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Pick an oc from the person above you that you'd want to have your back in a fight based of description or reference image.
Oooh interesting :D

Of all your characters, based only on their profile art I'd pick Aldyrn to back me in a fight!
Gonna have to go with Jane. She looks intimidating.
That's simply cruelty. You can't force somebody into a dilemma like this. What do I do? Rivka or Frank Efferson? Rivka is a goblin, 'nuff said, and Frank Efferson seems like he belongs into a spaghetti western saga that would make Eastwood himself cry tears of overjoy.

Yeah, I think I'll pick Frank Efferson.

Wish I could have both, though. :c
Probably Revenant. Gotta give a hand to the mysterious "Man in a gas mask" schtick.
Nehugigas, only because I fought these big bois in an age where I had more time to play video games, and let me tell you... they’re no joke. I’m getting PTSD just looking at him. I’d rather have one as an ally to defend me and mine. That would be dope! I was too slow to post.

I would pick Elkraen Hune. Since he is a paladin, I feel like I can trust him to have my back in a pinch.
Double posted, please remove if possible.
See comment below ^w^
I think I would have to go with Kalisfeniya as I'm a sucker for ginger characters and she looks absolutely adorable.
I'm not sure how well she'd be able to protect me in a fight but she'll definitely get underestimated by opponents, which could be benificial. I also just really like cute companions for my characters.

I also am tempted to choose your PoC character, solely because I never had one but wish to have multiple for representation. Sadly enough, I don't trust myself to make one on my own as I fear I'd be portraying them in disrespectful manner.
She looks like an absolute badass that can hold her own and that you'd better not mess with.

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