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Hello Rpr! Well this event came at just the right time. I've had an idea for ages that I just couldn't bring myself to flesh out properly. Now I get to plead for your help in creating my new OC. These are the aspects of this character I'd like to see:

- Centaur!

- Female

- Non-traditional


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This Centaur is a noblewoman, but instead of living a life of balls, court, and rubbing shoulders with the who's who she considers herself a bit of an inventor and likes to tinker with gadgets.

Also she dresses like this:

For non-traditional, You could make the lower half something that isn't normally a centaur. Dryads have deer lower bodies, sphinxes sometimes have big cat lower bodies.
Shire horse breed centaur who is modern rather than historical fantasy. She co-runs a centaur only racing track and event with her money hungry and increasingly toxic partner.
Rhinoceros-taur competitive powerlifter that runs works at her family's restaurant and wants to open a gym.
Giraffe or Zebra centaur who's a protector of nature / herd animals mayhaps? :o Could easily go more semi modern or historical fantasy than high fantasy.
A centaur mailwomen/courier who delivers dangerous items or sensitive letters.
Kim Site Admin

Centaurs are one of my favorites ever. I'm mostly just here to say the ideas in this topic made me scream with delight XD
Kim Site Admin

Maybe she trains race horses? :D

Or maybe she owns a race track that is only raced in by centaurs!
Akhel teke centaur that takes on the upper body of the person they meet as their idealised self -- epitome of grace and elegance.
Honora Al-Amin (played by Dndmama) Topic Starter

Alrighty folks, well, here she is! I may have gone a little overboard but I'm pretty happy with how she turned out. Sadly there isn't too much art on her page yet as I don't really have the funds to commission some, but at least she has a face claim!

Thank you to everyone who contributed! Special shout out to Jaybird whose idea was AMAZING but I couldn't find a way to work it in with the rest of the information being thrown my direction. You'll find Collaborative OC Credits on the OOC page.

TLDR: Honora is a noble akhal teke centaur from a historical fantasy AU where magical creatures are the dominant species and humans have been subjugated as slaves/second class citizens at best. Honora runs an all centaur racing track with her greedy, racist and toxic business partner who's also a satyr. Secretly, however, her racers run messages, packages and even sometimes escaped slaves for the growing underground resistance! Viva la revolución!
Kim Site Admin

Oh wow, awesome!!!!
I love her! She is fantastic and that face claim is stunning.
Wow I love her! Great job everyone
Honora Al-Amin (played by Dndmama) Topic Starter

Thank you, everyone! I had a lot of fun making her and all your ideas really helped light the spark of an idea that I just couldn't fan into life on my own. This was a very fun event. I hope we do it again next year!

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