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It was a hot summer day, with the Sun shining brightly on the sky practically devoid of clouds. On a small island near the continent, the travelling herbalist, Wakumi Aokawa was sitting in the shade of a tree, drinking lemon balm juice, made by herself. Since she was travelling alone during the last week and there were not so much happening, she felt bored. Maybe she should do something against this. As the Honengame was drinking her juice, she looked at it and got a sudden idea: why not hosting a little event on this island? With drinks and all. After all, everyone could benefit from this: other people would get to know about health more, while getting a nice refreshment at the same time. And she herself could sell more of her medicines, get to know more people, and most importantly maybe getting some new friends. Wakumi got excited just the thought of it.

At first, she made the fliers. The starting time on early evening. The planned events included:

    A little dance party with herbal juices as drinks
    Fun play in the ocean
    Bonfire starting from later on the evening

Of course, she also included that the invitees should only bring some food with themselves and swimwear, of course - since she would take care of the other things. In order to distribute them, she put the fliers into small bottles and threw them into the ocean. She thought that by choosing such a random way of distribution, different kinds of people would show up from different places, bringing a lot of excitement to this event.
With this done, she then headed inside the island to collect wood for the bonfire and make her stall. She was ready for some summer fun, after all.

OOC part:
Welcome to my Summer Soiree 2021 Event activity. This is intended to be a fantasy-themed roleplay, where any kinds of magical creatures are accepted. However, keep in mind, that the setting is roughly a medieval fantasy world, so choose your character accordingly. Also, I keep the maximum amount of participants on 5, since I dont have much experience in RP-s including a bunch of characters at once. My goal, is to introduce Wakumi to new people and have fun. I am going to try to respond as soon as possible, while I may be slow at times but I am going to reply within max. 48 hours.

I hope to see you soon and have a nice summer.
Slappy had just finished delivering some documents to an inhabitant on the island. He wasn't used to sea voyages and usually stuck with jobs on the mainland for that reason. Still, he'd been offered an exceptionally good price for their safe delivery given the unusual distance and circumstances of this particular job. Not only had he been well paid, but the recipient had provided a generous tip.

Much to the halfling's dismay, however, there were not going to be any ships or barges headed back to the mainland until the following day. That meant the little postal hobbit would be stuck here overnight. He'd have to find an inn or other suitable place to stay for the evening and try to book passage out of here the next morning. There was a more pressing problem at the moment, however. Slappy felt his tummy rumbling and that meant he needed to find some food.

As Slappy looked for a place to purchase a meal, walked along the docks. He had just left the port master's office and he happened to spy a bottle drifting lazily along the edge of the shoreline just beyond the port. Curious, the halfling made his way toward the water's edge and plucked it from the water. He wasn't expecting to find anything but examined it nonetheless.

"Oh my," He exclaimed aloud. "There's a note in this bottle! I've heard of such things in stories, but never have I seen one!" He wondered what the note said. Would he even be able to read it? There was no guarantee it was written in the common tongue. Perhaps it had come from someone marooned on a distant island hoping for rescue, or a parchment containing a magical spell..."

He pulled the cork from the bottle and fished the paper out. It was... an invitation to a party that evening? "A party? Don't mind if I do," he said to himself. After all, parties always had food and drink. The note requested attendees bring some food and swimwear. There was still plenty of time to prepare before the evening, so Slappy set off to grab some lunch, find some food for the evening, and something that he could swim in.

As the sun began to sink below the horizon a few hours later, the halfling arrived with a basket containing a fresh loaf of bread, some nuts, berries, and cured meats.
Wakumi Aokawa (played by AgateTurtle) Topic Starter

As the Sun was setting on the horizon, Wakumi managed to set up her booth and prepare the fireplace for the bonfire. She also made several herbal juices, including lemon balm, mint, aloe vera and elderflower (since it was the beginning of summer, when the elder is blossoming). Putting them into her booth, she also prepared her shamisen, in order to provide music for the party. Clad in her dark-blue summer yukata (which was decorated with pink carnation- and blue dragonfly patterns), the Honengame was tuning her instrument when she was the halfling to arrive.

”Welcome!” she smiled, happy that the first guest is here.
Haiyzel Kanahri (played anonymously)

Haiyzel skidded along the ocean, the boat bumping over the waves; her song flowed out around her and the sail was unfurled and full of the chill wind.
The sun beat down, twinkling over the waves and the splashing beads of water....
Something glinted brightly, and the cheerful sailor snatched it up as she went by. The cool feeling of glass in her hand and the rough feel of cork... Haiyzel fell backwards, but a little topple wasn't enough to upset her. Well... by one definition of the word...

