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You tell the person below a would you rather question and they have to answer it and put their own question. Pretty simple.
Person 1: Would you rather eat pasta or pizza?
Person 2: Pizza. Would you rather go swimming or play soccer?
Person 3: Soccer.
I will start.
Would you rather grow twice your height or shrink half your height?

Shrink half my height. Wouldn't hit door frames anymore.

Would you rather date a werewolf or a vampire?

Werewolf. Wolves are my favorite animal.
Would you rather marry a lemon or a lime?

Hmm thats tough one... Lemon is rather nice but a lime...mmm I would say both but! Lemon is the bride to be.

Would you rather be saved by Alexander Saber or James Hayworth? (Shameless character promoting)

James Hayworth.

Would you rather learn everything about the beggining of the world but being unable to communicate or tell anyone about it for the rest of your life or would you rather forget evwryhing, even who you are, and being unable to stop talking at all?

The former. There's a certain type of peace in knowing creation.

Would you rather have everything you eat for the rest of your life be extremely bland or extremely sweet?

Bland..I a very bland man... -coughs-

-sighs- Would you rather... -monochrome voice- Deal with a hyperactive person or and extremely sensible yet dull person.

Hyperactive. More fun.

Would you rather do something unhealthy but fun, or boring but healthy?

Unhealthy but fun, who wants to live a long life if it's going to be a boring one?

Would you rather be in a steady relationship with the person of your dreams, or have a new, attractive, stimulating partner every week?

Steady relationship with the person of my dreams.

Would you rather pay $100,000 to play your dream game, or get forty okay games for free?

40 okay games for free, my dream game is already pre-ordered and it only cost me 80$.

Would you rather eat chicken every day, or never eat chicken in any form again?

Never eat chicken again (as it so happens, I'm vegetarian, so this is already what I do! lol. Although I do kinda miss fried chicken........)

Magically know karate or computer programming?

Computer programming, I already know how to break boards and wear belts.

The love of your parents, or their financial support? (one does not imply the other in this case)

I know that's sort of evil, but I'm not rich, so I would have to say their financial support.

Would you rather have aliens take over the world or, would you rather catch a deadly plague?

Deadly plague. I'd rather be a free woman in my grave, than living as a puppet or a slave.

Would you rather be locked in a cage with a drugged up tiger, or lick peanut butter off a hobo's foot?

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