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Hey all! So, I saw Folklores thread, about 12+ page profile appreciation and while this is a fantastic idea and I am crediting them for the inspiration of this idea, there are many profiles I've seen that are super in depth, but only a couple pages; but within those couple pages, holds lots of information, upwards of thousands and thousands of words. I'd like to give a place for those to be shown off as well. While none of my profiles are quite that big, I do have several that are rather in depth.

This thread is to show off your detailed character profiles. I'm talking appearance, backstory, family ties, in depth personality, zodiac sign and what that means, detailing of powers and attire, purple prose and poetry, those kinds of things.

Death is probably my post in-depth character profile.

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Heck yeah!! Some people got confused on what I meant and I'm glad they can come here and show off!
Mercy, I have to say that Death is an awesome character page! It's like a story of its own!

I don't know if it is that detailed as you list, but you give me some ideas to add to Nina Phelps's character page. Thank you for the inspiration, and I hope to keep filling in the details!
Ben (played anonymously)

Gorgeous work. I think this is one of mine.
I am probably not entirely included in all of this considering I play canon characters or, rather, my interpretation of canon characters. For some of my profiles, I've made a template of information to help resolve any questions or musings about my representation, but otherwise, I tend to stray from conformity for the sake of exploring the wide variations I can utilize in playing said canons! As much as I love everyone's beautiful OCs, I hope that my canons can be equally appreciated to some degree as I have so, so much fun portraying them!

I can't pick a favorite but I have really enjoyed Sherlock Holmes and, of course, James Moriarty if I had to choose, but I've also really appreciated the freedoms I've had in creating and developing the backstory behind the underdeveloped Detective Inspector Lestrade.

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