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Zet wrote:
TinyCentaur wrote:


I'm a sucker for green hair and flowers in hair. Thank you for requesting Aveline. /o/

Aaaaa I’m super late to getting back to this but

Oh my gosh this is fantastic!!! I love it so much. Aaa thank you!

Where can I credit you? Art tumblr? Deviantart? Or is your RPR profile fine?

ilovedogs260 wrote:
I do go through a few pages on a frequest basis. Pen is unforgiving and there are some errors I sadly can't hide or work around. Personally, it helped with learning to be looser and more forgiving of your own errors.
khaeosMage wrote:
You're welcome! Looking forwards to it. :)
Elerra wrote:
tinycentaur wrote:
You're both welcome. :)

Would you be able to credit to my (
Mori wrote:
Petrovalyc wrote:
XinonHyena wrote:

Not a problem. Thank you all for requesting!

Would you be willing to take a shot at either Graynax or Jebediah? I would love to see what others think they look like.

DJHonore wrote:

I'm very sorry but I don't have a wait list for these requests. You're welcome to request when I'm open again.

Oh, and FYI, I don't take descriptions and need an exact reference for these. Thanks.

Oh...Shoot! Late again... Might as well wait until it's open.

πŸ‰ Happy CNY to y'all, firstly.

πŸ‰ Secondly, I'm open for a few sketch headshots again. Whoooo. πŸ‰

If you're seeing this post, here's a reminder of my things of note.

πŸ‰Things of note πŸ‰

πŸ‰ I reserve the right to say no to your request.
πŸ‰ I require a full, complete, picture reference of at least their head. I don't work from descriptions regarding these sketches.
πŸ‰ Please don't chase me for completion. These are requests, not commissions, and are being done to help my anxiety at work.
πŸ‰ You are more than welcome to put these up on your or on RPR character profiles with credit back to me.
πŸ‰ These will be posted on my Tumblr, DeviantArt && Twitter at some point in time I mean. I tend to get distracted and end up mass uploading when that happens.

Hi there! I adored the sketches I've seen so far, and I'm glad I managed to catch you this time around! I'd adore it if you could do my Merrin here. If her bust shot isn't enough to go on, then I can always provide a different character!

I would love a picture of this character if you are willing, these look really cool!

If Abi is of interest, I would love one :) this is really awesome of you to do I hope its helping anxiety at work, you've got a great style

Just asking a stupid question, is it possible to get another one made? Of a different character of course.

I'd appreciate one of Legs if I'm not too late!

Love your stuff! If you have room still, could I get one of Quinne? :o

I'm always on the look-out to have art made for this lil' toddler. If she inspires it would be lovely to see your take of her. If not due to the many requests, then thank you for offering this out even so! Your style is amazing. :)

(Lacking only her black rosette patterns among her fur, but otherwise accurate!)


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Merrin wrote:
Abigaile Fisher wrote:
0V3RL0RD-P4RR0T wrote:
Legacy wrote:
Tarquinne wrote:
Jessamyne wrote:

If I've quoted you in the block above, I'll be taking on your request based on the image provided or found. :)

Ialie wrote:
I would love a picture of this character if you are willing, these look really cool!

I wasn't able to figure out which image I should reference. Please pass me one, otherwise I'm sorry I'll have to pass.

Skipbab wrote:
Just asking a stupid question, is it possible to get another one made? Of a different character of course.

Yes. It should have been stated in the first post of this thread. As you posted before this post I'll take a character request from you if you're interested. Request not taken due to the number of pre-existing requests.

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