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Within a stretch of pleasant candle lit forest lies a cave entrance, well lit with spoopy glowing green mushrooms, bioluminescent worms making a blue field of stars from within. at the entrance, a tree like dragon sits smiling with lovely buckets of various tasty fruits, from the mundane apple, to the magical float fruit which allows one to float above the ground for an hour at will like a spooky ghost, he also offers strawberries, blue berries, and even, oranges. but within his own bucket for two special folks. he'll provided cute flower hair pins that change color with the time of day. from sunrise yellow, to midnight galaxy blue.

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Oryn (played anonymously)

Oryn followed a hunch more than anything else. He made his way throught he forest and came upon a cave. The light was inviting.

The sight of the dragon... actually, it wasn't as scary as he thought it would be.

"Hey," he said a little more timidly than he would have liked, but hey - he didn't turn around and run either. small victories. "I'm Oryn".
Like always clementine was Halloween hopping in her friend costume. She could be anywhere so why not getting candy. She looked at the cave and saw the dragon. “ trick or treat sir” she says with a smile on her face
Applying a quick charm to his staff, T'an'sdarkhld' made himself light so as not to step on any of the cute little glow worms. Wouldn't do to hurt somebody in the forest, oh no no, no. Smiling with his sharp mouth, he crept up closer to the upper part of the den, this cave of fiery beings and soft light. It was so green. He sighed and breathed in the fresh air with pleasure. "Trick-or-treat," he murmured tauntingly into the trees. The thought of what might come next made him laugh. Who knew? A friendly chat? A duel? Perhaps simply an old-fashioned candy or a staring contest with a sentient patch of moss. There were so many interesting things in a forest like this. He heard echoes from time to time, the voices of others calling and whispering and fighting and laughing - other people in the realm, or near it.
Andorthal (played by Thatnerdychick) Topic Starter

"ah! welcome welcome! please, pick a treat to go home with, fresh from my garden my friends." he said cheerfully, his voice like creaking wood, rumbling and groaning, yet filled with joyous jubilation. "I grew a lovely stock this year, a shame not to share it my friends." he would say to the three, come close and pick out your treat, I tended to these beauties myself, just remember to plant the seeds when you finish. hahaha!"
she smiles at him and picks up two Apple's and a float fruit. " thank you sir, I hope you have a great halloween" she said as she walked away.
Eliane (played by SavannahSmiles)

Eliane's eyes were wide as she followed the glowing path to the cave. She hadn't thought anyone would be giving out candy out in the forest, but she had seen several individuals dressed up head this way and as such she decided to follow them. A pair of black cat ears sat perched on top of her head and she had pinned a cats tail to the back of her shorts. It had taken her a few tries but she eventually managed to paint whiskers on her face that didn't look crooked. All in all, it was a very basic costume, but she thought she had done well for her very first time dressing up. She stepped inside of the cave and felt her eyes widen in awe at the host that greeted her. A bright smile stretched across her face as she gave the dragon a small wave. "Trick or treat!"
Andorthal (played by Thatnerdychick) Topic Starter

"Good day" he would say to clementine before looking to the lady dressed as a kitty cat. "Happy Hallows eve. Pick a fruit my friend! And enjoy."
Oryn (played anonymously)

Oryn looked at the display and picked one of the oranges. The fruit's rough skin smelled wonderful. "I've only had one of these once," he said longingly. He carefully pushed a nail inside to start peeling the thick outer layer. A bit of juice squirted out and he laughed. "Guess that's the trick then," he said.

He quickly finished the rest, and tucked the peels into his backpack. He offered the first slice to their gracious host, then popped the second into his own mouth. The juice was sweet and fragrant and Oryn hummed with pleasure. Better than I remembered" he noted.

A costume seemed appropriate, but he didn't bring one with him. Luckily, his use of simple illusion magic was pretty good. He conjured up a black mask to cover his eyes and black cat ears.

[art is not mine, of course]
Eliane (played by SavannahSmiles)

Eliane gave a beaming smile up to the dragon as she approached the various buckets laid out near him. Her glowing eyes scanned the contents, humming gently to herself as she glanced over the different fruit offered. "Who are the hair clips for?" She asked curiously as she reached out to pick a float fruit, tucking it inside of her plastic pumpkin as she glanced back up at the dragon as she awaited an answer.
Willow (played by Zelphyr)

Drawn in by the sounds of people talking, a small form eventually found its way to cave with the spoopy glow. For a moment, the curious, shadowed figure observed from up among the shadowed branches, pondering upon the scene below. Why, there were other people with animal ears down there! And a whooooole dragon! Was that a dragon, or a tree that had grown weird? Seemed like a dragon. Ooh, and a bunch of tasty-looking fruit! It was all a bit unusual... but tasty food! And the people looked like fun people. Maybe it was a picnic. But weren't those usually in the summer? It wasn't summer anymore.

As the little shadow sat there on a branch, the words of those below drifted up. Suddenly, up among the darkened trees near the cave, there was a quite audible, "Ohhhhhhhh~!"

