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I was thinking, maybe when you start, you can start off with one of those masks that you have to buy to change your username. Just a thought though :) I have no clue how to check if this was already suggested, so please just delete/lock this topic if it has. Thanks! <3
Kim is willing to change the names of very new accounts for free so I feel this isn't needed. Besides the money for name changes goes to server fees and I'd rather not take any money away from RPR.
I think this could be alright if it was for fairly new accounts, but as someone who did the whole name change thing for myself and grappled with whether or not I wanted to pay the cost, I still value that the money is going to help support the site
I'll add in that thw cost is pretty low, and if a person is unwilling or still unable to pay it for some reason, it's actually common for a request for a name change item posted to the forums to be fulfilled within just a few days. It helps that its not a common request, but it happens enough that the pattern has been clear. :)
Kim Site Admin

Yes, I commonly do name changes for free for newer accounts, or for people who are facing harassment issues. You just have to get in touch. :)

The cost for "just because" name changes on older accounts is partially there because name changes can create some mild confusion and consternation in online communities, where often the only way you can identify the people you know is by their username. I wanted it to be possible, but not something people would do commonly or on a whim, so there is a potential cost there as a way of saying, "Are you really sure?"

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