Shaking herself off and cooing brightly to her animal friends, she sat back up and peered at the corked bottle. Upon first glance, it could be a mere piece of junk; with a closer study she could tell that there was a note inside, plasticy paper or very thin leather.

Upon reading the note, Haiyzel whooped - startling her poor pets - and scratched her hair. It fluffed enormously, and Haiyzel tied a scarf around it like a headband. "Babies, we're going to a party! Who wants to look smart?"

It turned out, only two of them. Her mouse hid in her jacket pocket, her ferret wore a shining suit, and one of her lizards had a cute pink bow. Haiyzel herself straightened her tunic and knocked some invisible dirt from her boots as she approached the island party. Not many people were there yet; she had docked her boat near the back of the island (if there was such a thing), and made sure all of the animals and valuables were well put away before securing the boat and setting off up the sandy path.
Birds flew by overhead, and the smell of tropical fruits pervaded the air. Haiyzel smiled and entered the place curiously. There seemed to be... A medicine show? Or a traveling healer? But there were some unusual people there, among the bright colors and dunes of the island.
Wakumi Aokawa (played by AgateTurtle) Topic Starter

Just after greeting her halfling guest, Wakumi noticed Haiyzel to arrive as well. She was so excited: her next guest arrived. Honestly, she half did not expected people to be interested after such a short amount of time. She rushed across the sandy beach to greet her:

"Welcome. I am the host of this upcoming little party, Wakumi Aokawa." she bowed. "Please, follow me."
Shou (played by FreeJayFly)

Summer... it was a time where finding anything to feed off of was difficult without making one's presence too noticeable. It was troublesome more than anything.

The feathers on Shou fluffed out for a moment as he sat upon Manzamo, watching as the waves curl upon themselves as they rolled their way toward the cape. Despite his thoughts and brooding over no real easy way to feast and gorge himself on positive emotions without being outed, there was something that caught his attention. A peculiar glint in the ocean's waves caught Shou's eye that did not seem to match the sun's light bouncing off the ocean's waves.

Spreading his wings, Shou flew down and gathered the curious object from the water before noting that it had a piece of parchment within. Perching back upon the cape, Shou smashed the bottle against a nearby rock to read the parchment. Skimming over the contents, there were aspects that he caught and were intrigued by. Though, the irony of bringing food to this event was not lost on him. With a bit of a huff, Shou took a more proper form of a crow before flying to the nearest town to collect fruits, vegetables, dried meats, and rice from personal stores from the locals.

With a basket of these goods, Shou took off toward the direction where the note said to meet. It was only fortunate that it seemed like he did not have that far to travel.

Arriving at the island, Shou took time to transform himself into a more human appearance with a commoner's set of garbs. A rough cotton kimono that was a dull blue in colour, and an equally rough haori that was slightly lighter in colour. Carrying the basket, the human form of Shou walked along the shoreline before arriving where it seemed people actually gathered. He found himself grateful that his curiosity paid off.

"Hello! I bring food for the festivities," Shou said to anyone that might have been the host here, motioning to his basket of not-so-honestly gained produce.
Wakumi Aokawa (played by AgateTurtle) Topic Starter

"Oh, welcome!" Wakumi noticed Shou and went to greet him. Looking at him, she was inmediately able to sense he was not human. However, she was caught up being busy hosting the event and anybody was welcome, regardless of alignment. Hopefully, everyone could get along very well with each other without a hitch....
A human-ish looking woman greeted the halfling for a moment. She was busy tuning an instrument of some sort. "Hullo," the halfling managed, wondering where he could set his basket. It was unclear if the food was intended to be shared or if each person was to bring their own meal for the event. It appeared Slappy was the first one there. Before he had the time to make an introduction or ask for clarification, she was hurrying off to welcome another.

Two more newcomers arrived and their host hurried to greet them. Sure enough, the woman was the host and identified herself as such and gave her name as Wakumi Aokawa."Please, follow me." Not knowing what else to do, the halfling had followed after her when she'd moved to greet the others. When their host instructed the new guest to follow her, Slappy fell in line behind them still clutching his basket of food.
Shou (played by FreeJayFly)

Shou placed the basket of food items on the sandy ground close to the people that had gathered and offered a smile. Fake or not, he kept his hands at his sides before he took a couple steps back. It seemed quite evident that his true self had become noticed. He believed it had hidden it so well.

