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In the land of West-Rorak, lived a small town of people. Of those people there were many different kind. Elves, Wood and Dark, Wizards and Sorceresst. And Even the talking dog, but, in this town there is known lore and talk of a cave in which a hellish Dragon lives...When a group of Adventurers come in, looking for fun- the bunk keep points them in that direction.

Lord Klaus of House Kevloar, a high elf noble from a land far to the north had been traveling in search of ancient arcane secrets. As the second born in his noble family no fortune or lands would be placed into his hands. He would either have to wait around to be married to a boring princess or seek his destiny elsewhere. That's how he found himself this far South, away from the snow and mountains of Voden... Here in West-Rorak.

Lord Klaus was well dressing and good looking, but he much sharper with his Long Sword then he was with his poor charisma. "In my kingdom the God's are Five Dragons who pulled the Land out of the Sea and with their mighty breath gave life to the world... but in the south they are evil? Cultural differences I suppose." Pulling out a notebook and charcoal he began to make more notes about the land he saw before him and how different their culture was here.

Grey, a demigod from the ancient kingdom of Dlush, stepped out of the shadow of a crumbling barn and strolled quickly down the cobblestone pathway. Her dull leather jacket and dark clothes were a stark contrast to her white skin and white hair tied in two buns on the top of her head. She had traveled for many weeks, having been sent by her mother who sought to discover more about the rumors of powerful dragons living near the town. Grey had been reluctant to go, but she changed her mind when she heard about the possibility of treasure, as well as wealthy travelers who may be visiting the small town in search of the dragons. She had been staying in the small inn for a few days now, but had yet to encounter anyone of wealth. This was until she spotted the elf, looking very out of place in his expensive clothes and looking at what appeared to be a book.

Grey immediately changed course, moving quickly towards the elf. Her lithe frame allowed her to slip quickly in-between civilians milling in the streets and she soon was only a few steps away from the elf.

((Rolling Before I post to be fair! Wis+1 plus Proficiency+3))

Klaus walked out of town towards where the bar keep said that the red dragon was slumbering, his perception wasn't high enough to notice Grey sneaking up on him. His gold pouch crisp for the taking should the demigod wish to, he wasn't the richest prince in the world but he did have a few hundred gold pieces on him in one fine black pouch with teal blue letters engraved on it, K.B.K.

rolled 1d20 and got a natural 5. After the modifier of +4, got 9

From the safety of a tree, Sepatazi watched as Klaus walked towards the supposed din of that dragon that the townsfolk keep talking about. He waited until the strange high elf walked far enough away from the crowds before dropping silently to the ground behind him, enchanted dagger in hand. He didn't notice Grey, as she seemed to melt into the shadows.

Grey noticed the newcomer drop to the ground a few steps before her. She retreated slightly, remaining out of sight. She watched Sepatazi for a minute, taking note of his enchanted dagger and silent steps. It seemed that he was well trained, perhaps some sort of thief or mercenary. Grey decided it would not be wise to confront Sepatazi so instead she stayed in the shadows, racing towards Klaus. She stepped out of the shadows, keeping her head down and walking rapidly towards him, approaching from behind him. She reached out, gently snatching the gold pouch from him, and slipping it into the satchel at her side. She then turned and started to walk away rapidly.

Sol watched as Grey took the coin pouch from Klaus. He eyed her suspiciously as she ran away.
"Hey!" He called out to her. "You there! I saw what you did, come here I have been meaning to have a word with someone of your skill." He ran after her but came to a walk.

Grey hesitated upon hearing the man call out to her. She stopped walking turning to face him and crossing her arms across her chest. She new that she should keep running, but she was too curious about the man to continue to run. She looked at him, her gaze piercing.
"Someone of my skill?" she questioned, tilting her head slightly to the side. "I have no idea what you could be referring to." She lied, pretending that she had no idea what he meant.

Sepatazi kept walking towards her. He smirked when he heard her response.
"Sure you don't. Look, I've heard hearsay of a great treasure in the dragons lair, and i need someone to help me. I'll split it fifty-fifty, if your up to it, that is..." He trailed off. Something about Grey seemed very familiar to him.

