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TLDR: Dark theme hurt eyeballs. Light theme and classic theme also hurt eyeballs because light sensitivity. Gray colored theme with off-white text or black text would be accommodating to those with vision problems. Or option to increase font size site-wide.

Just another "accommodation for potential disabilities thread." The gist of it is that RPR's themes are currently pretty astigmatism and other vision impairment unfriendly; in my case, I have a severe astigmatism in one eye and light sensitivity in both. For the unfamiliar, astigmatisms can cause "halo auras" around light colored fonts on dark colored backgrounds. This makes reading extremely difficult, as you're essentially reading in double. So far, the only accommodation I've been able to find that works is asking my partners to either bold portions of the text or to have to crank the font size of their posts up, which is unsightly for them and takes forever to read because you can only read a sentence at a time before having to slowly scroll down. There's no option for me to change the text just for me, without forcing my partners to have to view the text size I need.

Example of halo text:

For some, it might be as easy as "okay, just switch to light theme then," but I can't do this either because of light sensitivity. Staring at lightly colored backgrounds for too long gives me a headache and strains my eyes, and that takes me straight back to square one of "ow my eyeballs hurt."

To solve this, I propose one of two solutions:

1) Site-wide setting to adjust font size. Sort of like how e-books do it. This is a better solution than zooming in, as it doesn't directly mess up the visibility of everything on the site and limit me only to looking at that specific sentence. Imagine trying to edit a character profile while you're zoomed in 150%. It's not possible.

This would also help dyslexics, as the font size being able to be adjusted means that those of us with problems reading text for any various reason can adjust it to our preferences.

2) Gray or blue theme. For astigmatism or light sensitive viewers, these two colors - combined with a off-white font color - have been proven to be the easiest contrasts to read. No eye strain. No squinting. No bright colors the same intensity as the sun to burn off your retinas. Not only is it disability friendly, it's also just aesthetically pleasing.

Included below is an example of gray themes:

I actually really like this suggestion. I usually switch to dark themes for websites that have it available, but the one on here really isn't that good. It tends to bother my eyes even more than the light or parchment themes. I would personally vote for a black or dark gray background with a lighter gray for text so that it's not such a stark contrast like black/white usually tends to be.
This would be great! I create my own dark theme for my browser that I can change any website to that is fully customizable to my needs, however for those that aren't able to do this, and to make it easier on people in general, (along with the font thing), I think this is a great idea.
I too would support this as someone with severe astigmatism and light sensitivity. I have to use the dark theme for the sake of my eyeballs.... but even that can still be rough.
Sounds like you CSS Template designers have a mission/project/thingy set out for you.

I myself have astigmatism and have been dealing with it for a long time now. I myself prefer the darker themes on websites, but I find the standard parchment look of RPR my preferred mode.

I find it very easy to increase font size on Chrome. It helps a lot.
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Unfortunately, increasing the font size on Chrome is only a temporary fix that's sort of a PITA. I'd have to change it back and forth constantly, since font size varies from site to site. :/ RP sites are usually the only ones where I have to spend so much time reading (squinting) text that's small.

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