Emotions were a fickle thing. Even the slightest flicker did not go beyond his notice.

"Well, do enjoy the food I have delivered for your... summer fun," Shou said, a slight drawl to his tone as he kept the smile on his face. "Grill it, stew it, roast it... whatever you deem the best way to prepare it."

With that, Shou reverted into his crow form and flew off back toward the way he came.
Wakumi Aokawa (played by AgateTurtle) Topic Starter

Slappy the halfling: Wakumi noticed Slappy and went to him. “Sorry, this is first event as a host and I am so caught-up.“ She then bowed. “My name is Wakumi Aokawa and happy that you have come here. If you have any questions, just ask.“

Shou: “Hey, wait!“ Wakumi ran after Shou. Did she do something to make him leave? If someone would leave just before their arrival that would indicate she was not a good host.... something she wanted to avoid. In fact, despite sensing Shou wasnt human, Wakumi was still a bit oblivious of his true nature. “Please ,stay...“

Because it was the first ever event she had organized, Wakumi wanted to make sure that everyone would enjoy this party and nobody would feel left out. It became apparent that things are really hard to keep in check if someone is hosting an event just by themselves, so Wakumi decided to call over a friend to help her out: Kaminari the Japanese Sleeping Ray mermaid. She had golden-blonde hair tied into twin-buns and bright green eyes. Her tailfin was vertical, also with a larger pair of pervic fins and a dull reddish-brown color which extended to her back and shoulders up until her neck. Her wing-like ray fins were connected to and supported by her arms. Upon arriving on the island, she transformed into a human form,wearing a white kimono top, red obi and a red knee-lenght skirt. She mostly would provide the music during the party, but also ready help out in anything if necessary.
"Uh, hullo," Slappy replied to the host. "I'm called Slappy. I'm a uh, postal hobbit or er, deliverer of information. I am pleased to make your acquaintance. I found one of your invites in a bottle by the docks. I do love a party and food! I brought a goody basket!" Slappy held up his basket filled with the different foods he purchased before arriving. Noting that Shou had set a similar basket down, Slappy placed his beside it. "Uh, help yourself," He halfling said. He grabbed a few items to nibble on. After all, it was a party and he was growing hungry. Some other new folks were arriving including a mermaid that took human form.

"Uh, quite an eclectic group we have here," he observed aloud, trying to make some small talk. "So, are you, folks, from around here or just passing through the area?"
Wakumi Aokawa (played by AgateTurtle) Topic Starter

Slappy the halfling: “My pleasure, Slappy.“ Wakumi bowed and smiled at the halfling. She then motioned towards Kaminari. “This mermaid is Kaminari-san, my friend who is heling me out. She is going to provide the music for this party with the shamisen.“

Kaminari did not say anything, just shyly bowed. She was not that type who would open up right away.

“I hope you are going to enjoy the party. I will do my best to provide a good time for everyone!“ Wakumi said in a cheerful tone. Although she was sligthly worried, she decided to hide it in order to not scare the guests away. “And big thanks for the food you have brought. It is going to be for everyone who would participate the party.“
"Uh thank you," the halfling replied a bit awkwardly. He didn't know the local customs and was not used to being bowed to. He paused and then returned the bow, not sure of the etiquette.

Following the introduction to the mermaid woman who bowed to the halfling, Slappy bowed in return. "Pleased, to make yer acquaintance."

“I hope you are going to enjoy the party. I will do my best to provide a good time for everyone!“ Wakumi said in a cheerful tone. Although she was sligthly worried, she decided to hide it in order to not scare the guests away. “And big thanks for the food you have brought. It is going to be for everyone who would participate the party.“

"That sounds delightful," The halfling replied. "I do love a party. I'm not hard to please! I do enjoy food and drink!"
Haiyzel Kanahri (played anonymously)

