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Claine Moderator

Make a statement that the next character must fulfill


The character below has green hair
The character below is a middle child
The character below has water-related powers
The character below can speak to animals

If you have a character the fulfills the statement, post as them and make a new one :D
The statements must be a little bit specific - for example 'the character below is human' is too broad can and be fulfilled by almost every user on the site.
But inversely, they must be not hyper-specific or the game will come to a complete stop.

I recommend NOT using your own character as part of the statement because the focus is supposed to be on the next user, not your own character. (An example of what to avoid would be "The character below would date my character.")

So the first one!

The character below is an adult, and under 5' in height!
Jadis (played by Juls)

She was probably over 5' at one point, but is shrunken with old age.

The character below is wanted by law enforcement.
F0ur (played by fiesch)

Most certainly wanted there is even a reward out for him

The character below is the youngest child
Sparrow (played by Claine) Topic Starter

Yes! She only has older brothers!

The character below has a good relationship with their parents!
Abayelle (played anonymously)

This character has a fantastic relationship with her parents and talks to them daily!!!

The character below can see perfectly fine in the dark.
Jegan (played by j_a7980)

This character has shadow running through his veins. Night time is always the right time.

The character below has a massive authority problem
Stephanie (played anonymously)

"Um, yeah... just ask my mother."

The character below likes to drink and shoot guns.
Fred Linch (played by Juls)

"I think I felt my ears burnin'..."

The character below is more brawn than brains.
“I’d like ta think that there’s at least a lil’ brain somewhere in there...”

The character below me has been underestimated for most of their life
Shamshir (played anonymously)

"Alas, it is hard to be taken seriously as a fighter when you're only four feet tall. I've done fine despite everything though!"

The character below me has a great sense of duty and honor!
Ariock of Caessia (played anonymously)

"Someone has to be." the paladin growled, "I won't stand for innocent lives being threatened."

The character below has suffered through a great deal.
Wilhelmina (played anonymously)

I think becoming a vampire to survive WWII is considered having suffered through a great deal. Not to mention all the things that followed afterwards.

The character below is obsessed with collecting cute things.
Efficacious (played by Dndmama)

"Aaaah! Yes! All the cute things! Give them to meeeeee!" Effy proceeds to run around in circles at a ridiculous speed hugging every plushie she can get her hands on.

The character below me suffers from unrequited love.
Sasha Antonova (played anonymously)

“I do indeed... though it was I who broke up with him. It was a mistake and the pressures of our jobs got to us... well, me. If I could do it over again.... we still stay in touch, but I miss that close intimacy we had back when we started dating, and I don’t know if I’ll ever get that back with him... he seems happy with someone else.”

The Character below likes music...
Jacobi (played by fiesch)

"Music is the one thing I get to have to enjoy out in this desert." He gestures to the lute by him with an affectionate smile. "Keeps me sane at times."

The character below has a terrible secret
Dorothy Parsons (played by Juls)

She might be harboring a dark secret ... shhhhhhh ...

The character below has a tail.
Geck (played anonymously)

Geck has a tail! And wares! Buy Geck’s wares!

The character below can not afford to buy Geck’s wares.
Jane (played anonymously)

She may not be able to afford, but that doesn't stop her from taking anyway >_>

The character below loves video games!
Being the geek she is, she certainly loves playing video games. If her social life and needed amount of studying allow it, she can be found playing games for hours on end. Platform games are her favorite!

The character below was born on a holiday (Such as Christmas, Valentine's day, 4th of July,...).

If that is too specific and there is no character for this, then a character that was born between Christmas and New year's eve or a character that was born between Valentine's day and Easter?
Braunwyn (played anonymously)

Braunwyn's birth certificate says that she was born on January 1st, so New Year's Day - which is a holiday!

The character below has adopted a pet from a shelter or rescue group.

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