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Hey there I’m MeadowSong welcome to BlossomClan to join please go here to fill in an application

Thanks for reading this post and if you are going to join thank you!

Walking down the camp the grassy plains brushed against her coat she took a look outside the camp and waited for other cats to go hunting with her

Her tail flicked as she waited in anticipation, who would she be with?

Her paws padded against the grass of the place the camp was quiet as usual. She licked her paws and headed out for a hunt. She spotted a small thrush it was fat and juicy, ripe for the picking. She crouched down and pounced, instantly killing the bird she picked up the catch and buried it for safe keeping

SunClaw, walked out of the warriors den and looked aroumd searching for soemthing to do, when he heard a noise coming from just outside the camp, so he headed over to investigate, locating meadowsong in the process.

"Hello SunClaw" mewed MeadowSong as she licked her bloodstained paw. She walked over to the tom cat, "so how are you?" she retracted her claws.

“I’m alright,” he responded with a purr
And looked her over
“What did you catch?” He asked curiously flicking his nub

"So far only a thrush SunClaw" she chuckled at the sight of him licking his nub. Her tail flicked in amusmant

(Sorry for the name, I haven’t created a character yet)

Runepaw wandered out of the medicine cat’s den, and went over to greet the other cats.

"Hello there RunePaw!" She said as she saw him walking out while she was entering the camp. She gave him a smile.

(I’m a She lol)

“Greetings MeadowSong! How’s the hunting been?”

"Not too good, all I caught was a thrush..." she sighed in disappointment.

“Well, if you’re joining another patrol today, would you mind collecting some goldenrod for me?”

"Well I can, there should be one at sundown that I am included in I believe." she smiled, "if not then you could ask around, or I could go at moonhigh if there is nothing happening then and go collect some."

“Thanks! I better get going, there’s herbs to be organized. I hope you have better luck with the prey later.”

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