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Hello! My name is Mainon. I am new but I have a lot of experience in role playing, which is good if you want an experienced partner.

I go by he/they pronouns, as I am masculine non-binary. Some things about me is that I love any type of RP, I write my own novels, I do art and I have a big heart for digital graphics.

I’m here to say that I’m already looking for an RP partner. I made a male character who is a god: Amoux (if you are interested in talking about an RP with him, just message me.)

Things I don’t do with RPs

1. One liners. Send me a one liner and I’ll drop the RP. I only do multipara and high details.
2. You know.. there is a lot more but I can’t think of any at this moment. So just message me if you want more details.

Writing Example

Well this is great. Amoux narrowed his eyes, teeth baring in a snarl. His sharp nails dug into his palms.

Before him sat a tall beast, scales brighter than gold, talons and teeth sharper than any blade. It’s wings were spread wide in an comfortable pose as it’s long spiked tail wrapped around its body. The beast snorted with plumes of smoke puffing from it’s nostrils, a fiery glow beneath the scales of it’s chest as it stared at the young God.

A dragon.

“How come a god such as yourself has come to see me?” The dragon hummed, a roar in the back of his throat. It was a gruff and brittle sound that made the walls shiver. Animals scurried from the cave in fear.

Amoux licked his teeth. “Mother’s orders, I’m afraid.” An accent weaves through his voice like threading a blanket, thick and heavy. Sarcasm dripped from his tone.

“Ah.. yes. I haven’t seen your mother in a millennia. What does she need of me?” The dragon asked. Was he truly curious? Being polite? Or was he just playing with his soon to be food?

Gold. She wants you gold that you guard. Amoux kept his lips shut, pursed into a thin white line. What does he say in this matter? A dragon covets their gold with a fierce desire, their heart practically made out the stuff from how much they adore it. Telling the beast straight up would just cause a bad ordeal.

Amoux is immortal, but he doesn’t want to ruin his dear clothes or get sweaty. That would just be annoying.

I can switch up my style a bit to be less and more descriptive. It depends on my partner and how they work or write.

Anyway, I’m glad to be here on RPR and I hope I can make some friends!
Welcome! I love your roleplay style. Anything you need, you can talk to me
Welcome to RPR,
Welcome to RPR, Mainon!


I loved you example post! <3 Dragons are my favourite. :D
Hey there, Mainon! Welcome to RPR! Hope you enjoy your stay! :3
hi Mainon, welcome! I hope you like it here :D
Hello, and welcome to RPR!

I hope you enjoy your stay here. To help you out, I've compiled a list of some useful links to get you started. Don't worry, you can take your time and browse them at your own convenience.
Forum Rules
This should be your first step. Make sure you know the rules of what things are and aren't allowed. They're pretty simple to follow and are there to make sure everyone has the best time possible.

New to Roleplay?
This will explain what roleplay is, and some of the basics to help you understand it better.

Getting started
Explains what RPR is, how to create a character, and how to find an RP to join.

Character Creation Guide
This goes into more depth on how to create and edit a character profile.

Creating Kickbutt Character Profiles
This will give you tips on how to spice up your character profiles to attract more potential RP partners.

Find RP
If you already have a character created, this is where you can go to seek out an RP to join in.

Looking for RP
If you have an idea for your own RP and want to find someone to join it, this is the place to post. Try to add as much information as possible so your potential RP partners know exactly what you're looking for.

Help Database
There are plenty of other very helpful articles here that I didn't link. When you have time, have a browse through it to see if there's something else you think might be of use to you.
If you have any questions about anything, don't hesitate to ask! Everyone here is very friendly and will help as much as possible, so don't be shy! I hope you have a wonderful time here and find tons of amazing people to create awesome stories with. :)
Hello! :)
Welcome to RPR!
Welcome to RPR Mainon.
Welcome to RPR, we hope you enjoy your time here and find the rps and people you are looking for!

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