Haiyzel was surprised, but found the woman charming, and followed her with a smile and greeting. She cheerfully walked through the sand, past snails and shells with pearly residue, bright birds, and pretty fruit. Scrubby grasses grew here and there, and her animals chittered at the ones floating past the trees and scampering under small dunes. A large beetle waved its antlers at her, and Haiyzel's lizard poked its head out of her sleeve. She stroked the little animal's head and neck, poking at its bow and trying not to giggle. "Say hello, guys! Hi, little beetle..." She waved her fingers at it, and continued walking until they got to their destination.
From her pack, Haiyzel produced a bag of nuts and a dense loaf of bread. She set them on a rocky table, and took a drink from her thick glass bottle of water.
"This island is lovely," she said to the hostess. "Is it yours? I hope that isn't impolite, I mean, the invitation didn't say anything about a house but you are inviting people here, so I just wondered!"
She grinned brightly at Ms. Aokawa. The sun was bright, the insects chirped, and the waves all splashed against the shoreline, but over it all Haiyzel could hear the sounds of people.
Wakumi Aokawa (played by AgateTurtle) Topic Starter

Slappy the halfling: "I am happy to hear that." Wakumi smiled at Slappy. "My drinks are healthy, but refreshing at the same time. To be honest, it wasnt easy to make them."

Wakumi hoped that her herbal juices would get the peoples fancy. A healthy refreshment was the best in a hot summer like this, after all.

Haiyzel Kanahri: "Well, this island is just a place I stopped during my neverending journey." Wakumi replied to Haiyzel. "As a travelling herbalist, I am constantly in move and rarely sending longer time on one place. And of course, I think a party in an open place is more fun. Here we have plenty more space than if we were just stuck in a house."
She then noticed the animals Haiyzel had with her: "Wow! They are so cute!"


Meanwhile, Kaminari checked the shamisen if it would work for the party music. Wakumi sure checked it once, but one couldnt be sure enough. She nodded after she found it working just fine. She then glanced at her friend interacting with the guests. Kaminari couldnt help but a bit jealeous of Wakumi doing so that easily.
Slappy the halfling: "I am happy to hear that."

Wakumi smiled at Slappy. "My drinks are healthy, but refreshing at the same time. To be honest, it wasnt easy to make them."

"Health drink," the halfling asked curiously. "Do you mean like a healing potion or magic elixer?"

Wakumi hoped that her herbal juices would get the peoples fancy. A healthy refreshment was the best in a hot summer like this, after all.

"Are you some sort of herbalist or cleric," Slappy inquired of their host.
Wakumi Aokawa (played by AgateTurtle) Topic Starter

"I have just make drinks from different kinds of herbs." Wakumi responded to Slappy. "And I am actually a herbalist, traveling the world helping people."
"Do they just help you to stay healthy or do they actually cure diseases," the halfling inquired curiously. It appeared the drinks were made from natural ingredients and were not magical. At least that was Slappy's understanding based on his host's reply.
Haiyzel Kanahri (played anonymously)

Haiyzel smiled at the woman when she complimented her friends. "You can touch him gently if you like. He doesn't really mind. Just don't speak too loudly or startle him, and he should be fine," she cautioned.
Some people didn't like snakes or lizards, so it was nice to see someone who did. Haiyzel enjoyed talking about her animal fellows, describing this one's molting or that one's cute eating habit, but people sometimes tired of it.

"Would you like some water, by the way? I have some lovely mountain water here, it's a pretty big jug so I figured it would be fine, or I can set it over there if you want?"
The woman seemed very busy, after all, and Haiyzel found herself a little absent-minded-feeling in the heat. Usually she was fine with it, but the excitement and her want for hydration were making her feel a little bit giddy. She poured a cup of water, and excused herself to set up a portable feeder to water her buddies.
"I'll just be over there, near those trees, you see? They don't always like to be watched, ahaha, we like our privacy, you know? So I'll come back when we're done. Thank you." She bowed and removed herself for a moment.

Watching them drink water was so cute! She smiled affectionately, and then paused with her mouth full of water. Did they think she was cute, too?! She wondered. It made her snort and sputter, so she hastily drank the water instead of choking on it, as she might have if she laughed it down on accident. "Whoops," she added, "sorry. Didn't mean to startle you guys. Go on, drink your water, it's fine!" She giggled softly.
Wakumi Aokawa (played by AgateTurtle) Topic Starter

Haiyzel Kanahri: "Okay, take your time." Wakumi smiled at Haiyzel as she went to the side to have some water. A human with great friendship with some reptiles, this was new to her. She could not wait to know more about them.

Slappy the halfling: "Well, they are mainly to remain healthy, although I can make herbal tea as well to help curing certain diseases." Wakumi explained to Slappy. "My juices are different from the medicines I usually make for curing diseases or to treat wounds.

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