She smiled, the talk of treasure seeming to catch her attention.
"Ah, interesting. How do I know I can trust you?" She said, looking at him suspiciously. She had come to this town to find the treasure, but she had not intended to work with someone else to get it, since she prefers to work alone. Though perhaps this man could be of some assistance, after all, she was not very good in a fight and instead often used stealth and tricks to win a battle. Having a skilled fighter might make finding the treasure easier. She snapped back to reality, waiting for the man to respond.

Klaus pierced his Rapier into the back thigh of Sepatazi, pushing the blade in further Klaus pushed the man on one knee. "Sorry mam," he apologized to Grey, "this man just robbed me." Being perceptive of some but not all of what happened he didn't realize who actually took his gold but he did realize who literally shouted right behind him.

The Rapier in his foe's thigh, Lord Klaus grabbed the back of Sepatazi's hair. "Now drop the gold, or I pull my Rapier an inch to the right and cut your artery..." Klaus was calm and collected, but hardly believable that he actually know where an artery was. He wasn't a doctor, and probably just heard a doctor say something about artery's one time back in Voden.

Realizing this himself, Klaus pulled the Rapier from the leg of the man and brought it to Sepatazi's throat! "Give me my gold back THUG!!!"

Grey began to back up quickly, her eyes wide as she watched. She scampered away, from the two men, stopping to look back just before she could round a street corner. Although she usually felt no remorse when she framed someone, she could not help feeling a twinge of guilt upon seeing the man being attacked. She hesitated at the corner, watching as Klaus put his Rapier to his throat. Before she could think better of it, she pulled the black pouch out of her satchel and held it above her head, waving it like a flag.
"Hey! Over here" She shouted, making sure the Lord could see the pouch before she took off running through an alley way.

Sepatazi let out a cry of pain as he felt the cold metal pierce his leg.
"I didn't take it, i swear!" Looking up and seeing the anger in the high elf's eyes nearly made him whimper in fear.
"It was her! If you don't believe me, then search me! I dont have a piece of gold anywhere on me..."

Klaus who heard the desperation released the man, "oh sir... my apologies." Shifting quickly to the side and into the ally his speed was unreal for someone in chest Plate armor! His sword swiped from low to high dropping Grey's belt to the ground where his coin purse and her's fell to the dirt. He winced slightly, as the bag was made of South Voden Leathers and would not be easy to clean.

On the other side of his mind he owed that male stranger a healing potion, and a greater apology in a moment. Rapier stabbed into the belt lying on the ground, Lord pulled it towards him then up into his left hand. "I'll be taking these," putting his own gold pouch into a his inner jacket pocket within his plate armor this time he looked at the belt.

Hanging from it was Grey's bag of gold as well, feeling bad for the wounded stranger he removed Grey's gold from the broken belt and pulled back, sword still out he returned cautiously to the street and tossed the Thieves gold to Sepatazi. "Sorry again for the misunderstanding sir," he said glancing quickly at the man then back into the alley. He didn't know if the woman realized the sword had cut the belt away, but she would realize soon.

"Names Klaus of House Kevloar, first of my name, second born prince of Voden, and Lord of Darkwall City." Kevloar studied the streets until a guard passed by and Klaus explained what had happened. "She's the towns problem now," Klaus smiled at Sepatazi handing him a small healing potion from his dark leather satchel. "I really am sorry for before my friend."

Spepatazi eyed the gold that Klaus had thrown him suspiciously. Carefully, he tried to get up, but failed do to the injury on his leg. He took the small healing potion that the man thrown him and eagerly drank down it's bitter contents. He felt a mighty burning sensation in his leg, but as he looked back, he noticed that the wound was gone. He stood carefully, collecting the fallen gold as he did so. Upon hearing Klaus mention his status as prince, he did a small bow.
"I know I should be mad, but do the circumstances I believe that you were right to go after me, I believe an assassin can sometimes appear more dangerous than a girl can." He said while trying to regain his balance.

"My name is Sergio Sepatazi, the once leader of a guild called the Red Bands in the city of Kyros, and it is a pleasure to meet you Klaus, prince of Voden." He said, extending a hand towards Klaus in a friendly manner at an attempt to shake hands with Klaus.

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