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she just tosses her sword up and down before doing a few expert sword tricks "that proficient enough for you girly?"

the idiot below me is planning to overthrow their nations government
"Me! Me! Me! Me!" Kokichi jumped up and down.

"The person below has to buy me more grape soda, because Shuichi won't do it for me."
"are you trying to make me poor jeez im going to be out of what cash i have left at this rate"

the person below me has to work in a job they really despise
"How dare you make me make me do laundry!" The woman huffed.

The person below me has to do a Hit job.
Noble Six (played by Shadeslayer45)

"i see so its another assignment no matter B312 ready for deployment"

the person below me has to choose between themselves or their country
"Myself and my squadmates, cause I have no country."

The person below me wishes to deploy the Anti-Rain team, which M4A1 commands.
Dulirn (played by Juls)

"They would do my bidding? Then very much so... yes, I would wish to have them at my disposal."

The character below cracks or pops their joints frequently.
Pint cracks his knuckles.

"Gotta limber up before a scrap, mate!"

"The person below doesn't know when to quit!"
"Roar." Kokichi appeared out of nowhere.

"The person below got fooled by my fake death."
“Nope, I’m gonna keep shooting you.”

The person below me has spare 5.56×45mm NATO rounds on them.
Sayo Hitsugi (played by Michael147)

"As an assassin, I never leave the house without any!" 😉

Now... The personal below me... Is a bit of a nerd/geek.
“I’m a nerd on time... does that count?”

“The person below me... punch family member you like!”
"shoot show me to king arthur id do it even without being told too"

"the person below a master of dark magic"
“Yes, but I use it for good, not evil.”

The person below would like to learn it.
he accepts the mans offer to learn dark magic hey it might help him find a clue to lifting his curse

the person below has been betrayed by someone close to them
Fenris (played by Lord_Cegorach)

"Yes... my father left me to rot on an island of mists, the crime of being just... myself."

(The person below has some sort of divine heritage OR is a close friend\partner with a God)
Brynhildr (played by Shadeslayer45)

she simply smiles not having any words to offer she was a daughter of odin thus she fulfilled the divine heritage part

the person below is forced to do one task for eternity
Amun (played anonymously)

“Does it count as forced if you enjoy your work?” He asked, head tilting, before shrugging. “I suppose it doesn’t matter.”

The person below has spent their entire life in one place.
"all those little souls only to keep me company in that dark place called the underworld"

the person below is looking for peace
Aquila (played by pixl.Bee)

"Aren't we all? Or... most of us are, I think."
The character below is allergic to a certain food.

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