The noise was promptly followed by the speedy descent of the shadow, bringing into the light a child. She was clothed in a yellow shirt and green shorts that both carried long-set stains, but still stood out against her brown skin and hair. It looked like the young girl had also opted for a super basic animal costume, though her ears were hard to see amongst her wild hair, and her tail was... massive. And flicking little bits, making it look all the more fluffy. And those were abnormally large and very bare feet she was crouching on.

With a large, delighted smile, the squirrely child loudly asked, "It's dat Hallow-weave fing again?! Can I have some fruit? It looks good! Oh, uh... uh, tricker treat?" Aaaand is was apparent that she had already distracted herself, tilting her head and a little more quietly asking of no one in particular, "Are dey tricker treats 'cause ya gotta try ta trick people inna finkin' yer somefin' else...? Oh! Oh, I'm doin' it wrong!"
Andorthal (played by Thatnerdychick) Topic Starter

"Enjoy my friends." He would say cheerfully before looking to ELIANE. "For two special people." He would say as he plucked one out and handed it to the light infused woman. "Never stop shining and happy Hallows eve. Please. Collect some fruit, and then be on your way. So much adventure to be had."
Eliane (played by SavannahSmiles)

Her eyes widened in awe as she held out a hand to accept the hair clip from the dragon. A beaming smile spread across her face as she promptly clipped the hair piece into her glowing hair. "Thank you very much! And have a nice night!" She said with a cheery wave as she stepped aside to let others approach the buckets. A bounce in her step, she headed out of the cave and onto her next exciting destination.
He bowed courteously to the great dragon, thanking them for the opportunity before he went to pick a treat.
"Thank you," he murmured, his voice like a great creaky tree, and added "I will be sure to plant whatever seeds may be obtained from my fruit. I value thy time and sharing of bounty. Shall your days be good," and he saluted a small bit before leaving.

Upon picking up a gorgeous peach and a piece of a bunch of some strange purplish red-blue fruit, T'an'sdarkhld' whistled a soft soft tune and bowed again, sweeping past the great creature on his light, self-bearing wooden staff. The forest closed greenly behind him, mist and glowworms twinkling around the landscape as he passed.
"Happy Halloween!" He crackled back to them, and waved goodbye to the other visitors in the forest. <3 <3
Andorthal (played by Thatnerdychick) Topic Starter

And thus he would wave goodbye to another pair and await more folks to come to his residence.
Willow (played by Zelphyr)

Before Willow could end up too worried about thinking she was doing the whole Halloween thing wrong, her attention was drawn back to other parts of how the event seemed to work. The dragon was right - there were supposed to be many people handing out tasty treats for it, and the goal, it seemed, was supposed to be to collect as much as possible! And she was a squirrel, of course. Collecting and stashing away food came naturally! She'd just need to be sure to figure out that trick-people-into-thinking-you're-something-else part before she starting running around, so she could do it right.

For now, she scurried on up to the buckets. A yummy piece of fruit would be a great start to the night. After a bit of thoughtful twitching of her tail, she made her selection. With a sunny smile, Willow then loudly thanked the dragon, complimented how nice and healthy its bark looked, and ran off to enjoy the rest of the night.
Aloise wasn't certain of where she was going, or why she was here. A strange and mysterious forest surrounded her, with odd glows seemingly everywhere. The unknown place she'd wandered into did not have a threatening aura, however and she spotted others leaving what appeared to be...a dragon?

At first glance, the being appeared to be a tree, but upon closer inspection Aloise saw it was a dragon. And it was bearing treats. Approaching the dragon, she glanced over the offerings of fruit and realized she was rather hungry.

"Do you mind if I take a treat?" The knight asked the dragon, as she glanced once more at the mystical glow around her.
By now Aisling was too tired to go on. She was hungry and getting grumpy.

"A meal of candy bars might satisfy you, Naureen, but myself, I need some meat and such. Even a bowl of vegetable beef soup would be a treat for me. Let's look for a place to spend the night. I need some sleep while you romp about on guard duty." she spoke to the tiny sugar glider who chattered happily as she nibbled on a snack sized Baby Ruth bar.

"Look over there! a beautiful garden to rest in. That is the ideal place to rest for the night." she spoke as she walked over to the area without noticing the cave since she was so weary. A bushy area was the destination.

Once there, Aisling tied the leash to a branch of the bush and sat down on the suitcase to eat her dinner before she slept.
Andorthal (played by Thatnerdychick) Topic Starter

"You may lady knight." He would prod the woman who was about to eat and sleep with his tail." This is a residence dear, please. Tis Hallows eve"
Startled, Aisling jumped up and looked about. It was then that she saw the dragon.

"I am so sorry, Sir Dragon. I have more than enough treats and I was (and still) so tired after walking all day. I am trying to find a place to work, you see. I lost my position and need a new one. But I will move on to another spot so I won't bother you." she spoke as she sat her suitcases up.

Naureen didn't want to go and ran from Aisling.

"Oh do be reasonable, Naureen. This is not a public garden. So please do come along now." she spoke as she kept the leash tight as she walked down the line to pick up the tiny sugar glider.

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