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Hello everyone I am taking a leap and getting back into roleplay just starting from scratch i don't really even have any characters anymore just leaping into ot and see what happens.

Iam part of the 30+ crowd, I love modern paranormal roleplay, high fantasy, romance and occasional everything but the kitchen sink type of rp. I feeling aliytle intimidated going on her with nothing to show but I open to a challenge.

Welcome Masquerade! Glad you found RP Repository! Hoping you find this place a fun place to roleplay! May you settle in well!

If there are questions, here is a useful link to help you get started deeper into your journey here on RP Repository ...
'Getting Started' Guide

And if you want to know more about character-page creation here on RP Repository and all you can do with Character pages, this link has a lot of helpful information on navigating the processes...
'Character Creation' Guide

Happy RP’ng!
Hello! Welcome back :)

If it helps, you’re in a similar position as people who use a lot of anonymous characters. So, no worries, I’m sure it will work out great :)

Hello and Welcome, Hope you like RPR!!!
Hi there, welcome to RPR.

Welcome to RPR and I hope you enjoy your time!
Hi, welcome to RPR. I hope you have a good time! :)

There are lots of kinds of RPs here, and plenty of different pages to play at, and also lots of different RPers! :) You can surely find something for you if you follow the rules, get a read on the guidelines, and put yourself forward a little! Just take a breath (metaphorically and/or literally!), and then when you're ready, put yourself forward! :) There's a great community, lots of fun games, and some cool groups. So just be good, ask a mod if you need help with a site problem, and use a bug report form if you find something wrong. In any case, just be nice and have a nice time, alright? If you have a question you can feel free to message me. I've read some sci-fi and fantasy books, and I like various forms of storybook-style roleplay, although I'm a little busy with some right now. Anyway. Maybe I'll see you around. :) :)

That's about it from me for now. Have a good time! I hope you'll have fun, be creative, take care of yourself, be kind to your fellow roleplayers, and get some cool stuff done! And maybe whole you're at it, you can make some friends, who knows? ^_^ :) :D :3 :) Byebye!


:) :) :O :D :) :P :D XD :) :) :P :) :D :3 ;3 ;) ;D :D :) :P :) :D :) :) :( :) :( :( :) :) :) :D :b :p :d :o :D
Masquerade, welcome to RPR. May there be many kitchen sinks to line your RP's here hehe. This is a great community!
Welcome to RPR!!

I hope you find it incredibly enjoyable!! Everyone here is sweet and understanding.

You’ll never have a dry moment!!
Kim Site Admin

Hey Masquerade! Welcome to the site. How have you been doing so far? Any questions we can help with? :)
Hey, welcome to RPR! I hope you have a lot of fun here!
Have your self some fun and be great!

Welcome to the site!
Masquerade Topic Starter

So, I had made this profile almost a year ago then I disappeared but now I have the time and notion to try to rp again. Huzzah to a new hopefully a little less crazy new year!!

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