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Just a silly little idea I had, what if there were birthdays for the characters we created? (also so i'd know when I created them.)

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Hey Jetty, a good simple way to do this is in the ‘Basic Info’ widget. The Character Wizard has predetermined topics when a character is created but not all the topics are usually used. Simply put in one you won’t bd using the date you created the character, and after you finish the profile, go back in and edit the basic info widget line name to ‘Created On’.

That it just put a line in the ‘history’ section or somewhere.
You could even start a group thread, etc. to celebrate characters' birthdays! :)
Lets go further on this though....

Our characters message us when we have a birthday, why not have the same feature? Where it's notified with people who follow the character? And only that?

Obviously it would spam if we didn't want to follow all your maybe having it auto follow the users characters as well as the user itself immediately should be....reapproached to where if you befriend a user, you only follow user and choose which characters to follow.
I think a little character birthday notification could be cute as a little flavor feature!

In a similar vein, maybe a place to see how old any specific character profile is? Similar to the account age, just a private little place to see a little detail

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