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Merril (played by Cheshika)

Surrounded by glowing mushrooms and tall plants with strangely curled leaves, sit a small dark cottage at the end of a gravel path in the middle of a circle of white mushrooms- the white caps barely peeking from above dark, wild grass. Tiny little fireflies and glowshroom particles dotted the area and give some illumination to what would have been otherwise a creepy scene.

Yellow, green, and orange pumpkins sit outside under the left, large window, garlands made of orange leaves decorating the upper parts of the house. Judging by the smoke coming from the chimney and the sounds inside, it seemed like the occupant inside was a bit busy and would need a louder knock on their door to notice a visitor outside.

On the pale, wooden door slightly illuminated by a glowing carved pumpkin with a twisted smile, a black colored sign with white letters read:

Knock once to let yourself be known, knock twice to call me forth!
Clementine pops into this world to. She went near the door as the basket full of candy. This place looks familiar” she said as she knocked twice on the door.
Merril (played by Cheshika) Topic Starter

There was a pause inside before shuffling was heard closer to the door as the owner searched for something before finally opening the door; the owner, a Sorcerer, was holding a bowl of mixed treats- part of it were candies in colorful wrappers and chocolate, while the other part had neatly wrapped candied fruit slices in smaller bags.

"Why, hello! To what...ahem 'creature' do I have the pleasure of greeting today?" They would ask, with the word 'creature' being an opening for the trick or treater to tell them what was their costume.
" I'm friend" she said pointing to her sheep. " and friend is me" she said with a smile
Merril (played by Cheshika) Topic Starter

"I see, I see, so it's a double trick-or-treat! Then, would your friend also like something some candy?"

The Sorcerer asked moving back a little to seemingly check a bag near the door. "Mm, would your friend like an apple? I'm afraid I'm not good with what types of sweets your friend may be able to eat..."
" yep, friend loves apples" she said as she smiles. she offers out her bag almost half full of candy
Merril (played by Cheshika) Topic Starter

"It also looks like you two have been on quite a streak with all those candies."

Replied the Sorcerer with a hum as they put some more candy into the half-full bag from their bowl, adding a mix of chocolates in purple wrappers, normal candies in yellows and oranges, and separately wrapped candied fruit slices accommodated in a rainbow pattern...and an apple for her friend in a black baggie with orange eyes and a pumpkin smirk on it. A colorful assortment of reds and greens now added to her bag.

"Here you go, just remember to not eat all in one go, okay? Don't want to get a stomach ache!"
" thank you" she said as she skipped away with friend
Merril (played by Cheshika) Topic Starter

With their first trick-or-treater content, and making sure the girl and her friend left safely, before retreating back to their home with a soft click of the door closing behind them. Well, that was one of how many they could wonder, so they set the bowl close to the table by the door and waited once more.

Outside, the glow of the fireflies and glowshrooms painted the small cottage at the end of the gravel path in a dark, aquamarine light contrasting the orange and yellow of the carved pumpkins outside- another green one joining the bunch...
Eliane (played by SavannahSmiles)

Eliane peered curiously up at the house as she approached the front door. Halloween was still a relatively new concept to her, but she had seen how fun it had looked and she wanted to try it out. A pair of black cat ears sat perched on top of her head and she had pinned a cats tail to the back of her shorts. It had taken her a few tries but she eventually managed to paint whiskers on her face that didn't look crooked. All in all, it was a very basic costume, but she thought she had done well for her very first time dressing up. She stepped up to the door and gave a knock, plastic pumpkin extended before her as she gave a bright smile. "Trick or treat!"
Merril (played by Cheshika) Topic Starter

It didn't take long for another visitor to appear at their door, which was a good thing they were still close to the door setting other treats for the incoming trick-or-treaters, at least this time they had managed to hear the steps outside on the gravel (how did the sheep and the girl get here without making much sound? They hadn't thought about that before) Answering the door to find a young woman with a pair of matching cat ears and tail, with whiskers on her face, holding a plastic pumpkin in her hands.

"Hello, hello! I just had a sheep leave not too long ago, and now a cat comes to visit? To think this sort of festivities would make animals trick-or-treat too!" They said with a playful tone, holding a bowl with candy where they would reach to give some to the girl.

This time, the Sorcerer gave chocolate balls wrapped in gold, silver, and bronze foils along with some candy corns and colorful sugar sticks, and another bag of separately wrapped candied fruit slices accommodated in colors of greens kiwi slices, and pale whites of apple cubes.

"More for your pumpkin, its sweet filling keeps growing with each house you'll visit! Just don't go eating all in a single night, okay?"
Eliane (played by SavannahSmiles)

Eliane happily accepted the offered treats, her smile beaming at the Sorcerer as she nearly bounced in place with excitement. "Thank you very much for the treats, I hope you have a nice night!" The girl said with a cheery wave as she stepped away from the door and hurried into the night, a bounce in her step as she excitedly headed towards her next destination.
Merril (played by Cheshika) Topic Starter

Oh, that was new- the girl looked quite happy to receive candy! It looked like she had eaten candy already.

