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Asteroid (played by NiftySpiffy)

"there are about, three other people outside right now."
Rose Q. (played anonymously)

"You seem to deal with teleportation" She looked at asteroid "and it speaks too, whos outside" She walked to the hole she made in the wall
Asteroid (played by NiftySpiffy)

"Jay, Clay, and Rose"
the hole was slowly shrinking Infinity hard at work repairing herself with what little resources she has onboard
Rose Q. (played anonymously)

"Miss Ship you might as well make it a door" She looked at Infinity
"i will repair myself to the state indicated by my blueprints"
Asteroid (played by NiftySpiffy)

Rose Q. (played anonymously)

"you have not a sense of humor hun" She began walking around looking for an exit
"affirmative miss"
Asteroid (played by NiftySpiffy)

Nolegs jut sat there. Drinking some water. "Meow." (Translate:I been quiet for too long so i'ma just speak so i won't get suspected.)
"You and me both." Theo replied to what he presumed was a quadruple amputee cat dressed as a knight. He was only assuming this because often things aren't what they seem. Theo couldn't understand Nolegs, so he was just hazarding a guess as to what the cat was saying.
Nolegs sighed as he knew that Theo can't understand him. Soo he randomly grabbed a white board out of... thin air? what the- And wrote what he said on the white board then passed it to him. The board said:I been quiet for too long so i'ma just speak so i won't get suspected.
Theo nods. "Makes sense to me."
the D77-TC Pelican still sat outside allowing passage to and from infinity without risk of saying getting shot
Nolegs starts to look up and wondered to himself. Meow... (Translate:Hmm... This place seems to be very silent. I feel like i should like do something but i don't wanna disturb the peace.)
Rose Q. (played anonymously)

Rose was in the bar streching, no reason just gotta be healthy
Arren (played by Wraith_of_Dragons)

Arren walked in, feeling a tad brain dead from doing physics homework late the night before. I could use some coffee, he thought.
Looking around, he walked to an empty table and immediately fell asleep.
and infinity was left to ponder the previous conversation as she went into a form of sleep mode a solid blue ball of light appearing on the pedestal where her human figure was
Rose Q. (played anonymously)

Rose appeared in the bar, casual clothes despite her normally wearing a suit. "That was a nice run" She looked around "ship's still there too" she ordered some whiskey didn't really affect her-

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