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Hiya! My name's Nebbie. I haven't roleplayed in a hot minute but with Covid and a growing desire to write I'm back and looking to re-use some prompts and find a few good roleplays to start up! I've got 4 characters I like to use for RP, but am putting Tess to the side since I'll probably be changing her up some. The other 3 are free to suggest ideas for! I do however have some of my own ideas:

Note: All of these are romance-focused! There's a variety of genres, though.
*I do also RP for fandoms! Any fandoms I'm interested in RP'ing are on my profile and have been updated.
-Although I'm 18+, I would prefer not to write smut!
-I'm okay with any length besides single-sentence! I need something to work off of Q-Q.

-Abandoned at the Airport (Slice of life) (Francis, Moki):
Character A has just stepped off their plane at their city and are collecting their luggage when they hear Character B having an argument on their phone nearby. It turns out Character B had just flown in with a one-way ticket from across the country to live with their S/O only for their S/O to confess to cheating and breaking up with them right after they landed. Feeling sympathy for Character B, who now has no place to stay and also doesn’t know anyone else in the city, Character A offers to let them stay with them until they can find a place for themselves or stay as their roommate. ((They fall in love soon after))

-Online Meeting (Slice of life) (Francis, Moki):
Character A regularly talks to Character B through some sort of social media site similar to Tumblr. They don’t know each other’s real names or anything else about each other, but Character A one day tells Character B that they’ve had it with their family/S/O and are going to run away. Scared for Character A’s safety, Character B offers them their place to stay at instead of disappearing. They’ve known each other online for several years, but what happens when they meet in person and realize they might have feelings for one another?

-Vampire Territory: (Fantasy), (mxm, mxf)
Francis is a character I use as either a human or vampire. Roommate prompts are super fun for me in a slice of life genre. However, as a vampire, I'm down for a lot! Either there is a new vampire in town with him having to teach them how to live as he does (by hurting as few humans as possible), or him moving to town with another vampire already living there and being too stubborn to leave their territory.

-Another idea is Moki discovering what your character is (some sort of non-human), and being too curious about them to tell anyone about them.

-Any sort of roommate RPs are good, or enemies/strangers stuck in a situation together turned romantic.
-Also really enjoy RP'ing with interesting fantasy-type characters. If you have a unique monster OC (I'm even down with witches/wizards/ghosts), please tell me about them!

These next few are mermaid (so, Estral) focused. 3/4 are merfolk x merfolk, but I can adjust them if you want to use a human character!:
Idea 1:
A is a recluse merperson who's been living away from the near-utopian merpeople society for years (insert angst-y reason here if so desired). B is sent out on an exploration mission and finds A, and quickly becomes interested in them as well as bringing them back to the society they had left behind.

Idea 2:
A is from one merperson society and B is from another with differing views (they might be the leaders of both societies). They fight one day only to be caught by fishermen looking to sell them as a pair. however, they find a way to escape and must now return home with each other's help.

Idea 3 (a classic):
A is a merperson, B a human fisherman. Somehow A gets caught in B's fishing traps and pulled into his boat, injured, and now B wants to take A home to heal them (or make plans to sell them, for an angstier start) as well as learn about merpeople.

Idea 4:
A is a former aquarium merperson suddenly released into the wild after their human owner passed away. With no idea how to survive, they stumble upon B, who decides to take them under their wing and show them what being a real merperson is about.

If you're interested in any of these please PM me or comment with your preferred character/prompt (or suggest your own!)
Magic 80%
Magic is common.
Technology 50%
Combat 40%
Unrest may be part of the setting, but any scenes that happen to involve combat may be summarized.
Romance 90%
Romance is required from early on, but there will be some semblance of a plot beyond the relationship.

Details: Freeform, adjustable length posts,

I am interested still deciding though
Scarletwolf wrote:
I am interested still deciding though

Awesome! Just let me know :^)
Hey! I haven't role-played in a while either, heh, and saw this! I'd love to explore idea 3 of the merperson themed thread of ideas. Would you be interested in rping with Xavier as the merperson?
hi! i'm interested
I'm interested in an mxm rp,you can choose which one of my characters would be suitable,if none of them work,I'll make a new one

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