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A lone plane flies over the ocean. The passengers inside had been promised that they were going to an uninhabited island. This island was thriving with plant life; So far only a few humans had actually visited it.

The plane slows a bit as it glides over a few sparse trees: pine trees. So far, no other living creatures were visible.

However, looks could be deceiving. Now the plane lowers itself onto the island. The island was surrounded by a salty sea, with a beach all around. As the waves crash onto the shore, the plane doors open. Yet somehow, an ominous feeling covered the land, watching the humans and various other beings exit the grey and dull colored airplane.";

[This gives me a Jurassic park feel lol]

[but instead of dinos, you have dragons. i had this RP on another site. worked out pretty well.]

She steps off the plane with her 'parents', carrying her backpack of the few things she posesses. She looks around, "Cool. I could dig this place." She starts walking towards the trees, keeping out of sight of the others. [sounds like a fun place to be]

The ominous feeling stays, getting stronger from pine trees she headed too. A large figure watched the crowd silently, eyes narrowed, from a volcano situated far off in the distance.

A few years back, there had been reports of visitors vanishing on the isle, whom as of yet were still gone. But these reports had been hidden from public view, for fear it would frighten off tourists. THe reason why they vanished, however, was still unknown...

She shivers, an ear twitching, but heads into the forest anyhow, mumbling, "This place just gets better and better."

The figure in the volcano flies out,and dives into the green forest miles away. The trees were leafy green, humid. Some vines wrapped around trunks, with various edible berries scattered. The forest qwas so silent, not a sound to be heard. The ground was covered in loose grass, wet with dew.

She keeps walking, away from the tourists and towards the volcano. If she could just get there, maybe she could find something valuable. Something that'll help her in life. Mmaybe.... Maybe a diamond? She can only hope.

Once she was deep in the forest, the air got unbearably hot. Something was watching her every move. The trees were no longer green, now a lifeless brown. The grass was dead, but some clawed toe imprints led to the volcano, now closer.

She gacks and looks around. What was happening? She turned a circle, then clenched her teeth and relent because of a bit of heat! She was obliviouse to the figure watching her.

A small fireball suddenly grazes past her, lighting up the grass. The fire was dull, but stayed hot. The figure, a medium-sized fire dragon, climbs into a dead tree and watches her, stomach growling.

She stumbles backwards from the fireball, landing on her butt with a shriek. Her eyes were widened and she looks at the dragon. She blinks and rolls onto her feet, sprinting for the volcano, panting after a few minutes.

The dragon growls, and chases after her quickly. Colored almost like fire itself, aside from some stray purple. It kept up to her from behind, footsteps shaking the ground silently. They shoot another fireball, thought it was weak. More like an ember.

She gets singed by the fireball and falls to the ground with a start. She looks at the dragon and starts sprinting again, heaving for air. She cuts across towards a thicker group of trees.

The dragon flies up into the air, and disappears. The air returned to normal in the thicker group, the volcano now far behind.

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