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Mousefeather told them to mingle with the other clans, then went to the roots of the tree and took his place.

(Sorry for late response. Where do I come in....?)

stormpaw looked around from he spot with dovelight for the shadowclan cats she needed to befriend someone from their clan to stop the prophecy but she didn't know who and with riverclan and windclan here she couldn't tell whereshadowclan was.

(Were at the Gathering, you're there too. We skipped froward a couple of weeks, so you're Ashpaw!)

He looks around nervously not sure how the other cats are going to react to him.

Mouse feather sees Ashpaw looking around nervously and wen river there to comfort him.

Ashpaw looks to see Mousefeather coming towards him. He nervously smiles at Mousefeather.

"Hey, everything okay? You seem a little nervous." Mousefeather said.

"I'm not sure how all the cats here are gonna react to me..." He said nervously. He looked around cautiously.

"They can't do anything. No hostility at a Gathering, remember?" Jackson

"I-I-I know..." He said. He jumped as a cat walked past him. He sighed and looked down. "I'm so nervous... I know I shouldn't be, but I am..."

"Hey, don't be. I'm your mentor. Nobody will lay a paw on you." he tried to reassure him.

Thinking he was reassured, Mousefesther walked off.

"dovelight, uh I need to tell you something" stormpaw said.

Dovelight turned her attention to Stormpaw, "Yes?"

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