With a wave of goodbye, they made sure the girl left safely down the gravel path, hearing the bounce in her step on the gravel road. Second of the night and their bowl didn't look too affected- they hoped they didn't need to open the second bag of assorted candy they had on the side to have something extremely sweet to snack through the year, but they supposed it wouldn't be too bad if such a thing came to be. Too many sweets would be bad for their health.

Outside, another pumpkin joined the bunch, a bright orange one with whiskers and a toothy, cat-like smile carved on its surface.
The large mech slowly, carefully toed his way down the path, doing his very best to not step on anything. He read the sign on the door, and raised a foot, stomping twice; enough to be heard, but not enough to make it seem like an earthquake. A large shipping container was slung under one of his carbines; painted on the side was, "I'll take anything you give me, and you can take anything from what's here. I can't use it myself, might as well keep it from going to waste." the crate was already full with buckets of candy, wooden boxes of ingredients, and other miscellaneous things. Valentine's main goal was to make as many people happy as possible, so he was going to fill up the crate and then sit on side of the road, giving it out to whoever wanted it. He hoped he didn't look too intimidating for it to work.
Skips happily to the door and Knocks once
Slappy had just finished his caramel apple when he happened upon a cottage. After reading the sign, he gave 2 sharp knocks. He assumed that doing a single knock was only necessary if he wanted to make himself known, but not if he wanted to summon the owner, which he did. The halfling was still dressed as a beggar, and many beings might mistake him for a human child. Slappy waited patiently to see if his summons would be answered.
Evelyn rarely ever got lost, but right now she was. Walking along with her phone and struggling to get any signal, she sighed with frustration over the lack of GPS. She could use some spells to find the nearest place inhabited by people, however, and did just that. Soon enough she found herself on a gravel path. Happy to be out of the forest that had pulled at her costume, she looked down at herself to be sure nothing was out of place.

The witch was dressed like Medusa. She wore a toga and sandals that went up her legs, and she had on a wig of snakes. They were constantly waving and swaying, thanks to a spell she had used. Having confirmed that her costume was in order, she proceeded down the path until she came to the house. "How charming," she breathed, observing that others were already there. Were they trick or treating?

Approaching, she waved to the others in attendance and smiled, "Hello, so please to meet everyone. Happy Halloween!" The snakes on her hair flicked about for a few moments as if to show her enthusiasm. Seeing who was gathered, she felt stunned. This was a very odd group, or these were some very elaborate costumes. Or maybe both. "Oh wow. This is interesting," her voice becoming more flat, as if she were talking to herself. Recovering, she cleared her throat, "And what a lovely home this is, as well."
Merril (played by Cheshika) Topic Starter

By the time Merril opened the door once more, they were surprised to find four people standing outside waiting for treats: one seemed to be a strange iron golem (for the Sorcerer things such as mechs were a completely new concept), and three behind them- the second they couldn't tell what their custome was, but the third they could identify as an halfling dressed as a beggar, and the fourth was dressed as a Gorgon of old (Medusa perhaps? Stheno and Euryale weren't as popular).

"Well, this is certainly a curious group- did you all come together in a group? Or I was just a bit too slow on answering the door?"

The Sorcerer asked, head tilted to the side, as they examinated the large shipping container the golem was carrying and the note inside. Oh, but what a curious and interesting golem this one was! Was he(?) a reverse trick-or-treater? But some of the goods the golem was carrying looked really good to simply be changed for just candy...not to mentioned they also looked a bit too heavy too!

"I'll follow the order of how you all arrived, okay? I don't want to keep you here for too long already." Replied Merril as they gave the strange golem chocolate candy balls, some chocolate bars and colorful gummies, and another bag separately containing a candied green apple. "Ah, if it's not too much to ask, could...could you please leave one of the wooden boxes with ingredients here? I wasn't prepared enough to receive something today, it's a pleasant surprised." They'll totally need to give the others behind the golem some candy bars and chocolate for waiting in line for this, they knew how hard it could be to wait for some sweets.
The mech nodded, setting the crate down and using one of his guns to balance a crate on its barrel, gently laying it down just off the side of the walk. "Thank you very much, miss. This box should have the most mundane ingredients and some more exotic ones, the specific amounts I am unsure. Thank you for humoring me here; Some people think me strange and ignore me." He said, subsequently turning and lumbering off, his chassis slowly vanishing into the trees.
Merril (played by Cheshika) Topic Starter

Mirrel was left a bit speechless- they hadn't expected the golem to talk at all! This certainly was a curious one for sure, they would need to draw down an entry in their book just in case they meet an iron golem like him again, wondering just how many other creatures would come to knock on their door due to this holiday.

"Have a safe journey home!" They would say as they bid the creature goodbye, seeing his figure slowly vanish into the dark forest, and away from their small cottage.

With one trick-or-treater gone, they still had three others to attend, so...

"Who is next?"

They would ask, in the back of their mind they were already thinking of what to give to each trick-or-treater- they didn't want them to stay here and lose the opportunity in other houses, after all!

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