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Zaharah (played by hexblading)

Simple as that! List three things we can find in your character's backpack/satchel.

I'll go first!
  • Bottles of poison.
  • Corresponding antidotes.
  • Throwing knives.
Stephanie (played anonymously)

“What do I have in my little clutch purse? Let’s see ...”
*opens it and grabs three random things*
  • Make-up/mirror compact
  • Debit card
  • condom
Kiran (played by Leighoflight)

    * Lots of scalpels
    * Small vials of his own blood
    * Herbal teabags
Jude (played by Banshee)

  • Jude's Little Black Book of Death
  • Manitoba/Canada maps
  • Pocket knife
Edith (played by Banshee)

  • Scalpel
  • Perfume, always
  • Notepad and ink pens
" Hrn... let's see here "

Ivory smoking pipe


A gryphon quill pen


A pipe leaf pouch


• Enchanted handcuffs
• Medical supplies
• A small carved wooden frog


• A wallet
• Set of car keys to a car he doesn’t know
• Things picked up off the street like fag butts and gum wrappers


• Stolen money
• Other shiny things, also stolen
• A full set of women’s clothing
Tarid Lawrence (played anonymously)

1. Triumph bike keys.

2. Debit card.

3. Drivers license.
Jeremiah Teller (played anonymously)

“I don’t carry a pack, but three things I have on me are a...
  • Glock 9mm
  • dumb cellphone
  • wallet
Flynn (played by Riik)

For modern RP (the most likely scenario where Flynn wears a pack would be on their motorcycle):
  • Lock & chain
  • Disc lock
  • Waterproof motorcycle cover
Fred (played anonymously)

"I have a wallet! I also have a spare change of clothing, and a cellphone I'm yet to figure out how it works... Phones are amazing. Humans hold tremendous amounts of information in the palm of the hand. That... 'Blows my mind'? Is that how you say it?"
Luke Henderson (played by Falyn)

* Box of waterproof matches
* Deep pan to boil water
* Swiss army knife
Alex (played anonymously)

Alex laughed a bit before nodding. "Ah yes. I think it's easy to know but I'll say it anyway. A pillow, a blanket, and a sleeping mask. If you have to think hard enough, you can sleep anywhere," He said with pride
"That's easy! A warm tart, my dagger Stewart, and whatever parcels or mail I'm er, delivering!"
Geist (played by hexblading) Topic Starter

Geist has many things, for many reasons.

A drunk adventurer about to start a fight would find that he's missing his sword.
A bowl used to feed the town cats in the morning he'd keep to bring out in the morning, outside Rosa's apartment where the kitties gather.
Someone's wedding ring, because the holder can no longer bear the sight of it and doesn't have the heart to sell it.
Yaazecsus (played by Leighoflight)

A decent amount of platinum coins

A phylactery, not his, it belongs to someone else, may have a few of these with him.

Teabags, can't get caught short
Oliver Quill (played by Banshee)

    • Cigarettes
    • Lighter
    • Small bottle of glut
Dralt (played by Libertine)

  • A vial of blood from something not human
  • A black veil gifted as a lady's favour
  • A polished black rock with silver specks of mica
Adhira (played anonymously)

  • A well-loved, near balding velvet ribbon. Notched and frayed at the ends, The entirety of this poor ribbon is twisted as if having once been braided.
  • Antique pocketwatch, bronzey, nonfunctional. It is large and as it shifts about within her bag, you can hear the parts within the watch shifting as well. Engraved with florals on one side, and on the other with: To our dear, bright son, Alexander - Merry Days ahead! - Love always Mum & Dad. Its primary function is not so much as a timepiece anymore- not in the way one would think.
  • A leatherbound journal, nicely secured with a metal latch. Within it are a number of anatomical drawings and scientific notes written in very, very old languages which could be difficult for those not of a certain dusty old age to decipher.
Kalisfeniya (played by Avelithe)


Sketchbook: A book with personal references, studies, drawings, and information.


Ink and Quill: Carried on person at all times in the event notes need to be written.


Heart pendant: A precious pendant that once belonged to Kali'aelia, Kali's mother.

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