Arundriel smiled and bowed deeply to the Pixie. The scene around him was becoming more and more crowded, full of life and laughter. Some of the stands were becoming overwhelmed as lines formed to sample the many wares.

“There is dancing”, Arundriel said. “I hope the music suits you. People are moving freely to the wafting rhythms.” He had sensed her lack of sight and decided to describe things in more detail. “A great pole, decked in flowers rises in the midst of a grand stage. It appears to stretch far into the sky.“ He exaggerated slightly there. “There is a fortune teller, but there appears to be a line. One can shop for all manner of things. You could even meet King Haar himself, the Red Spade of Luvaria!”

“There is also tasty food. The dwarves are working up a feast. I should also say I am a tailor. I could fit you for a grand garment.” Just off and behind his covered stand was a tent tended to by some of his workers. All manner of attire could be found within the tall tent’s gold and scarlet fabric.

Just then, a woman with a heavy foreign accent arrived. Her voice caught Arundriel’s attention. “A drink hmm? Do you care for alcohol? Or just something refreshing.” He pointed to different sides of the table. “These have liquor and these do not. Each one is crafted from the finest fruit of the Northern Elvish territories. Try one?” A wide array of glowing colors danced between the different cups, many of bright neon green.
Bel-Urvon (played by Pantrane) Topic Starter

Bel-Urzon wore no helmet, nor the canvas wrap he sometimes wore under it. This let his flame orange locks flow behind him, catching the breeze as the top of his hair danced in the wind. His expression was almost distant as he scanned the crowd, a silver armored vest and gauntlets sat above heavy leather padding and a deep scarlet clothing.

He was in the midst of walking not far from the King when he almost tripped on something. “Oof”, he said as he noticed what appeared to be an animated chest or locker of some sort. “Well hello little one”, said the distracted elf. He saw it had been nibbling on a nail.

Bel-Urzon could only find a few spare coins. He tossed a few pieces of money in front of the creature to see if it would snack on them. While about to speak once again, he noticed a tall and graceful woman nearby. An elf, he realized.

Part of him felt embarrassed because he was quite young for an elf. He could likely only wear the armor of a knight in a human kingdom. The local allied order still provided great training and lots of opportunities to learn.

“Greetings m’lady”, said Bel-Urzon as he took a deep bow. “I hope the sun and the sky greet you fairly.” He appeared fresh faced and potentially naive. “Have you traveled quite far to arrive here?” He stood with his head high, armor polished, ceremonial sword tucked away into an ornate, engraved sheath.

One could assume by the radiant red hair of Bel-Urzon and the drink slingig tailor nearby that many of the local high elves had similar hair and features. In truth they were from the same settlement and were indeed distant cousins.
Ayah and her family (played anonymously)

She nodded and thanked him . “ I would not mind getting new clothes please. But I don’t want to keep you.” She went to the tailor tent and used her staff and the pixies as guides. The pixies looked around a few grabbed cloth samples for ayah to touch. Ayah smiled as she felt different fabrics.
Lona and family (played anonymously)

Lona was enjoying her time and went over to dance and she happened to learned the cultural dances of this kingdom. She was having the time of her life and frankly enjoyed her time. She rarely had this much fun.
Taluna (played anonymously)

It took a gnome to sneak up on another gnome, it seemed!

Taluna tried her best to suppress giggles of amusement as Jip tried to guess who was it that had managed to put him in such a precarious position.

"Nope! Nope! Aaaaand Nope!!" She laughed maniacally. "Yeeeerrrrr out!"


It wouldn't be a hard hit, but Taluna decided to 'punish' Jips for his failure to recognize her by way of hitting him on the top of his head with her balled up fist. And well, even though she was pulling her punch a lot, she was wearing a gauntlet. Gnome pranks could be brutal sometimes!

"It's me, silly! Taluna!" Declared the magical warrior gnome as she released him, making a 'ta-da' pose. "I guess it's been a while. How ya been? Off to get yer fortune read? I didn't think you put any stock on those things."
Pluvio (played by Pantrane) Topic Starter

Just as suddenly as the second gnome had appeared in a puff of blue smoke, so did the tall, mysterious figure of a dark elf. His hair was shaved bald. Eyebrows appeared to show black hair instead of the typical stark white. His eyes were an almost luminous shade of spring green, blue filaments seeming to shift with iridescence in the light.

“Pardon me for my tardiness”, said the large, dark man. His voice was deep and booming. “I was in the midst of meditation. Come in, come in. Both of you.” Inside the tent was a collection of artifacts. Some appeared to be ancient statues and idols of different figures. Some featured idealized shapes of dark elves. Others were of almost mythical looking creatures from Pluvio’s dark elf home world.

There were large, comfortable looking chairs with one for Pluvio and three across from him. “I sense an energy from you both... You two seem to share an aura”, he told Jip and Taluna. Pluvio grabbed a small orb, which appeared to be made of moonstone. He let it roll in his palm.

“I sense lots of adventure ahead for you both.” He closed his eyes. “It may be best for you to share this task. Use your energy as if you were one being. You radiate off each other. You can feed off each other’s strength.”

He leaned forward and hovered a hand near Jip first to read his energy in more detail. Pluvio tried to ignore the displeasure he sensed about his male form, fighting the urge to smirk or even grin.
Arundriel (played by Pantrane) Topic Starter

“Do come back”, Arundriel called out to the woman as she walked off with her fairies. “Let me know what I can make for you. I already have splendid ideas.”

Arundriel turned back to the woman with the French accent. “Ah yes, have you made your choice? I asked about your preference for spirits. What type of taste do you enjoy in your beverage?”

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